XXL Fem Mix

3x BCN Critical XXL - 3x Big Bud - 3x White Widow - 3x Northern Lights

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Mix
  • Yield : Massive

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About XXL Fem Mix

Is picking new varieties wrecking your head? Help is at hand, say hello to the all-new Seedstockers mix packs!  Now, there’s no need to waste time shilly-shallying about what to buy, at Seedstockers we know what the best strains are and we’ve lovingly created six new different mixes, each pack comes with 4 strains (3 seeds of each strain).

This unique mix contains only feminized-photoperiodic varieties. If you’re looking to grow classic, high-yielding strains that produce consistent results then this XXL FEM mix is just for you!  After about 8 weeks of flowering, you can harvest buds from hybrid BCN Critical XXL Fem, Big Bud Fem, the Sativa dominant BCN Power Plant and the classic Indica dominant variety Northern Lights Fem. There’s no time like today to get your hands on a Seedstockers XXL Fem pack!

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