Amaretto Tarmac© Autoflower

(Amaretto Sour X Apollo Black Cherry) X Apollo Black Cherry Auto

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Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Sativa
Yield: Huge
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Fruity
Effect: Active
Experience: Beginner

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Amaretto Tarmac© Autoflower seeds

Do you know our strain Amaretto Tarmac Auto by Seedstockers? With her irresistible aroma of juicy cherries and sour apple, a buzz full of mind-blowing cerebral effects, and an out-of-this-world yielding capacity, there’s no doubt this beauty will make it on to the list of the most popular automatic sativas of our catalogue in no time.

Because there’s nothing better than enjoying the benefits of your favourite strain even quicker than usual. This sativa-dominant hybrid, crossed with some ruderalis genetics, is ready for harvest in just 10 weeks without compromising on potency. So, whether you’re a recreational or medical user, this strain is definitely worth a try!

Are you ready to make cannabis growing really simple? Amaretto Tarmac Auto’s feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds are here to help you achieve just that. Get ready for a cannabis experience like no other with one of the latest genetics to arrive to our cannabis seed catalogue!

Amaretto Tarmac Auto is a cannabis hybrid derived from the cross of the famous North American strain Amaretto Sour and our Apollo Black Cherry, backcrossed with Apollo Black Cherry Auto to add some autoflowering character to the mix. This variety showcases a balanced combination of sativa and indica genetics, but leaning more towards the sativa side, which gives way to a unique and flavoursome plant that captures the essence of her parents in a harmonious fusion.

On the one hand, we find Amaretto Sour, a cannabis hybrid born from the cross of the renowned genetics Zkittlez and (Biscotti x Sherb BX). This means that she originates from two of today’s most awarded Californian lines (Zkittlez and the Cookies family). Amaretto Sour is known for her delicious combination of flavours, with sweet and nutty shades reminiscent of the Amaretto liqueur, and embellished with citric and earthy touches.

On the other hand, Apollo Black Cherry is one of the most sought-after varieties of our genetic library, derived from the cross between Apollo 13, Black Cherry Cheesecake, and Cherry AK47. This results in a vigorous and easy-to-grow strain that adapts well to any type of environment and stands out for her unusual terpene profile, with a cherry flavour fused with flower and spice undertones.

When the union of these champion genetics is combined with the non-photoperiod genes of our Apollo Black Cherry Auto, the result is Amaretto Tarmac Auto. Not only does this strain deliver a guaranteed and powerfully satisfying effect, but she also showcases a sugary black cherry flavour inherited from her parents, which is all fused into an organoleptic symphony that will make you drool with pure pleasure!


Amaretto Tarmac Auto grows quickly and fiercely, developing deep dark green leaves which embrace large and thick buds all generously covered with shiny trichomes, which gives them a frosty look. These flowers are also adorned with thick deep orange pistils that burst like flames against the green background.

Amaretto Tarmac Auto grows into an incredibly beautiful plant. Her forest green foliage acts as a delicious canvas, with occasional violet hues that provide a touch of intrigue. Her buds are thick and robust, and finish in long and pointy tops. They denote potency and superiority, becoming a visual masterpiece in your grow that is wonderfully complemented by her astounding effects. This is undoubtedly a highly appreciated choice among cannabis enthusiasts looking for love at first sight.

In addition to being visually impressive, these buds are of exceptional quality, as demonstrated by their dense and compact structure. You can see them in all their greatness with the SOG (Sea of Green) approach, a training method that maximises the plant’s yielding potential and leads to a ton of resinous goodness. But the beauty of Amaretto Tarmac Auto doesn’t end there. When you open the buds, a vivid explosion of green colours is revealed, which is further enhanced by the presence of pearly trichomes which shine like freshly fallen snow.

Amaretto Tarmac Auto emits a robust and piercing aroma… An addictive terpene profile dominated by juicy cherries and rounded off with a hint of sour apple and hues of hops and flowers. Her dense green buds also hit the nose with touches of camphor and pine, which fuse with a characteristic tarmac background. Despite having such a complex terpene profile, this strain is surprisingly well balanced, as she provides a pleasant lemon aftertaste which prevents the whole thing from becoming too bitter.

The aroma of Amaretto Tarmac Auto prepares the taste buds for a flavour that will blow your mind from the very first hit, captivating cannabis fans with her delicious combination of nuances. Once the buds have been ground, you’ll experience how those smells of apple and berries become even more prominent in your mouth after the first inhalation, creating a pleasantly soft smoke that isn’t too harsh on the lungs.

