Amaretto Tarmac Auto

(Amaretto Sour X Apollo Black Cherry) X Apollo Black Cherry Auto

Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor Dominant : Sativa Flavor : Fruity Effect : Active Experience : Beginner
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Amaretto Tarmac Auto seeds

Amaretto Tarmac’s automatic version is the result of the union of Amaretto Sour and Apollo Black Cherry, hybridised with Apollo Black Cherry Auto to add that non-photo-dependent magic. The result is an 80% indica hybrid that stands out for her potent and soothing effects.

With a total growth cycle of only 70 days, this beauty can get as tall as 120 cm when grown in optimum conditions. Thanks to her simplicity, she performs equally well both indoors and outdoors, producing yields that can reach up to 800 grams per plant.

Amaretto Tarmac Auto’s buds release a yummy blueberry aroma fused with a tarmac background (the smell of the pavement when it gets warm). This prepares the mouth for a taste explosion dominated by cherries and kola nuts, which intermingle with almondy notes of Amaretto.

Despite her indica lineage, this plant doesn’t make users feel too sedated thanks to an energising touch which inspires happiness and optimism. This makes Amaretto Tarmac Auto an excellent choice for those seeking to wind down without feeling out of the game.

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