Northern Ligths

The Northern Lights marijuana strain is undoubtedly among the most famous cannabis genetics of all time. 

An almost pure indica strain, it is highly prized for its resinous buds, fast flowering and resistance to disease. Northern Lights has become one of the the three fundamental strains that have changed the world of cannabis culture in recent decades.

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Indoor/Outdoor. Indica. THC Rich . Candy. Spicy. Relaxing.
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Indoor/Outdoor. Indica. THC Rich . Candy. Spicy. Relaxing.
CBD Northern Lights Fem
Indoor/Outdoor. Indica. CBD Rich. Candy. Relaxing.

Apart from Skunk and Haze strains, it is difficult for another family of genetics to reach the level of influence that Northern Lights has in the field of contemporary marijuana. In fact, in the 1980s Northern Lights set the standard by which other indica cannabis plants are still judged today and continues to be one of the most trusted names in self-cultivation of marijuana even despite the constant expansion in the world market of varieties never seen before.
Without a doubt, Northern Lights cannabis seeds are a great choice for both beginner growers and professional growers who prefer quality over quantity from one of the easiest-to-grow cannabis strains available today.

Seeds of Northern Lights

As a good pedigree indica cannabis plant, it is a very resinous marijuana strain with a very good production of dense and compact buds, with thick and prominent sugar leaves that protrude slightly outwards. These buds are dark, olive green and often are streaked with purple and blue. these feel similar to the hues that can be seen when the actual Northern Lights come out to play in the sky.
As they develop, the flowers take on a thick layer of resin and are usually densely packed. The pistils blend effortlessly with the sugar leaves, with their deep orange but coppery hue. Fan leaves are a deeper shade of green, often featuring hints of blue at the tips.

Northern Lights Seeds

Although its name evokes ideas of Nordic nights bathed by the impressive display of the Northern Lights, the parents of this genetics come from more southern latitudes. It is rumored that it was cultivated for the first time on the North American west coast, in the state of Washington (specifically outside of Seattle), by crossing an Afghan indica with a Thai sativa, to later reach massive popularity in the Old Continent starting in 1985.
As is often the case, the exact genetic line and history of Northern Lights is clouded by myster. It is widely believed that it was perfected in the cradle of cannabis cultivation in Europe, the Netherlands, where breeder Neville Schoenmaker brought it from the across the Atlantic for their seed bank known at that time as The Seed Bank (one of the first Dutch banks that would later become Sensi Seeds), where they managed to develop this genetic which was so destined to last.
However, since its appearance in the world cannabis scene, many imitations have emerged and many 'breeders' have used it to create new phenotypes, while maintaining the same name.
Because of this, there are other varieties of Northern Lights that made their way into breeding programs to produce many hybrids, classified by a numerical nomenclature.
Northern Lights # 1 was the earliest selection. It was a dream of an ancestor, making such well-known crosses as Hash Plant or Big Bud, bringing great flavor and those special Northern Lights effects to new creations. Northern Lights # 2 is more robust, pine-scented, and highly resistant to mites. Northern Lights # 5 is perhaps the most popular, powerful and vigorous. NL#5 is the most award winning of the lot, and quickly dominated the High Times Cannabis Cup in '89, '90 and '92. Also well known is Northern Lights # 9. NL#9 a very rare phenotype that Nevil Schoenmaker once used in breeding programs but eventuallyand unfortunately got lost in the stormy waters of hybridization.
What we do know is that this cult classic and fan favorite of quality weed is in the heart of some of the most popular strains on the market today.
Like for example NL # 1 X Haze X Skunk # 1, which perfectly combines into a magnificent hybrid the best of both worlds - indica & sativa - and that you may know more by its nom de guerre: Super Silver Haze. There is also NL # 5 X Skunk # 1 (Shiva Skunk) that has become a well now genetic for its ease of cultivation and its great yield of compact and resinous buds. The Northern Lights NL # 5 also participates in the pedigree of the famous Jack Herer and the Low Ryder automatic. In fact, it was used in so many crosses that it is difficult to name them all.

What is the aroma and flavor profile of Northern Lights flowers?

