BCN Critical XXL Fem

Kritikal Bilbo X Critical Mas

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Hybrid
  • Yield : Massive
  • THC : High (23 - 26%)
  • Flavor : Citrus Spicy
  • Effect : Happy Chill
  • Flower period : 8 weeks
  • Experience : Beginner
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Average rating: 9/10 - Number of reviews: 13

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BCN Critical XXL Fem seeds

BCN Critical is another multi-award winning Seedstockers cannabis classic, most famous for the extremely strong high which has satisfied countless growers. The buds often have a citrus aroma and lemon taste, harvest quantities are impressive and well above average. This variety is an established and consistent prizewinner, she blooms quickly and always produces great quality harvests. For many growers its the only variety they need. Critical is a remarkably strong smoke (23%+ THC) and so pleasing to grow that you will look forward to growing her again and again. Our breeding experts in Barcelona obtained this variety after crossing elite clones of Kritikal Bilbo and Critical+ from the Basque Country, selecting the best individual and crossing it with original regular Critical Mass seeds from our own seed archives. We made a new Critical selection which resulted in the strongest and most productive Critical version we had ever seen.

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rating 10 10 1
Mr At
Critical xxl
Great genetics excellent germination rate Beautiful lady's not yet ready for harvest but already so beautiful
rating 9 10 1
rating 9 10 1
rating 9 10 1
absolutely brilliant strain
growed it outdoors and the plants were amazing. so beautyful rich sticky buds and the colouring through the colder nights was just wonderful. they reached about 2,50m with a massive yield. fantastic citrus flavors even if you meters away. and thats also the flavor of the cured weed followed by a smooth high. great! the only thing was that they were not really mold resistant because of the big fat buds. so what this company did? bringing out a fast version of it :) can´t wait to grow the next outdoor season. very good [email protected] thank you very much
rating 9 10 1
good for me
An enjoyable grow, no problems apart from temperature problems in July. Tasted like the old Critical, and was a long lasting stone with severe munchies. 9/10
rating 9 10 1
critical yo
Strong smoking at a fair price, 9 out of ten seeds germinated and were consistent in size, so it looks like a well bred variety. No complaints here, this is strong stuff
rating 9 10 1
Easy to grow, grows exactly like the picture and smells like lime
My first was in a 5 gallon pot, it didn't grow that large (cold weather a bit) but the buds look massive, exactly like in your pictures in the advertisement and leaflet. The smell is like lime when it starts to lose its fresh scent when you cut it. I found it unbelieveble how it didn't smell skunky or weedy with such large amount of trichomes.
rating 9 10 1
Bcn critical xxl females
To be honest pretty damn good compared to other strains from Here tried most amnesia is another good one crystaled up nicely
rating 9 10 1
My order arrived quickly, they grow pretty good. Can't wait for the yield.
rating 9 10 1
BCN critical XXL
blown away with the colas they produced 15 inch long rock hard colas the best part was watching in awe how explosive flowering is after 2 weeks in flower buds become colas quickly :D ive just seen the purple punch has been added very excited to get some
rating 9 10 1
Great taste. Helps me with my back pain.
Great taste. Helps me with my back pain.
rating 9 10 1
The smell makes you want to smoke more. very worth
The smell makes you want to smoke more. very worth the money
rating 9 10 1
BCN critical XXL
Absolute beast of a strain she produces long large dense tightly packed colas and she does it quickly flowering at the start can be rather intimidating for new growers but dont worry you will soon be smiling very strong strain.