CBD Gelato 41 Fem

Gelato 41 X CBD Critical XXL

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Indica
  • Yield : Huge
  • THC : Low, less than 14%
  • Flavor : Candy Creamy
  • Effect : Relaxing
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CBD Gelato 41 Fem seeds


If you are going to grow CBD, then grow the best genetic line available: CBD Gelato #41.


This is an indica dominant variety derived from the Girl Scout family. The CBD Gelato #41 Feminized seed variety contains a high concentration of CBD and very low THC content, below 0.2%. Like all Gelato’s, this is easy and straightforward to grow, can stretch by 40-50cm during bloom, so indoor growers should be prepared for a reasonable amount of stretch. Flowering takes just 8-9 weeks. 


AROMA AND FLAVOR - Rainbow of scents

The original Gelato #41 is extremely potent in cannabinoids, so potent that it can be overwhelming, by cross breeding that strain with our famous CBD Critical XXL Feminized we have eliminated the overwhelming potency completely but managed to maintain the original flavour, aroma and bag appeal.


EFFECT - Relaxing and happy chill

CBD Gelato #41 strain is relaxing for the body and stimulating for the mind, causing a mood-boosting effect and concentration without having psychoactive properties.

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