Runtz Fem

Gelato 33 x Zkittlez




Extremely High




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About Runtz Fem

Seedstockers are thrilled to add Runtz Feminised seeds to our collection. Runtz is one of the biggest USA special strains right now, combining devastatingly strong Gelato 33 genetics with a prize winning Zkittle. This is an indica dominant feminised seed variety with the potential for mind numbing THC levels of 25%, or even higher in optimised conditions. Bloom takes around 8-9 weeks and you will enjoy firm and dense buds with some of the craziest resin levels you have seen. Runtz Fem seeds are some of the best indica dominant USA genetics that we have ever come across. Easy to grow with very generous yields of genuine connoisseur quality buds. The high is incredibly strong, relaxing and utterly devastating. Superb for extract/concentrate fans too. Highly recommended, get your seeds now while stocks last!

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rating 5 5 0.5
First week of Flower
Great plant. All seeds worked. No male. So healthy, all the time. EC range tested from 1.6 -2.2, plants never showed burns or Deficiency. 8+- weeks left to finish, will update this post.
rating 5 5 0.5
great cultivar, incredible results, nobody can distinguish from cali