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Curing Jar

The Seedstockers x Cannasseur Club Curing Jar: The Ultimate Flower Storage Solution!

Tired of your precious dried flowers losing their freshness and potency? Say goodbye to the worry of dried flowers losing their flavor and aroma. Our Curing Jar offers ample space to store up to 60 grams of your favorite dried flowers. Now you can keep a month's supply fresh and potent for longer!
Measuring a convenient 9 x 20 centimeters, the Seedstockers x Cannasseur Curing Jar is compact enough to fit discreetly on any shelf or in any drawer. Its sleek and elegant design also makes it a stylish addition to your stash setup.
It features an integrated hygrometer, allowing you to monitor and adjust the humidity with ease. Maintaining the ideal humidity level is essential for preserving the quality of your dried flowers.
Each Seedstockers x Cannasseur Curing Jar comes with two 8-gram Boveda packs and a coaster. The Boveda pack helps maintain the ideal humidity, while the coaster preserves the jar and the surfaces of your home.
Don't let your precious stash lose its magic. Upgrade your storage game today. Have your dried flowers perfectly preserved every time. Grab your Seedstockers x Cannasseur Curing Jar now and elevate your yield experience to the next level!

Stores up to 60g of Dried Flowers
Compact Design (9 x 20cm)
Hygrometer Integrated
2X 8g Boveda Bag 62%RH
Cork's Coaster

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