Jack Herer Auto

Jack Herer X AK420 Auto

  • Life cycle : 12 weeks
  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Sativa
  • Yield : Huge
  • THC : High (23 - 26%)
  • Flavor : Earthy Fruity Spicy
  • Effect : Active
  • Experience : Intermediate

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About Jack Herer Auto

Perhaps the only thing that could make Jack Herer any more popular is to offer an easy-to-grow autoflowering seed version. Jack Herer Auto takes around 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest indoors with the same great multi-purpose physical/cerebral effects as the feminised seed version. Good yields come as standard, Jack Herer Auto grows with remarkable ease and speed outdoors too. An established medical strain, this autoflower variety boasts a professional genetic pedigree. Best of all is the perfect blend of relaxing physical effects and the feel-good cerebral high, for some growers nothing else can compare.

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