Big Bud Autoflower

(Afghani X Skunk) X Auto Magnum

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Life cycle: 10 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Hybrid
Yield: Massive
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Earthy Floral
Effect: Happy Chill
Experience: Beginner

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Big Bud Autoflower seeds

Get huge buds quickly and easily

There are many marijuana strains with unusual names, whose meaning, in many cases, can only be understood with a good knowledge of pop culture. But this is certainly not the case of Big Bud Auto, which is the perfect example of the motto “what you see is what you get”. And this cannabis strain hasn’t been named this way by chance, because she produces truly gigantic buds. Derived from a legendary variety of weed from the 1970s, this autoflowering version was a definite must in our catalogue of classic strains.

As with people, though, physical appearance means nothing if there’s no substance behind it; so what else does Big Bud Auto have to offer in addition to the size of her flowers? You only need to plant your Seedstockers’ seeds and give them a little TLC to see for yourself! You’ll obtain amazing results in only 55 - 65 days. This is the typical unbeatable indica auto strain that offers a really exquisite smoke thanks to her unique freshness and incredibly relaxing effects.

All of these make Big Bud Auto one of the star strains of our autoflowering collection. This plant is stable, hardy, and easy to grow, and is therefore the perfect choice for beginners looking for simplicity but without having to compromise on quality or yield.

What’s the genetic origin of Big Bud Auto?

Big Bud’s legend originates from a possible cross in the 1980s between the first basic varieties of Afghani, Haze, and Northern Lights. The resulting strain rapidly spread through the underground market of the time. The precise origins of this formidable indica-dominant variety are shrouded in mystery, but it seems that Big Bud was first developed in the USA at the peak of the American war on drugs. The original creators of Big Bud were anxious that unwanted attention from law enforcement might force the strain to disappear forever, so they transported her to the safe cannabis haven of the Netherlands, where she was nurtured and genetically stabilised, quickly becoming a coffee shop favourite.

Big Bud has fortunately survived for more than 4 decades, and has recovered her popularity both in the US and Europe, becoming one of those strains that every self-respecting grower should have in their genetic library.

In order to obtain this autoflowering version, the Seedstockers’ team crossed Afghani with Skunk, whose result was then crossed again with a great Magnum Auto pheno. This led to the creation of an automatic strain that impacts your senses during cultivation with her outstanding features, inherited from her ancestors. Because all these incredible characteristics bring something to the table, either through flavours, aromas, or effects.

Afghani is an extremely powerful indica strain. If you smoke cannabis to relax, this may be one of the best varieties for you. On the other hand, Skunk is another amazing hybrid derived from the cross of Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and Afghani. Those looking for lots of energy who want to de-stress at the same time should definitely give Skunk a try.

Bag appeal of Big Bud Autoflowering: flowers that captivate

Big Bud Auto produces humongous buds with a stunning and intense green olive colour. These flowers are dense and sticky, and gradually become paler, especially towards the end of the flowering, when the crystalline trichomes and the visible resin take centre stage, giving this beauty an almost wet appearance. This is topped off with rich purple nuances and glowing orange pistils scattered all over the plant.

These super thick nuggets, which are characteristic of the indica-leaning strains, have a great calyx / leaf ratio that facilitates the manicuring process. Big Bud Auto’s cured flowers are enormous according to any standards; and they are so resinous that they stick together, even when packaged in small quantities. Due to their high number of trichomes and density, these buds are also hard to break by hand, so a grinder will quickly become your best friend when it comes down to tucking into them.

Big Bud Auto’s terpene profile

For a marijuana strain with a name like Big Bud Auto’s, you would probably also expect a big bold smell. And in this case you wouldn’t be wrong because the aroma of her buds is just as daring, with a background that’s mainly earthy and humid, with touches of herbs, spices, and wood, as well as some fruity undertones. A classic Skunky scent that most users love, and which will make you drool in anticipation!

Caryophyllene is one of the most distinct terpenes in Big Bud Auto’s profile. This terpene is also known as beta caryophyllene or β-caryophyllene, and is one of the chemical compounds that contribute to the spicy flavour of black pepper. Its aroma is also reminiscent of cloves, with very seductive touches of wood and spices. It is widely believed that caryophyllene-rich cannabis strains are a great option for the relief of pain and inflammation.

