Super Skunk Autoflower

Super Skunk X BCN Critical XXL Auto

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Life cycle: 11 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Hybrid
Yield: Massive
THC: Medium (14 -22%)
Flavor: Sour Spicy
Effect: Happy Chill

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Super Skunk Autoflower seeds

The Super Hero of Autos!

Seedstockers are proud to present Super Skunk Auto. We crossed Super Skunk with our BCN Critical XXL Auto and the rest is history. We created an old school Skunk project that is a quick flowering automatic, which is not dependent on typical lighting cycles. Super Skunk Auto has an extremely high resilience to pathogens, heat stress and colder climates, making her an excellent addition to any outdoor garden.

She is easy to grow, requires almost minimal maintenance and looking after, and will produce top quality Skunk plants that are reminiscent of the 1990 era when Skunk was so popular and highly desirable amongst coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Not only does Super Skunk Auto keep a low profile, she is also a great plant for those who seek stealth and an auto that can flower from seed to harvest between 9-12 weeks depending on the climate. We strongly recommend this autoflowering strain to first time growers, as well as old school connoisseurs who want a blast from the past.

What’s the origin of Super Skunk Autoflower?

The lineage of Skunk goes back to the 1980s, when it was recorded as the first ever hybrid created using pure landrace varieties. Created by a small circle of breeders that originated from the Bay Area in San Francisco, and the most famous being Sam The Skunkman, named after the pungent terpenes produced from his Skunk project offspring and the reminded people of the spray from a Skunk animal.

It was a group of 6 breeders who were led by Sam The Skunkman, and they consisted of Mendocino Joe, Maple Leaf Wilson and 3 others. The team has goals to stabilize these new F1 hybrids that they had been working on under the seed bank Sacred Seeds.

Skunk #1 was created using Columbian Gold and an Afghan male. By crossing a sativa and indica landrace, true hybrid vigor was achieved, which birthed the way for many of today's modern hybrids and breeding blocks. Skunk #1 was the first plant that produced stable, uniform and homogenous offspring, with a great selection of various phenotypes ranging from short flowering indica dominant, to the longer flowering haze phenotypes.

The Original Breeding Blocks

As the breeding scene in Holland and the US was gathering momentum, genetics were passed amongst different circles and some made their way across the pond to Holland and vice versa.

When Skunk#1 became available in seed and flower form, it quickly became the foundations for most pioneering breeders to use for breeding projects. Thanks to the meticulous work performed by Sam and the Sacred Seeds team, we can now enjoy such first generation hybrids that offer the grower stability, phenotypic expression and hybrid vigor.

The Problem with Road Kill Skunk

You may have heard tales about the original Road Kill Skunk phenotype, and how it had such a pungent and aggressive aroma that anyone around knew you had that plant. As this was a time before indoor cultivation was less advanced and before carbon filters, growing a plant as loud and aromatic as Road Kill Skunk would only attract unwanted attention and lead to heavy prison time if convicted.

The UK Cheese was proven to be a Skunk phenotype, and if you have ever grown or smoked the Cheese, you can testify of its head turning aroma. This was also a time when indoor and outdoor growers had to adapt, and ultimately chose to work with Skunk phenotypes that did not have that police bust stench, but were more fruity, floral and citrus. This gave rise to new phenotypes and flavors such as lemon Skunk, Orange Skunk. Afghan Skunk, Shiva Skunk, Skunk Haze and other phenotypes or hybrids.

How Super Skunk Auto plants look like?

Seedstocker’s Super Skunk Auto will produce short and squat plants, with a tight internodal space and an indica dominance and growth structure. Once flowering starts from week 4 onwards, you can expect plants to grow as tall as 80-100 cm with thin wooden stems and one main central cola. When fully mature, Super Skunk Auto will be full of small buds that have a fluffy appearance and structure, with a prolific amount of resin appearing on all the surrounding leaves.

