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Original White Widow

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Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Indica
Yield: Big
THC: Medium (14 -22%)
Flavor: Earthy Herbal
Effect: Relaxing
Flower period: 8 weeks
Experience: Beginner

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White Widow Feminized seeds

White Widow Fem: An old school legend and Dutch classic!

Seedstockers are proud to present an old school legend and 1995 High Times cup winner White Widow. She is the head of the White family and responsible for elevating the quality of Cannabis genetics to another level back in the 1990s. Mother of world class strains such as White Rhino, Great White Shark and White Russian, White Widow paved the way for the original pioneer Dutch breeders.

Long time smokers and connoisseurs of vintage Dutch coffeeshop classics such as White Widow will testify how unique her terpene profile is whilst flowering, resilience to pathogens and disease as well as exceptionally high potency and resin production. The White Widow weed price was always the most expensive and top of any coffee shop menu for a reason!

Drenched in a blanket of white, shiny trichomes and with head turning qualities, White Widow feminized seeds are ideal for beginner growers, indoor and outdoor cultivation, plant training and thrive in hot weather as well as colder and more challenging climates. With a fast flowering time, low maintenance levels required and a staggering 25%+ total cannabinoids, we strongly recommend this classic cultivar to beginner and expert growers, as well as hash makers and extract artists looking for a blast from the past.

White Widow seeds - One of the original breeding blocks of our time

White Widow is the mother of the White Family and one of the original breeding blocks behind many of the modern day cultivars we have come to love. She has paved the way for breeders looking for a tough, durable and supremely resilient plant with big yields and a knock out effect. She will always be considered as one of the original breeding foundations of our time, alongside pioneers such as Northern Lights, Afghani and Skunk. 

You simply cannot go wrong growing out White Widow seeds, and with a reputation of being a fast growing, strong rooting, heavy feeding and easy to grow cultivar, we see why she set the standard such a long time ago.

What is the origin of White Widow (feminized) strain?

The original White Widow from the early 1990s that circulated Amsterdam, was created by crossing Brazilian and South Indian genetics together. The result is a plant that displays true hybrid vigor, and will encompass both indica and sativa strains. We have created White Widow to ensure that all of the seeds produce female plants, and for our customers to enjoy first hand the quality and quantity of flower she can produce. Our team at Seedstockers took the time to back cross together our very best keeper phenotypes, that displayed the most desirable traits, bringing you the ultimate feminized version.

What’s the appearance of white widow weed plant?

White Widow feminized will grow into a medium sized plant, with large sized, long and thin serrated fan leaves. She will grow with a bushy appearance, producing one main central cola and a high volume of strong side branches. 

The internodal spacing will be open and easy to train, and when flowering will become exceptionally white and frosted. Every single leaf will become heavily resinous and nothing goes to waste when harvesting and making your hash trim. Expect frosty, bright green big chunky buds that smell like sweet gassy hops.

How tall can white widow feminized seeds grow?

White Widow seeds will grow into medium tall plants that may reach up to 125-150 cm in height. We recommend applying training techniques such as topping and tying down to reduce the final height prior to flowering. When grown in smaller sized pots such as SOG, then the final height may vary between 90-100cm tall.

What do the White Widow flowers look like? 

This heavy yielding beast produces some of the best looking flowers around, with 10/10 bag appeal. White Widow buds are large sized, oozing resin with a chunky characteristic. Upon closer inspection, the trichomes are jam packed together, with large sized trichome heads perfect for hash making.

Aroma characteristics of white widow weed seeds

Thanks to the high levels of Myrcene, Caryophyllene and Limonene, the aroma of White Widow whilst flowering can be described as a blend of hops, gas with sweet and citrus overtones. A very unique and complex aroma which is not the loudest making her a great candidate for outdoor growers in search of a discreet and highly resistant cultivar.

What does White Widow feminized taste like? 

Similar to the aroma during the flowering period, the White Widow flavor is a refined version of the gassy, citrus and sweet profile. When inhaling, there will be an earthy citrus taste followed by sweeter, gassy notes. Every toke of a joint or blunt lasts all the way down to the filter, leaving you licking your lips ready for another.

Effect of White Widow 

We were very proud to see that our lab test of White Widow came back with 25%+ total cannabinoids and 18% THCA. When smoking, this lady will express her indica dominance overtime making her best for evenings. Expect a strong sedative effect with therapeutic properties that can produce a couch locking experience. Be warned if you have a low tolerance as you may find yourself staring into space with heavy eyelids.

How to grow White Widow strain? 

White Widow Seeds are an excellent starting point for any beginner grower, as he can be grown in soil or hydroponics with excellent results. She is a low maintenance strain meaning she does not need constant looking after, and is a wonderful choice for hot or cold climates.

How to regulate temperature and humidity? 

White Widow is a strain that can well tolerate higher temperatures, but it won't react so well when exposed to too cold temperatures. Even when plants are exposed to temperatures over 27 ºC, White Widow can continue its normal function. But it won't do so well if you overexpose to say 13 °C. The optimal temperatures for outdoor White Widow plants are above 21 ºC throughout the day and above 16 ºC at night. Indoors, you can go as high as 30 °C, given that you supplement your room with a carbon dioxide enrichment. 

As per humidity, during germination, stick at around 70%. During vegetation, drop to 65%. Once you reach flowering, start reducing humidity by up to 5% on a weekly basis until you reach a point of 35% humidity.

How to grow White Widow Outdoors? 

