O.G Kush Fem

Chem Dawg X Lemon Thai Paki Kush

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Indica
  • Yield : Huge
  • THC : Medium (14 -22%)
  • Flavor : Candy Spicy
  • Effect : Relaxing
  • Flower period : 8 weeks
  • Experience : Beginner

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Average rating: 8/10 - Number of reviews: 6

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O.G Kush Fem

Our original OG Kush combines a deeply satisfying and rich genuine Kush taste with one of the strongest smokes in our collection. This is a top quality and top strength cannabis seed variety made with the best west-coast USA OG genetics. Harvest quantities are above average, the buds are firm and dripping with resin. This powerful indica dominant variety delivers a heavy-hitting effect which will also be popular with medical growers looking for powerful pain relief. THC consistently 22%-24%+. Highly recommended.

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rating 10 10 1
Totally worth it

All seeds worked. Great high. Party weed. High energy. Not usual indica heavy. No sleepiness. No couch lock. Walking around in the flat looking for stuff to do. No munchies. Wouldn't recommend before bed. Very thinky. Pots 9 litre. Led. Tent 90 × 90 x 180 on balcony in mid summer. Range of flower from 55 to 85 days. 1 from 5 extremely early maybe 50 days. 1 from 5 was 65 days. 3 from 5 was 85 days. Overall I've grown a lot of autos and this is one of the top. Taste not greatest. Smell low. Effect really nice.

rating 8 10 1
Stevie X
as frosty as a White Widow
and just as strong! She finished on time after 60 days of bloom and the yields were a bit higher than my usual. She was grown in DWC and seems well suited to hydro, easy to grow and no nutrient issues with the Advanced Nutrients. Trippy and edgy high in large amounts - perfect
rating 8 10 1
A good bit of well grown OG Kush is hard to beat. I got 8 plants from 9 seeds, all were above average yielders. Smoke was ample strong enough
rating 8 10 1
gerry T
real nice
The strongest aroma on any of my recent grows, and probably the best smoke too. Took just over 8 weeks under HPS to bloom, dense frosty buds that get you VERY stoned.
rating 8 10 1
real stuff
Great smoke, grown in soil which was easy enough. Heavy indica smoke, not very creative more of a couch lock. Looked and smelled nice, took 8 weeks in bloom
rating 8 10 1
OG Kush
This is the real MCOY. We have all tried one form of OG KUSH at one point. That being said if you want to try some of the best weed ever try this OG KUSH STRAIN . When you take a the first hit you will be in love.