How are the flowers of Super skunk autoflower strain

The flowers from Super Skunk Auto have a fluffy appearance, that are very resinous and have a greasy quality when touched. The buds are wrapped in thick orange hairs with tightly packed trichomes. Whilst growing on the plants, Super Skunk Auto buds have a high calyx to leaf ratio, making her easy to trim and a great producer of fresh frozen or dry sift hash.

What do Super Skunk Autoflower buds smell like?

Seedstocker’s Super Skunk Auto has been tested to be high in the terpenes Caryophyllene which is found in cloves and cinnamon, and Myrcene found in peach and mango. The aroma of a dried bud will have an old school classic earthy Skunk smell that has overtones of citrus and lemon.

Super Skunk Auto: a legendary flavor

Legends never die, and one of the best things about Seedstocker’s Super Skunk Auto is her complex old school flavor. When lighting a pure joint, or pipe of Super Skunk Auto, the flavor will coat your taste buds as you experience smooth, earthy tones that blend into a citrus aftertaste on the exhalation.

How is the psychoactive effect of Super skunk autoflowering?

The effects of Seed Stocker’s Super Skunk Auto are instant and will keep you high for hours on end. Users will feel focused, clear, upbeat, euphoric and highly motivated. We strongly recommend this strain to musicians, artists, writers, gamers and anyone who has a creative side.

An excellent daytime smoke, that will keep you focused throughout the day, allowing busy individuals to complete a long to-do list. There are no side effects such as tiredness or demotivation, and with lab tests revealing 20% total cannabinoids and 14% THCA, Super Skunk Auto is ideal for smokers with a low tolerance who do not want overpoweringly strong Cannabis.

Medical effects of Super skunk auto: lifting your mood

Super Skunk Auto has the ability to elevate mood and relieve feelings of depression. A great strain to enhance clarity and focus, making her a wise choice for medical patients who are suffering from nausea and dizziness. She will take your appetite to another level and especially the inner sweet tooth, so for any one suffering from loss of appetite due to chemotherapy, Seedstocker’s Super Skunk Auto may help offer relief.

What’s the yield of Super skunk autoflowering strain?

When it comes to production, Super Skunk Auto may be a short-sized plant, however it will produce between 60-75 grams per plant under the right circumstances. It is possible to produce yields of up to 350 grams per meter square when grown in a Sea of Green set up. We recommend growing a high volume of plants closely together for the best results.

What’s the life cycle of Super skunk autoflower?

All autoflowering plants will have a vegetative period where they produce foliage and stems, and a flower period where the buds grow. Unlike photoperiod strains that require a light regime of 18/6 during the vegetative stage and then flowered with 12 hours of darkness (12/12), Seedstocker’s Super Skunk Auto will grow and flower under any lighting regime.

The life cycle is only 9-11 weeks from planting, so this means it is possible to grow Super Skunk Auto back to back outdoors over multiple seasons. 3 weeks of this time frame will be vegetative and the other 6-8 weeks will be the flowering period.

cultivation manual

  How to grow Super skunk auto seeds?

Super Skunk Auto seeds pretty much grow themselves, and will produce excellent results even for a first time grower. We recommend planting directly into large sized pots, with an organic growing medium and nutrients. Thanks to her low maintenance and easy to grow nature, she can be planted closely together in a Sea of Green, and can be fed a lower than normal amount of nutrients. These auto seeds can be grown on a sunny balcony or terrace and will not be affected by streetlights.

  How to grow Super skunk Auto cannabis seeds indoors

Super Skunk Auto thrives under HID lighting indoors, and we advise giving the plants 18-20 hours of light per day, with a relative humidity level close to 60% for the vegetative stage and close to 40% during flowering. The grow room's environmental temperature should be 24 degrees Celsius, with the light's off temperature around 18 degrees Celsius.

It is a good idea to start her off in large size plastic or fabric pots, and allow for the root zone to expand and fill the pots in preparation for the flower production.

Once flowering commences, you will notice the Super Skunk Auto does not stretch much, with a final height around 80-100 cm. Depending on the phenotype and size of the plants, flowering time can take between 45-63 days before the plants are ready to harvest.