We advise to plant outdoors in Spring time and to use large sized pots or directly into the ground. White Widow loves to be inside greenhouses, and is very resistant to heavy winds, cold weather, mold and powdery mildew. During the vegetative stage, plants will grow short and bushy and once flowered will stretch a small amount, possibly doubling in size.

It is also recommended to prune and defoliate White Widow plants before flowering, to allow the plants to use all their energy on the top heavy buds. Adding support is necessary due to the large sized buds and heavy weight of the side branches. Plants will be ready to harvest by the end of September and early October depending on where you live.

How to grow White Widow Indoors? 

When grown under HID lighting in a controlled environment indoors, it is recommended to grow under 18/6 for the 6 weeks to produce the most vigorous plants possible. If you are growing plants closely together in a Sea of Green, then we advise topping at the end of week 4. 

White Widow can take large amounts of nutrients, so giving her a high E.C level is no issue at all, and she will reward you with yields of up to 500 - 600 grams per meter square. Depending on the phenotype, mature plants will be ready to harvest between 8-9 weeks, making this cultivar a fast flowering strain, ideal for cash croppers and commercial growers.

How does White Widow perform in colder climates like Northern Europe?

One of the reasons why the Dutch have had so much success with White Widow indoors, is due to her unbelievably high resilience to plant disease and pathogens. This basically means that growers who suffer with high levels of relative humidity and rainfall do not need to be concerned over molding buds and heavily infected powder mildew problems.

How do White Widow seeds perform in hot climates like Southern Europe and California?

As far as heat stress and resistance to hot and dry climates, White Widow will thrive under such conditions and is not phased by hot temperatures and drought conditions. She is one of the toughest girls around and can easily adapt to all climates such as The Mediterranean, California and South America.

Can I grow White Widow seeds as a SCROG?

The short answer here is yes and with superb results, even for a first time grower. Thanks to her perfect blend of indica and sativa genetics, White Widow can be easily trained over a 6-8 week period using training techniques such as topping, tying down, super cropping and pruning. Combining these techniques together and using a fixed screen, growing an enormous plant in a small space is easily achievable. When grown in a SCROG, yields can become enormous allowing an indoor grower to fully maximize their grow space.

What’s the white widow yield like? 

What we love about the White Widow is how she has it all, and when it comes to yields, she certainly does not disappoint! Commercial scale growers and anyone who is fed up with small yielding strains, will find White Widow seeds to be very beneficial. Indoors she can produce up to 500-600 grams per square meter and outdoors is capable of producing 750 grams+ per plant. During flower production, her buds are large sized and cluster together creating a baseball bat main cola appearance.

White Widow Flowering time

Flowering time will take between 8-9 weeks depending on phenotype with sativa dominant plants requiring the longest time. There are many different phenotypes and expressions of this hybrid, and we encourage a pheno hunt in order to see what can be found. In some cases outdoors, some larger yielding plants may require 9.5 weeks due to the amount of buds.

As earlier mentioned, sativa-oriented phenotypes grow into more slender plants, which would benefit indoor growers. With distinctly sativa-leaning phenotypes, grow room is easier to ventilate, there's less risk of humidity issues or plants struggling with mold and mildew. You can still implement low-stress training and keep your plants short and stocky without affecting yields. The main trait of the more indica-dominant phenotypes are dark green leaves that look strangely narrow, just as sativas. These plants have an even more noticeable white glow when light is refracted. Its colas still make way for amber or reddish-brown pistils once flowers begin to mature.

What are the returns like when making hash or extracts with White Widow ?

Hash makers and aspiring extract artists will find working with White Widow to be very rewarding. When it comes to dry sift or water bubble hash, this cultivar will give huge returns of 70-120 micron full melt high grade, Extract artists who prefer to make BHO or rosin, will also be surprised by the quality of the returns she gives when being blasted or squished! We advise making live resin hash and rosin for the best flavors and terpenes possible.

5 Top Tips for growing White Widow

Top Tip #1

Even though some plants can be ready as quickly as 8 weeks, we recommend to allow her flowers at least 8 weeks and aim maybe even better 9 weeks. If your humidity is under control then 63 days will reveal the best buds, resin and terpenes.

Top Tip #2

Topping White Widow plants during the vegetative stage is a great way to reduce the final plan height and create a stocky and bushy plant. White Widow seeds are very easy to grow and require little maintenance. Using other techniques such as pruning can also have many benefits from improved air flow and yield.

Top Tip #3

During the final 3-4 weeks of flower production, it is a good idea to use bamboo canes or a strong net trellis to help support the heavy side branches. Doing this early on will save time and allow plants to focus on becoming huge without the concern of falling over. Buds that fall over due to weight are prone to attack from pathogens so adding support early on is best.

Top Tip #4

If you are growing outdoors and experience short Summers and cold Winter seasons, then White Widow is one of the most resilient and tough cultivars on the market. Thanks to her fast turnaround time and resistance to mold and powdery mildew, you can rest assured this old school legend will stand up to the test..

Top Tip #5

When it comes to harvest time, you will notice that the plants are covered from head to toe in a blanket of thick resin. Avoid throwing away the sugar coated fan leaves, smaller leaves and buds and be prepared to freeze the trim to make water hash immediately after harvesting.

Buy White Widow seeds

White Widow is the head mistress of the old school generation, and has become a household name amongst growers and connoisseurs for decades. White Widow ticks all the boxes such as fast flowering, exceptionally resilient to pathogens, prolific resin production, old school flavor, epic potency and effect, easy to grow and a must have for first time growers, commercial scale growers and hash makers. Buy your white widow feminized seeds online today and add this gem to your seed vault!

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