On exhalation, you’ll taste notes of almonds and kola nuts, reminiscent of Amaretto liqueur, and complemented with citrusy and earthy touches which deliver a solid sensory experience. The smoke has herbal hues which leave a sweet aftertaste on exhalation and can easily remind you of a freshly baked cake. And, just like a tasty dessert, you’ll want to try it over and over again. Whether for your evening cravings or for an afternoon treat, this strain is definitely the perfect choice to satisfy your sweet palate.

Get ready for a roller-coaster of sensations with Amaretto Tarmac Auto’s feminised cannabis seeds… The aim of this outstanding strain is to offer you an unforgettable experience… Just like a ticket to your own personal paradise!

The effects produced by Amaretto Tarmac Auto are a harmonious mix of energy and elevation. Imagine this: a wave of euphoria that invades you, raises your mood, and inspires a feeling of motivation and concentration like you’ve never felt before. And just when you think that things cannot get any better, you’ll find yourself wrapped in a comforting and relaxing haze that will take away all the worries of the day.

Amaretto Tarmac Auto has high THC levels, but certainly not the highest you’ll ever come across. Having said that, it’s amazing how powerful her effects can be! After the first inhalation, the feeling of euphoria becomes evident, leaving you with a clear head and giving you the ability to be focused and creative. However, you need to make sure there’s a couch nearby, because your entire body will start to tingle before you completely wind down. Once your muscles are in ‘off mode’, don’t expect to go anywhere!

Hence, Amaretto Tarmac Auto is known for her diverse and comprehensive effects that suit a wide range of preferences and moods. Her influence on the mind is remarkably cerebral, and she provides a sense of clarity and elevation that can be perfect for socialising with friends. Users often report feeling energetic and experiencing bursts of laughter with an overwhelming sense of happiness. As the high progresses, a calming and relaxing effect appears on the body, which can culminate in a state of loafing for those seeking tranquillity and deep relaxation.

Amaretto Tarmac Auto really delivers a dynamic experience, meaning she’s a versatile choice for different occasions and personal preferences. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced cannabis user who’s into creative activities or just relaxing after a long day, this strain will definitely be your perfect companion.

Medical cannabis patients will find great value in the therapeutic potential of this strain. Her balanced effects make this plant a versatile option to control a great variety of ailments, especially due to her amazing ability to improve the mood. Therefore, Amaretto Tarmac Auto is the perfect match for sufferers of depression and chronic stress. She’s incredibly effective in helping to control negative emotions: you will feel more energetic, at least cerebrally, with positive thoughts encouraged and negative ones forgotten.

If you’ve ever had pain or discomfort, and especially if you suffer from muscle spasms, this weed will also help you reduce that pain. Those who have trouble staying focused, or who suffer from chronic fatigue, can also find many positive benefits when using Amaretto Tarmac Auto. She can also help you feel less nauseous, which in turn helps increase appetite in patients undergoing cancer treatments.

For beginners in particular, excessive use of this strain can sometimes lead to panic attacks and dizziness, but not more often than with any other high-THC cannabis variety. To get used to the euphoric effect of marijuana, users need to start slowly, only taking a few hits. Using eye drops and drinking sugar-free drinks can also benefit those who experience cottonmouth and dry eyes after smoking. Also remember that the appetite-inducing properties of this plant can cause many cravings (aka the famous ‘munchies’), so it is advisable to have some snacks at hand when smoking.

Once you get your Amaretto Tarmac Auto cannabis seeds from our Seedstockers online store, you’ll be amazed at just how easy they are to grow! So, rejoice all rookie growers! With a life cycle of just 70 days, you’ll be harvesting your own high-quality buds before you know it. This strain is also quite resistant to pests, so with just a little TLC, you’ll be able to produce an abundant yield effortlessly! Amaretto Tarmac Auto can be grown either indoors or outdoors; and, if you’re an outdoor grower in a warm region, you’ll even get to enjoy some amazing colours!

But it doesn’t stop there: Amaretto Tarmac Auto’s yielding potential is exceptionally high, so you can expect a bountiful harvest of delicious resin-laden buds. She’s also the perfect partner for outdoor growing, as she’s naturally resistant to mould. This means that you can focus on looking after your grow without constantly worrying about unwanted diseases. All in all, an excellent choice for growers of all levels looking for first-class and visually attractive cannabis.

