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About Mix Pack Auto

Our Seedstockers squirrels have been busy collecting seeds before they head off to hibernate and they have prepared special packs of 20 mixed Autoflower seeds for you to enjoy and grow. Some of the seeds are from our catalogue and others are limited edition varieties which you won’t find anywhere else. You will receive several top quality cannabis seed varieties in your pack of 20 seeds. All the seeds will give top quality results.

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rating 10 10 1
This was second time I grow this mix outdoors in Scandinavian climate, everything great, some of the seeds did not germinate but the rest of them grew great. I highly advise to plant the seeds early may firs inside, the you can harvest june-august when the plants still have some time to mature.
rating 9 10 1
Amazing value
Delivery took less than 3 days to UK. In my auto mix I received- 5 X BCN critical 5 X orange skunk 5 X blackberry gum 5 X Amnesia Can't recommend enough.
rating 9 10 1
Great deal for just 15,-
My mix contained: 5 x BCN Critical XXL 5 x Orange Skunk Ryder 5 x Blackberry Gum 5 x Amnesia Haze Didn't really like the Orange Skunk Ryder tho, only 1 out of 5 seeds developed into a decent plant. The other 4 were pheno's with too much ruderalis genetics left in them or something. Did not try the Blackberry Gum yet, planning on growing that one outside next month. The Amnesia en Critical are both going strong at the moment with no complaints. Overall it's still a great deal that I would recommend.
rating 9 10 1
Got these ...
I got following strains : BCN Critical (already tested and apporved) Amnesia : curious about this one Northern Lights : tried this from another seller, curious about how this one goed Skunk Ryder : limited, no info, so very curious about this one :-) All in all a nice batch for the price! A recommendation for those who like to take a guess what they get and want to try autoflowers.
rating 9 10 1
mix pack auto
i recieved the same package as above,from the 20 seeds i have 20 beautiful plants,my congrats to seedstockers
rating 9 10 1
Great Product
there are many varieties and it is easy to grow. 100% germination rate. also its super cool to test out some strains and also if you want to surprise yourself
rating 9 10 1
Best autos I've ever grown
I had northern lights orange skunk ryder amnesia and critical xxl in my pack before they went mixed without a dought these are the biggest autos I have grown outside in a Polly tunnel I would grow them out again that's for sure thanks seed stockers
rating 9 10 1
Slightly DIsappointed
Delivery was quick, 4 days to Madrid. Unfortunatly all 20 seeds were in one pack and not labeled for specific strains. I called the phone number and they said since June 1 they no longer label the mix pack seeds but the seeds I had gotten were likely Critical, Amnesia, Blackberry Gum and NL, only problem is I don't know which is which, still a cheap price but slightly dissappointing, I may add to this review after harvest.
rating 9 10 1
speedy delivery to uk took around 4 days cant wait to see what strains i have. thanks seedstockers.
rating 9 10 1
good deal nice seeds and great service
rating 9 10 1
Mine arrived in 12 days if I remember correctly (it was about a month ago). BG, NL, BCN Critical and Amnesia. Mine were still labelled, so far everything has germinated well except BCN; out of 4 seeds only 1 germinated and it's very small compared to the rest. Still, they were really cheap and also had free shipping so I've nothing to complain about.
rating 9 10 1
Greta Barker
For chronic pain
Magic happens when you order here. Well at least in my garden :) using for my chronic pains, helps my a lot. Prefer growing my own, and these are great seeds. Recommend highly!!
rating 9 10 1
The best
Arrived fast, can't wait to see which strains will be growing!
rating 9 10 1
Mix pack auto
Very nice ,prompt delivery with stickers and pouch included .Good value for money these can't wait for the different strains Thanks
rating 9 10 1
Mix pack auto
Very nice ,prompt delivery with stickers and pouch included .Good value for money these can't wait for the different strains Thanks
rating 9 10 1
Best price performance, but
Sadly you dont label the seeds anymore. I would glady pay 20-25€ if they we're labeled again. Just a little disappointing not to know what youre growing and smoking. Hard to tell the flowering time too. Still great deal all around, comes with a little pouch, info Material and some stickers. Fast shipment
rating 9 10 1
Great prices for a big variety of genetics! Second time I've ordered this pack. Every seed germinated aswell! Will not be my last time foshoe!
rating 9 10 1
Info about the 4 strain
Hello, ola, bon jours, je suis en plaine flo d une vingtaine de ces mixpack autoflo et tout va bien pour l instant ça fleuri vite et bien. Ma question est pour savoir les 4 variété contenu dans ces packs, ceux que j'ai lancer montre une dominance sativa avec de longue branche secondaire, plusieurs plant ont la même odeur poivrée avec des bud rondes et bien développer a ce stade.
rating 9 10 1
Germination excellente, plants vivaces, produit final : bel équilibre sativa/indica, saveur et effet au top. Un rapport qualité prix imbattable !
rating 9 10 1
merci pour ma commande mais j'aurais aime savoir ce que contient les 5 graines recue en cadeau(free mix 5 autoflowwer) afin de semer n'importe ou et n'importe quoi