When many think of witnessing the incredible Northern Lights for themselves in nature, they probably imagine a fantasy in some mystical place like a forest in northern Europe. With this image in mind, it may seem quite appropriate that the Northern Lights scent is moist, woody and piney, and inspires one to think of of times of adventure and camping outdoors.
The flavor soon blends into something a little more dynamic, thanks to the sweet and spicy notes that accompany you on the journey. It is splitting with a citrus hint of bitter lime and even a bit of ammonia smell, as if a skunk had passed. All of this makes it a strain with a rather invigorating aroma.
If we assume that a cannabinoid like THC is not solely responsible for Northern Lights' heady reputation, then its terpene content may give us a clue as to why it has such distinctive effects. The three main terpenes found in the plant, such as myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene, are also present in conifers. And myrcene, the most abundant, is produced primarily by varieties known to induce sleep or sedation.
When smoked, Northern Lights produces a smoke that is easily recognized by its pleasant taste. Unlike, for example, Sour Diesel or other "strong tasting" varieties, Northern Lights provides a taste experience that is fairly mild, without being overwhelming. This subtlety accompanies you all the way with hints of caramel-like sweetness and a lingering earthy (but not Skunk) taste that is pleasing to the palate, which can leave a very fresh mouthfeel after the first hit.

What are the most prominent effects of Northern Lights buds?

If you ever get a chance to witness the actual Northern Lights, it will completely overwhelm you. It brings calm and peace to your body, and while you are there, you are amazed at the beauty that nature can offer us. In fact, this family of genetics has been named for its calm-inducing effects that are almost completely devoid of adverse reactions.
So if you are looking for an easy-to-grow plant that produces pleasant and long-lasting highs, but also balanced, that relaxes your mind and body without exhausting you or causing you to become locked to the couch, you are going to love Northern Lights.
Its high THC content, ranging from 18% to 22%, provides a deeply sedative and intense effect that relaxes the muscles and calms the spirit. It is ideal for fans of body sensations looking for a notoriously carefree high and perfect to slow down an overly active mind.
So, if you are overworked and have needed a break for a long time, Northern Lights might just save the day. All of this makes it ideal to consume at night, especially during those times when darkness comes, hitting your body in a wonderful way. numbing.
This strain is also famous for its double tap in effect, producing deeply relaxing highs that transform into a bliss-inducing euphoria.
Accompanying this body stone there is a pleasant feeling of well-being that also instills greater creativity and concentration in experienced users. This allows you to have deep conversations with your friends, practice yoga or meditation or directly disconnect on the sofa while watching your favorite series. The Northern Lights strain has a real tendency to induce a lot of genuine smiles; and its mild psychoactive effects essentially place a hazy glow on the world that makes life seem more vibrant.

What possible side effects can Northern Lights marijuana cause?

Yet another reason why this strain has become so popular with lovers of indica cannabis plants is due to its minimum of adverse effects. Although high doses can occasionally cause a feeling of not being able to move from the place – total couch lock. This can often be confused with paranoia. the negative culprits are the usual cast of characters that are associate with most of the varieties of marijuana: dry mouth, red eyes, slight dizziness ... nothing that cannot be solved by drinking lots of hydrating fluids.
Everything should be great, unless you are prone to THC-induced panic attacks. If this is the case, it would be best to stay away from high-THC genetics or just stick to microdosing as a means of consumption.
Overall, Northern Lights has few negative side effects, making it an ideal cannabis strain for a vast array of individuals and personalities.
The reason for this is that Northern Lights produces a body-focused high, but with side benefits such as euphoric feelings, which have the ability to numb negative thoughts and elevate positive ones.

What are the most prominent therapeutic effects?

Widely recommended for its medical abilities, Northern Lights is a favorite among those looking to treat physical pain and mental instabilities.
Do you suffer from chronic pain, PMS, migraines, muscle spasms, or arthritis? Northern Lights has a sedative effect on all these conditions.
Do you have problems with mood swings, stress, or depression? The uplifting personality and fast-acting high of Northern Lights may also help you get through those tough times.
In addition, that is one of the purest indica cannabis plants that exist (90% Indica, 10% Sativa) makes it a highly relaxing strain, so like most of its ancestors and descendants, Northern Lights is highly recommended to treat sleep problems or insomnia. The strong appetite-inducing effects are also used to help those suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia, as well as cases where cancer patients are treated for poor appetite due to radiology and chemotherapy, where Northern Lights has also been shown to be an option.