Amaretto Tarmac Auto has one of the most original terpene profiles you can find in an autoflowering, so she’s also a variety that will captivate fans of the most exclusive extracts. In addition to her large trichome heads, trichomes feel sandy rather than oily, so they’re brilliant for producing amazing water hash, BHO, or rosin. Amaretto Tarmac Auto is also a great strain for dry sieving: through this process, you can really get the best out of this plant to help produce hashish worthy of caliphs. It should be remembered that concentrates are methods of consumption that contain higher doses of THC than average, so caution is recommended when using them.

This strain is dominated by a main cola surrounded by dense foliage. The lateral branches develop multiple flowering buds on the top, giving this plant a classic Christmas tree look. With long internodal spacing, these strong branches can grow significantly in terms of diameter, which allows them to withstand the weight of the flowers, often without the need for supporting elements. Amaretto Tarmac Auto is a medium/tall plant by autoflowering standards, so she can reach a height of 100 - 130 cm without any problems, and can even grow slightly higher outdoors, resulting in a greater yield.

Thanks to her simplistic and tolerant character, growing Amaretto Tarmac Auto is a really gratifying experience which is ideal for growers looking for a visually striking but easy-to-handle strain. Her fast life cycle (9 - 10 weeks) translates into an efficient grow that thrives well in environments that are both warm and relatively humid, so she can easily adapt to both indoor and outdoor settings.

When grown indoors, this plant keeps her tiny shape and doesn’t stretch too much during the flowering stage. As she’s an almost 50/50 hybrid, she’s perfect for indoor environments, for growers with limited space, or for those after a more discreet layout. Don’t be fooled by her restrained size, though: you can expect a surprising indoor yield of about 450 grams per square metre without any problems.

You can defoliate Amaretto Tarmac Auto regularly to keep a good airflow between the branches, which in turn helps increase the size of the secondary buds. During the vegetative phase, encouraging the greatest possible airflow avoids stagnant oxygen pockets in which pathogens may grow. And don’t forget that this plant releases a strong aroma, so you should consider using carbon filters in your grow room.

Make sure you also have the correct grow lights. Most experts recommend 600W LED or HPS lamps. High light conditions help increase Amaretto Tarmac Auto’s THC levels, although you can also consider side lamps to support the lower bud areas.

Indoor growers must keep a temperature range between 21 and 26ºC during the vegetative phase, and between 18 and 24ºC during the flowering stage. Reduce night temperatures to 16ºC during the last few weeks of the flowering to increase the size, weight, and stickiness of the buds, and to stimulate the production of terpenes. You can also consider Low Stress Training to increase the plant’s exposure to light and, therefore, her yielding potential.

This strain works equally well in warm Mediterranean climates and in milder continental areas. Having said that, and thanks to her autoflowering resilience, she can also thrive in colder regions, where she can still produce high yields during the warmer months. Unless you’re lucky enough to enjoy a temperate climate all year round, consider setting up a greenhouse for best results. Planting in pots is also vital so that the plants can be relocated more easily during extreme temperature drops. Depending on the location and on the applied growing techniques, each plant can produce over 500 grams when grown outdoors, provided they are given the right care and attention.

Outdoor growers should sow in a sunny and breezy location, set up some protection against the elements, and plant companion species to keep pests at bay. If you grow Amaretto Tarmac Auto seeds outdoors, it’s important to keep the plants in the same direction as the sun sets, which will allow them to receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight each day. Prune excess leaves at least once during the vegetative stage to promote airflow and light penetration.

When growing indoors, and providing that the electricity cost isn’t a problem, you can have a continuous crop of Amaretto Tarmac Auto seeds throughout the year, if your grow setup allows for it. Outdoors, as the growing season normally runs from March to October, you can grow up to three crops. In a warm and sunny climate, for instance, it is best to plant from March to May, from May to July, and from July to September to obtain the best results with the highest amount of sunlight and when the temperatures aren’t too cold.

Although summer is the best time to grow autoflowering strains, everything depends on where you live. In areas with Atlantic or continental climates, it is less sunny, with shorter summers, so you can usually only grow one crop. Therefore, the ideal outdoor planting window starts from 3 to 5 weeks before the summer solstice, allowing you to take full advantage of the sunlight. The weeks after the solstice help maximise resin production thanks to the higher intensity of the ultraviolet rays.

