CBD Critical XXL Auto

CBD Critical XXL fem x BCN Critical XXL Auto

Life cycle : 11 weeks Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor Dominant : Indica Yield : Massive THC : Low, less than 14% Flavor : Pine Effect : Relaxing Experience : Beginner
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CBD Critical XXL Auto seeds


CBD Critical XXL Autoflower Seeds

CBD Critical XXL is one of the best performing CBD genetics that exist – producing consistently frosted nugs and bountiful yields. Thanks to the diligent work done by our breeders, this wonderful genetic can be grown as an autoflowering variety! We’ve accomplished the impossible – making an easy to grow genetic, even easier to grow.

Critical strain genetics

The heart of the CBD Critical XXL Autoflower strain ancestry, is Critical +. A selection of the critical variety from a cultivator from Bilbao, Critical + has won several awards, including the 1st Highlife Cup in Barcelona, Spain, and has become a staple genetic locally. Critical + looks like a sativa, and grows like a sativa, and this character trait is definitely maintained in CBD Critical XXL. Locals love Critical varieties for their sweet delicious flavor that leans towards citrus tones, and for its powerful heavy hitting effect. While Critical + is a high THC producing genetic, CBD Critical XXL has been crossed with a certified European hemp variety and then further refined and selected in order to find consistently high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. By incorporating a ruderalis genetic into the breeding program, we have been able to produce and offer an incredibly potent CBD genetic with large yields, candy-like flavor, that is nonphotoperiodic and in the right climate can be grown nearly year around.

CBD Critical XXL Auto flowering and flowering time

Just like the feminized version of CBD Critical XXL, this autoflower strain will demonstrate its critical + sativa ancestry, despite being an indica dominant hybrid, in how much it stretches during bloom. For this reason, giving plenty of vertical space for a tall plant is a must for this genetic. On the other hand, CBD critical XXL Auto will respond well to training which can help in environments with height restrictions. Expect CBD critical XXL to be ready to harvest about 11 weeks. While this genetic can tolerate larger nutrient doses, a light nutrient regime will be all that is necessary for perfect plant health and robust growth.

Aroma and Flavor

While potent in cannabinoids, a big part of what has made critical weed strains so popular in Barcelona is its flavor and smell. Expect Incredible sweetness and light candy aromas from CBD Critical XXL. The pinene and citric tones keep aromas light and fresh and delectably potent. Taking care to have a proper odor removal system will be vital for indoor cultivation of this genetic. While potent in cannabinoids.

Purchase Seedstockers CBD Critical XXL Autoflower seeds

Seedstocker’s CBD Critical XXL Autoflower seeds are a must have for any cultivators collection. An easy to grow genetic, newbies and veterans alike will be thrilled with a satisfying yield of rich CBD buds, that taste amazing!

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