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USA Auto Mix

3x O.G. Kush - 3x Girl Scout Cookies - 3x Gelato 41 - 3x Gorilla Glue

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Mix
  • Yield : Massive

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About USA Auto Mix

Can’t decide which variety you want to buy? Our USA AUTO MIX pack takes the guesswork out of growing. Here at the Seedstockers HQ, we know what’s the most popular, what’s the best and what USA genetics people love, so make sure to check this pack out. Like our other packs, this one includes twelve seeds, with 3 of each strain to try out. USA AUTO Mix is ideal for those who want the original USA genetics! No USA Mix pack would be complete without OG Kush Auto, Girl Scout Cookies autoflower genetics, Gorilla Glue Auto and famous Gelato 41 genetics! In about 11 weeks you’ll have your hard-rock weed ready to harvest!  This selection of top-quality USA genetics will ensure you big harvest as well!

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