AK420 Fem

AK47 BCN selection

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Sativa
  • Yield : Huge
  • THC : Medium (14 -22%)
  • Flavor : Herbal Pine
  • Effect : Active
  • Flower period : 8 weeks
  • Experience : Beginner
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AK420 Fem seeds

A special genetic line found after growing hundreds of AK47 plants from seed. AK420 has the usual Seedstockers 22% + THC levels so you can be guaranteed of a top strength vape/smoke. AK420 also has harvest quantities that are well above average, with consistently fat, sticky blooms that grow well under almost any conditions. The high is a top quality anti-anxiety, feel-good experience that will make AK420 one of your favourite varieties. This genetic line is uncomplicated to grow, recommended for new growers due to the robust growing characteristics. The perfect combination of yield and quality with a blissful effect.

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rating 8 10 1
try this one
Seeds arrived quickly and germinated fast which was reassuring. I noticed a little bit of stretch initially in bloom but nothing alarming. Low cost doesn't mean low quality, the smoke was as good as anything I have grown in the last year or two. Easy to grow, no complaints here
rating 8 10 1
Is it exactly the same as the AK they used to sell in A'Dam back in the day? I don't know for sure, but its a fine smoke anyway. She did well under a 400W HPS in a 90x90 tent
rating 8 10 1
a surprise package, my best crop for quite a while, my mates keep asking me to grow some more.
rating 8 10 1
Nice service and great plants.This Ak is great nice smoke powerfull high and good for pain relieve. Cheapest Ak seeds i ever seen for a real Ak. I make3 grows with thi variety harvest range from 350 -450 g m2 600 watt .
rating 8 10 1
Best selling strain
The AK420 Feminised is our best selling strain at Discount Cannabis Seeds
rating 8 10 1
Good strain
1plant..16l rootpouch..cocos..440w bloom..dry buds 74g! ;-)
rating 8 10 1
This is MINDBLOWING herbs. I love it I just wish I grew this allot sooner. This high is very strong just like AK-47 you have to try this auto it is better then most PhotoPeriod strains imho