  How to grow Super skunk auto strain outdoors?

The most important thing when it comes to growing Super Skunk Auto outdoors, is to provide plenty of sun and keep the plants in a South facing position. You should avoid repotting and allow for the seedlings to be rooted directly into large sized fabric pots that are around 25 liters in size, or organic beds filled with soil and compost. As far as feeding is concerned, Super Skunk Auto does not like many nutrients and is sensitive to high E.C levels.

During the first 21 days, the plants will stay short, and it is very important to allow the roots to grow and fill out as much of the pots as possible. Flowering time outdoors depending on the climate and plant size will vary between 6-8 weeks outdoors. We strongly recommend planting outdoors during the months of July until September if you experience cold climates, and those who live in California or The Mediterranean can afford to grow from March until October time.

   8 Growing tips to obtain the best quality buds

1. Planting the germinated seeds directly into big pots will produce the largest sized plants and biggest potential harvests. Our tip here is to use felt pot as they allow for the roots of the plants to grow outwards and prune. This basically means, rather than becoming root bound as seen with a typical plastic pot, the roots simply turn around and grow to the other side.

2. Keeping your autoflowering plants in a South facing location will allow for the Super Skunk Auto plants to receive the most amount of direct sunlight before setting each evening. Our tip here is to find a point in your garden, rooftop or balcony where the plants can enjoy the most amount of sun and avoid moving your pots around. Moving heavy pots around, chasing the sun can be hard work and time-consuming.

3. Overwatering your plants can inhibit root growth and cause plants to stunt and produce very little flower. Our tip here is, when watering your pots, to check that the medium is as dry as possible before applying water or nutrient solution. Less is more, and the more oxygen the roots are exposed to, the more they will search out for new space.

4. We have found that Super Skunk Auto seeds do not like high levels of nutrient solution. Our top tip here is to feed only half strength nutrient solutions, and to leave plenty of time for a thorough flushing period of 14 days when using organic or chemical liquid fertilizers. If you are using chemical nutrients, then be sure to check the E.C levels using a pen.

5. Training Cannabis plants can have many benefits, from increasing yields to allow more direct light to enter the canopy. Our tip here is to not apply any training to Super Skunk Auto and allow them to grow on their own accord, as some training techniques may be counterproductive and cause stress. Avoid techniques such as super cropping, pruning and tying down once the plants are growing.

6. If you want to grow superb tasting Cannabis for your own head stash, then flushing your growing medium for the final 14 days is essential. The way that flushing works is to give only plain water and cut off any nutrients. The reasons for doing this is to break down and wash away any undissolved salts, and to allow the plants to use up their internal reserves. Our tip here is to always flush your plants, otherwise your flower will not be as pleasant to smoke.

7. Botrytis is an airborne pathogen that will attack flowering Cannabis plants and in many cases mold from the inside out. The main cause of rotting buds and a bad case of mold, is due to a lack of air flow and fresh air around the buds. Our tip here is to not let the buds become wet or moist outdoors, and make sure there is plenty of fresh air circulating around the pots and tops of the plants. Indoors it is essential to keep multiple oscillating fans providing a consistent fresh air current and the relative humidity does not pass 40% during flower production.

8. If you have chosen to grow your Super Skunk Auto seeds in soil and compost, then it is a good idea to inoculate the medium with beneficial bacteria, microorganisms and fungi. You can simply buy these from your local grow shop and once you have inoculated the roots, the plants will form a symbiotic relationship with the roots and the surrounding soil food web. Not only do mycorrhizal fungi increase yields, they also increase the nutrient uptake and availability of the soil food web.

Buy Super Skunk autoflower seeds from Seedstockers at the best price

If you never got to ride the Skunk wave that existed in Amsterdam in the 1990s, then now is your opportunity to grow an autoflowering version of a legendary strain. Seedstocker’s Super Skunk Auto loves hot weather and can endure extreme heat stress, and under more challenging weather performs amazingly well. A low profile, stealthy and low maintenance auto that is the ultimate day time smoke, and a must-have for beginner and first time growers!

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