However, you can also grow two crops in regions with milder climates: you can plant the first grow between mid-April and early May, when the cold has passed, harvest in late July, and plant again in mid-August, so you’ll be harvesting again in October. It all depends on how cold and rainy the autumns are in your latitude.

In any type of setup, you need to pay special attention to your nutrient solution; and because Amaretto Tarmac Auto is sativa-dominant, she can be sensitive to nutrient excess. This strain only requires a moderate nutrient regime, so be careful with excessive feeding: it is best not to overdo it in terms of nutrients, as it’s always easier to correct a deficiency than to deal with over-fertilisation, which can lead to irrecoverable stunted development.

Water only when the soil feels dry to avoid suffocating the roots, and use a substrate that is as aerated as possible. It is always best to use small amounts of water at regular and frequent intervals, rather than excessively soak the substrate (especially in the first few weeks of growth, which is when the young roots are more sensitive and excess fertiliser could end up burning them).

A good growing medium consists of ¾ soil and ¼ coco coir or perlite. The more coco coir or perlite added to the soil mixture, the greater the amount of oxygen and air pockets, allowing for more frequent watering and a much more established root base.


Although this Seedstockers strain is amazingly easy to grow, you’ll be even more successful if you keep the following growing tips in mind:

- Amaretto Tarmac Auto uses an internal genetic clock to flower. Therefore, if the start of her growth isn’t great, the plant won’t grow as vigorously. An ideal germination process (using the wet paper towel method, for instance) will ensure that the seed germinates and sprouts as quickly as possible, so that the plant enjoys more light and generates more energy.

- Grow Amaretto Tarmac Auto in her definitive pot from the very beginning. The advantage of growing in a large pot (such as 25-litre) is that the plant will have the best opportunity to develop as much as possible, and you’ll be avoiding transplant stress. Additionally, you can use fabric pots to get better root oxygenation.

- 24-hour lighting will result in rapid initial growth, but this usually slows down after a few weeks because the plant doesn’t get the right amount of rest. A 20/4 or even 18/6 photoperiod offers a delicate balance between plenty of light and ample rest. What’s more, if you’re growing in an urban environment, the street lamps and external light sources won’t affect your Amaretto Tarmac Auto plants.

- Some light Low Stress Training (LST) is ideal for this strain because of her large internodes. LST allows for more air and light to penetrate the top part of the plant and reach the buds on the lower layers, which can significantly increase her yielding capacity.

- If you’re worried that your plant won’t be able to withstand any training, you can try Sea of Green (SOG), which is a popular technique in autoflowering grow circles because it can lead to monster yields. With this method, instead of growing a large plant, you actually grow several small ones, so you make more efficient use of the space, increasing the overall yielding capacity of the grow.

- Flush the roots two weeks before harvest to produce better tasting flowers. Root flushing helps eliminate the undissolved salts that have accumulated in the growing medium. This way, the plant can use up all her internal reserves and, in turn, make a final effort to increase bud size and weight, along with resin, terpene, and flavonoid count.

- Finally, you must learn when the right time is to harvest. Use a magnifying glass to keep an eye on the flowers during the last stage of flowering. If between 50 and 70% of the trichomes have turned amber, the buds are ready for harvest. Don’t wait too long, as this may cause a loafing effect when you smoke the buds. And if you harvest too soon, the flowers may produce an unpleasant high.

Some genetics are destined to define an era, and we can clearly say that Amaretto Tarmac Auto is the perfect example of this motto. With her delicious flavours, high resistance and yielding potential, and great ability to induce a creative spark whilst relaxing your body and mind, there’s no doubt that this strain will become extremely popular among autoflowering growers. In short, she’s a strain that you definitely should try!

Thanks to great stabilisation and development work, our Seedstockers team has managed to enhance all the virtues of this amazing variety to make them available to you at an unbeatable price. With our excellent Customer Service and strong brand image, Seedstockers is ready to offer you Amaretto Tarmac Auto seeds of the highest quality and at the best market price.

So don’t miss your chance to grow this masterpiece and elevate your cannabis collection to a whole new level! Get ready to admire her beauty in every grow and experience these finger-licking flavours for yourself, with the possibility of harvesting every 70 days. Start your journey to success by getting yourSeedstockers seeds right away, in the quickest and easiest way!

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