Another outstanding terpene present in Big Bud Auto’s profile is humulene. This is in fact the terpene that appears in the greatest proportion. Humulene has a woody/earthy smell that can also be found in coriander, cloves, basil, or hops (have you ever opened a bottle of your favourite Indian Pale Ale, and thought that it smelled a bit like marijuana?). What’s more, herbalists recommend the use of humulene as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Big Bud Autoflowering: a flavour that takes you back to the 90’s

This strain tastes as good as she smells. Her aroma perfectly combines with her flavours, making each drag as tasty as when you exhale. Expect a captivating earthy, woody, and spicy flavour with a grape aftertaste that lingers on the palate after exhalation.

You could say that Big Bud Auto is a classic strain from the 90’s, with a Skunk flavour and a rich, earthy aroma that is well complemented by light hints of pine and citrus, leading to a full-on smoking experience. Her aftertaste stays in your mouth and on your breath for a long time after smoking, and is reminiscent of the old school weed but with some added sweet touches.

Medicinal effects of Big Bud Autoflowering

Big Bud Auto’s relaxing effect holds some medicinal benefits as well. Not only can she help relieve the discomfort of chronic pain produced by muscle spasms, arthritis, or fibromyalgia, but she’s also suitable for sufferers of anxiety, depression, or stress.

The narcotic properties of this strain can also be useful for insomnia sufferers, as she can help induce deep and lasting sleep. So much so, that users can even feel stunned and disoriented the following morning. The only issue is that you might suddenly get the munchies, which might actually keep you awake. Therefore, if you suffer from appetite loss, Big Bud Auto could also become your best ally between one and two hours after smoking.

What are the recreational effects of this strain?

Big Bud Auto has a really high THC content, of around 20%. When tested in a lab, her cannabinoid levels can reach up to 27%, which translates into extremely strong potency that makes this plant the perfect candidate for extracts and concentrates, as well as for different types of hashish.

Big Bud Auto delivers the typical indica high, with a really dense bodily buzz and a deeply relaxing effect that you can feel from head to toe; but that can sneak up on you slowly, sometimes taking several minutes to take hold of your entire body. What’s more, this strain also showcases some sativa features inherited from the original genetics, like the mood stimulating effect that goes hand in hand with the more physical sensations. As you experience the initial stroke of happiness, the tension starts leaving the body to give way to extreme relaxation, until you eventually end up couch-locked with a grin from ear to ear.

However, you won’t get a completely numbing effect, which makes her a great option if you still want to play a video game or watch Netflix. The lazy high that she produces is ideal for passive activities like watching a film or listening to your favourite music. Best to keep away from Big Bud Auto during the day, though, especially if you need to perform tasks that require a certain degree of concentration, although she can still be great socially in more discreet and intimate contexts. Having said that, she’s best enjoyed in solitude, thanks to that feeling of lethargic laziness and sleepiness that only you will be able to recognise.

Structure and morphology of Big Bud Auto’s plants

Big Bud Auto grows into a plant with a typical indica appearance, with a main stem surrounded by lateral branches that develop multiple flowering sites on the top, giving her the classic shape of a Christmas tree. She normally reaches a maximum size of 100 - 130 cm, although she can grow slightly higher outdoors, at most up to around 150 cm.

She develops fairly broad leaves with a slightly lighter colour than that of many indica-dominant strains, but with thick central stems that can grow considerably diameter-wise, and which help the lateral branches withstand the weight of her renowned flowers, often without the need for any supporting elements.

XXL yields in compressed format

The name says it all: if you want monstrous green buds, growing Big Bud Auto is a definite must. This is one of the most productive varieties of the Seedstockers’ autoflowering catalogue. She can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although her yielding capacity still depends greatly on the pot size, the amount of light she receives, and the grower’s skill level. Indoors, plants often produce up to 400 - 450 g/m2 when grown using optimised growing techniques. Outdoors, plants can produce between 100 and 175 g of some of the largest nuggets that you’ll have ever seen on an automatic!

What’s the flowering time of Big Bud Auto?

This strain has a full growth cycle of barely 10 - 11 weeks from seed to harvest. She only needs 3 weeks of vegetative growth, followed by an 8-week flowering period. This is really beneficial for anyone looking for either quick results, or for several harvests per year.

It is important to keep a close eye on Big Bud Auto while she flowers, because she can stretch a bit too much. Generally speaking, though, she grows into a compact and tidy plant, which is a true blessing for commercial growers seeking homogeneity in their plantations. Some strains are high yielders, but their final product may not always be the best. This isn’t the case for Big Bud Auto, as this is a variety that always produces first-class marijuana.

cultivation manual

Growing Big Bud Auto’s cannabis seeds

It is Big Bud Auto’s spectacular Skunk and Afghan roots that need to be thanked for her generous yield, extraordinary resistance, and incredible vigour. All of these translate into a plant that’s relatively easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. In addition, growers don’t need to pay much attention to pests or diseases, apart from being careful to prevent the appearance of mould at the end of the flowering cycle due to the high density of the flowers.

