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Vitorrio Tocani
Great product for hobby breeders
I have enjoyed this product verry much. At firsts the price! I am an hobby breeder that just breed his own for his own, so having 5 unlabeled autoflowers in a microgrow setup it really doesnt matter if there the same type. I like to have more then one type as for my variation my smoking diet. The hatching rate of the seeds whent verry well and was about 90% As i am a microgrower i use a set up of 100 watt total on input with various led bulbs i bought on Ebay. I use to get harvests avereged 13 grams a plant (i think i can do more if i would have better equiment). However not great in quantity the taste and quiltiy was an amazing experience, Some things i leraned and wangt to share breeding this product. -keep on a 18/6 lightning schedule -dont hold back on wattage in pre grow, they wil ony have 4 a 5 weeks before flowering - After germinations dont pre grow youre autoflowers in small pots and the relocated them, put them directly in ther final pot -Dont train youre plants, i made this mistake once and they start flowering rapdily after trying to train my plants. The only thing anoying was to have another herbal drying room. The plants vartied in flowering time. After flowering its easy to pic one type from antoher