Welcome to Seedstockers!

Growing a potent, healthy and valuable plant from a small cannabis seed can feel like magic. Cannabis can be grown in many ways. Outdoors in the wild, in a garden, greenhouse, balcony or in an indoor tent/grow room. Anyone can grow cannabis and millions do - usually with great success! Seedstockers believe that growing your own cannabis is the most cost effective way to provide a reliable recreational/medical supply. For many, home growing offers superior quality levels compared to their usual sources. That's why Seedstockers offer a wide variety of cannabis genetics to suit the needs of all types of growers.

Seedstockers were founded in 2017 by a team of quality-focused, highly experienced cannabis professionals in Barcelona. Initially this involved classic, proven cannabis genetics to deliver several popular and critically acclaimed strains includingBCN Critical XXL, AK420, BCN Power Plant. This was followed in 2018 by some cannabis cup winning seeds made from exceptional USA genetics including Gorilla, Cookies and Gelato strains.

At that point, thanks to the team's passion and dedication, Seedstockers were already established as an affordable and reliable supplier of high quality cannabis seeds - both autoflower seeds and feminized seeds. Some of this success was based on a collection of elite mother plants carefully collected in Spain since the 1990's & early 2000's. Some of the newer cannabis genetics came from USA/Californian breeders. These came with loud USA flavours, XL yields and exceptional potency. They have proved particularly popular.

Working with experienced breeders alongside the best old-school strains and new-world genetics has allowed Seedstockers to become one of the fastest growing cannabis seed suppliers in the last decade. The best-performing Seedstockers genetics are now available in the Seedstockers Superior cannabis seed collection and offer truly exceptional results for the serious grower. This collection is being steadily expanded each year with only the finest new genetics qualifying for admission.

With thousands of repeat growers and regular awards for their breeding, during international cannabis fairs and cups, Seedstockers is now firmly established and here to stay! No matter where/how you grow your cannabis, Seedstockers have the right cannabis seeds for you. Whether you want classic genetics, indica cannabis seeds, sativa seeds or the latest bangers from Europe and the USA.

Enjoy growing with Seedstockers!