When and how to grow Big Bud Auto outdoors

Big Bud Auto can survive in most climatic conditions. In fact, she’s so easy to grow that she can even be grown in slightly colder climates. Having said that, she really thrives in warm and sunny regions like the Mediterranean, which are consistent environments with reliable doses of sunlight. The use of organic soil greatly improves the terpene profile of this strain, giving way to massive buds that are fully loaded with flavour. Outdoor growers who have the luxury of planting in April can easily obtain two harvests per year.

Plant in 20 L or larger pots and be careful not to overwater so the roots don’t become lazy. It’s better to water frequently but in small quantities to encourage the roots to colonise all of the growing medium. As Big Bud Auto develops into a small and bushy plant, she’s also a great choice for those who grow in limited spaces, such as a terrace or balcony. She can also be a good pick if you’re trying to hide your plants from prying eyes.

How to grow Big Bud Auto’s marijuana seeds indoors

Growing indoors allows you to have total control over your plant environment, but finding the perfect conditions so that your grow becomes outstanding depends entirely on you. Both a hydroponic configuration and the SOG (Sea of Green) method are great options to get the best results indoors, as long as you replicate the warm climate conditions that the plants need to thrive out in the open. Even if you don’t have the best of spaces, the low stress SOG technique allows you to make the most of your grow area and thereby optimise your yield.

You’ll also need a good grow tent with a reflective inner surface to ensure that the light reaches the parts of the plant that are less exposed. The light cycle should always be of 20 hours or more, because this plant loves the light. Autoflowering strains move from the vegetative to the flowering phase automatically, so there’s no need to change the photoperiod.

We don’t recommend topping the plants: autoflowerings don’t like this practice, and you could end up losing many grams in the final weight. However, Big Bud Auto is a bushy and vigorous plant, so her growth still needs to be controlled by pruning the lower leaves so that air can flow easily through her huge buds to prevent the appearance of fungi.

If you want to get optimum results, you need to do everything in your power so that Big Bud Auto doesn’t suffer any stress: even though she can withstand adverse conditions reasonably well, this doesn’t mean that she needs to be exposed to them, as this may considerably affect her yield.

Some growing tips to obtain the best buds

1. If discretion is important when growing indoors, invest in an odour control system equipped with a carbon filter. The scent of Big Bud Auto is intriguing and reminiscent of a walk through a pine forest: wonderful for you, but probably unexpected for your neighbours.

2. Although Big Bud Auto is quite capable of withstanding the weight of her heavy colas, it’s always a good idea to support her branches to prevent any possible breakage.

3. The best growing temperature ranges between 21 and 26ºC, with humidity levels between 50 and 60%. Keep the soil pH between 5.8 and 6.5 (5.5 – 6.5 in hydroponics).

4. Use the right nutrients for each stage of growth. During the seedling phase, use a mix of well-aerated soil and coco coir or perlite, slightly fertilised with nitrogen and phosphorus. Your Big Bud Auto’s seeds will need a fair amount of nitrogen during the vegetative period. During the flowering, use nutrients with a high phosphorus and low nitrogen content.

5.  Harvest your plants when at least 70% of the pistils have turned mainly brown, and all the buds are bright green. You can improve Big Bud Auto’s yielding capacity by trimming the lower leaves regularly and using low stress training techniques.

6. Due to the size of her flowers, the drying process, which usually takes around one week in environments with controlled temperature and humidity levels, can in this case last up to 10 days or more. Buds are cured when they feel dry to the touch but not brittle.

Buy Big Bud Auto’s seeds at the best price

Big Bud Auto is a truly special strain where high performance doesn’t mean sacrificing on quality. This plant does exactly what her name says… The name suggests big buds and she certainly doesn’t disappoint on that front! Big Bud Auto has become one of the favourite genetics of marijuana growers because she’s easy to grow, resists pests and diseases well, produces huge buds, and has a really high yielding potential when compared to the autoflowering standard.

But, above all, she’s a testament to the importance of genetic stabilisation: without the care and attention of expert cannabis growers, Big Bud would have probably faded into oblivion. Fortunately for us, the stabilisation of this strain by our Seedstockers’ breeders has resulted in this autoflowering version, with a mind-blowing yield of top-quality buds that definitely ensures her perpetuation for many years to come.

This is unquestionably an outstanding strain that is a good fit for everyone, from cannabis connoisseurs to growers looking for great first-time results. There’s no doubt they should all add Big Bud Auto’s seeds by Seedstockers to their next growing odyssey!

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