What growing characteristics do Northern Lights plants have?

Northern Lights is a variety known for being very easy to grow, with a medium height range and with a high resistance to both bad weather and diseases, pests and fungi. It’s also known for offering excellent yields with a large amount of highly resinous buds.
All of these factors combined make it one of the best cannabis strains to grow, especially if you are just starting out in the marijuana world and looking for a low maintenance but very tasty plant.
Northern Lights is a plant that is very reliable, but in a fun way, which also makes it a classic for indoor and outdoor growers due to its excellent genetic stability.

Indoor cultivation

Northern Lights feminized is a bushy, compact but multi-branched plant with a robust appearance, producing a large central cola that you will have to hold with stakes for its weight after an extremely short flowering time of only 45-50 days. Those who want quick results, or who want to achieve multiple crops throughout the year, will find this to be an advantage.
When grown indoors, the plants are typically 80-130cm tall. It grows well in substrate or hydroponic media and is excellent for SOG (Sea of ​​Green) or SCROG (Screen of Green) applications, although it is also well suited to performance-optimized techniques such as pinching, stress training (' super-cropping ',' main-lining ', LST) or' lollipopping ', a technique used to enhance the buds at the top of the plant.
It is also a very inconspicuous plant as it produces an odor that is not incredibly overpowering. This is to the benefit of the cultivator and for those who grow the plant indoors or seek discretion when growing outdoors. Of course, remember that the smell intensifies slightly as the buds are ready for harvest and acquires more complexity after curing.

Outdoor cultivation

However, keep in mind that when grown outdoors, plants can reach heights of 150 to 200 cm, which means they will need more space to flower, as full exposure to sunlight will yield better yields.
If you grow outdoors, think about a moderate, sunny climate and you will have excellent buds in no time. The plants have a higher yield especially in places like the Mediterranean, California or North Africa. In more northern latitudes they can also be grown with the help of greenhouses, although their resistance to fungus formation is ideal for outdoor crops in colder than usual climates.
Flowering time averages 7-9 weeks, often on the shorter side of the scale. Thus, outdoor growers will harvest in mid-October at the latest, but better be vigilant even at the end of September.

Northern Lights cannabis seeds for sale

If you want a place to buy Northern Lights cannabis seeds, you are in the right place. Seedstockers NL owes its genetic origin to the fusion between the most awarded phenotypes in cannabis competitions, NL # 2 and NL # 5, to give rise to the future queen of your crop.
Suitable for both outdoors and indoors, as well as for all types of growers looking for big yields and an intensely pleasant smoking experience, Northern Lights cannabis seeds from Seedstockers produce strong and vigorous plants that will reward you with dense buds which have a content of THC up to 22%. Best of all, it will be ready to enjoy in less than 11 weeks.
For those growers who need to harvest even faster, Northern Lights Autoflowering seeds are also available, one of the easiest autos to grow in the Seedstockers collection, leafy plants will be ready in 77 days from germination to harvest, producing resinous buds that will appeal to growers looking for a potent indica (up to 22% THC) and no fuss.
And finally, the Seedstockers catalog also offers you feminized CBD Northern Lights, the new version rich in cannabidiol and without psychoactive effects of this classic indica, since it has a THC percentage below 0.5%.
Coming from a breeding program which included CBD Critical XXL and Northern Lights, feminized CBD northern lights is a plant with a rapid flowering of 8 weeks in total and of great yield and resistance. All of this Thanks to its really compact structure, full of wide leaves. It is a selection that you can easily grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse in order to enjoy its incredibly sweet and earthy smell and flavors.
Undoubtedly, it is a great choice for all of the medicinal consumers who want to benefit from the powerful therapeutic properties of Northern Lights. Its also an incredible choice simply for those users looking for a more sustainable cannabis with hardly any psychoactive effects.
This is Northern Lights in all its versions, a plant that is a pleasure to grow and behold and that will transport your body and mind to another place, hopefully better than the one we inhabit in this earthly kingdom.
There's a reason iconic marijuana strains get their unique names. And this is undoubtedly the confirmation of the rule. If you've never seen the true Northern Lights in nature, consuming Northern