CBD Northern Lights Feminized

CBD Critical XXL x Northern Light (IBL)

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Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Indica
Yield: Massive
THC: Between (0.5%-0.6%)
Flavor: Candy
Effect: Relaxing
Flower period: 8 weeks

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CBD Northern Lights Feminized seeds

A legendary indica brimming with cannabidiol

If you’ve ever had the chance to see the real northern lights, you’ll know what it feels like to experience the beauty that nature has to offer. As you stand there watching them, your body fills with peace and calm whilst good feelings invade your mind. The same can be said for the feminised marijuana strain CBD Northern Lights, an iconic cannabis creation that’s now available with high cannabidiol levels, and that the Seedstockers team is really excited to introduce to you.


Northern Lights has been so well received by growers and medical and recreational users that she can be considered one of the most popular genetics of all time. Now you can find this beauty in our catalogue of marijuana seeds with high CBD levels and low THC content (below 0.5%).

CBD Northern Lights feminised seeds by Seedstockers

Get ready to relax, rest, and forget about your worries with our CBD Northern Lights Fem. As any good old indica-dominant strain, you can expect sedative effects, which make this plant ideal to combat pain and discomfort. Her dense buds will provide you with an amazingly fresh and earthy taste and aroma which lead to a soft smoke that isn’t rough on the throat.

If recreational marijuana users are always satisfied with the hash flavours and potent effects of the original Northern Lights, this CBD-rich version has arrived to captivate those who are looking for more sustainable cannabis, or simply want to make their everyday life a little better.

What’s the genetic origin of CBD Northern Lights Fem?

It couldn’t be any other way: this is the cross of our Northern Lights (IBL) with CBD Critical XXL, a strain with high cannabidiol levels that also provides this plant with vigorous growth and a large size, all of which translate into increased yields that have rarely been seen before.

The exact lineage and history of Northern Lights are obscured by mystery, but it is generally believed that this strain derives from the cross of two building blocks for many modern hybrids: native Thai and Afghan varieties that were subsequently stabilised, generation by generation, by selecting the most indica-leaning specimens, until she became an IBL variety.

The IBL acronym stands for ‘in-bred line’, and refers to stabilised cannabis hybrids whose cross has been made using plants with almost identical genotypes. In other words, these plants are crossed with themselves (inbreeding).

Northern Lights is rumoured to have been first grown on the American West Coast, in the state of Washington (more specifically, in the outskirts of Seattle). She then reached popularity in Europe in the mid-1980s, where she was improved, leading to a real breakthrough in the world of cannabis genetics.

Since her first appearance, this cult classic (and favourite of many top weed fans) has been the starting point for some of the most popular strains available on the market today. These include Super Silver Haze, Jack Herer, or the automatic Low Ryder. Forty years later, Northern Lights is mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother to literally hundreds of cannabis varieties.

On the other hand, we find CBD Critical XXL, the medical sister of our renowned BCN Critical XXL, that is, the hardiest and most productive version of this strain ever created, and a true classic that never disappoints. This is also true of CBD Critical XXL, also known as ‘Critical Light’ thanks to her THC content (never above 0.5%), and also thanks to the fact that she is an exceptionally reliable and stable strain, loved by users looking for high CBD levels. The aroma and flavour that have made the Critical varieties so popular shouldn’t be overlooked either. The deep citrus tones that are so characteristic of this lineage are on this occasion accompanied by a unique halo of sweetness.

The good news is that now users and growers don’t need to choose between these two legendary strains: with CBD Northern Lights Fem by Seedstockers, fans of quality marijuana can have the best of both, all topped off with an added high cannabidiol count. What more could you ask for?

CBD Northern Lights Fem’s undeniable appeal

Northern Lights is well known for producing dense, resinous, and sticky buds. This CBD-rich version is no exception, as she also develops cone-shaped, medium dark olive green flowers which are coated in masses of trichomes.

Her buds are not as densely compressed; they’re somewhat more spongy but highly resinous, with pronounced thick sugar leaves that protrude slightly upwards, often with touches of purple and blue. Her pistils mix effortlessly with the sugar leaves, with their intense orange but coppery hues. The large fan leaves are often a darker shade of green, sometimes with touches of deep blue on the tips and underside.


A distinct aroma that is reminiscent of primary forests

When you smell a CBD Northern Lights Fem bud for the first time, you immediately notice its powerful humid aromas: a pungent scent of earth and pine fused with pleasant citrus and gas notes. These hit you in delicious waves, in such an intense way that they leave you salivating for more.

These earthy and fruity aromas, with a terpene profile dominated by myrcene, caryophyllene, and, of course, pinene and limonene, were probably inherited from her Afghan lineage and fit like a glove with her name: they directly transport you to northern Scandinavia, where you can imagine yourself camping in the forest whilst watching the true northern lights dancing in the sky above you.

A pleasant citrusy flavour that hits the palate

CBD Northern Lights Fem is not a shy strain, and her powerful organoleptic profile is as delicious as it is unique. The earthy and piney flavours are noticeable from the very first puff, but they quickly fuse with something tastier and sweeter, like caramel. This creates an amazing combination, which is especially suitable for smoking late at night. You can also recognise those citrusy touches that are so characteristic of this variety, which increase the complexity of her solid taste profile even further, captivating you on the lips.

What effects does CBD Northern Lights Fem produce?

Phytocannabinoids are the main active compounds found in cannabis flowers and are responsible for the effects that cannabis produces. Like all of our strains, CBD Northern Lights Fem has been tested by an external lab to ensure that she contains the right amount of these compounds. On this occasion, our test results show a total of 24% cannabinoids, with 12% CBD and 0.5% THCA. This makes this strain a superb example with a 1:0 ratio.


Is CBD Northern Lights Fem recommended for first-time users?

The CBD:THC 1:0 ratio guarantees a higher CBD content, which helps eliminate the common effects associated with THC, both good and bad, such as euphoria, paranoia, and anxiety. This ratio is ideal for sensitive patients, or for those who’d rather not get high. CBD Northern Lights Fem delivers a calm and lively mood, and many discover that they can better concentrate after enjoying this strain. She can help you tackle tasks that would have never been possible with THC.

What are CBD Northern Lights Fem’s medical effects?

Inhaling Northern Lights’ CBD flowers opens the door to one of the most relaxing and peaceful experiences you’ll ever have. This strain doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to her medicinal powers: she’s an ultra soothing machine that clears the mind and mitigates physical tension like no other, replacing it with a slight euphoria that will probably make you smile for hours.

Whilst her earthy and refreshingly sweet aromas overwhelm your senses, she will also help you to effectively deal with stress and anxiety, pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation. At first, she produces a wonderful heady effect that’s followed by a relief that will make your body feel like it’s melting. For those who need help sleeping, this strain is ideal for night-time rest… You’ll have beautiful dreams rocking in the arms of a mesmerising aurora borealis.

   CBD Northern Lights Fem’s grow manual

CBD Northern Lights Fem develops a medium-sized structure with short internodes. She grows into a dense, compact, and robust plant that doesn’t stretch much during the flowering but develops multiple branches. She produces a large main cola that needs to be supported with stakes or netting to avoid losing those sweet and crystalline buds.

This strain is easy to grow, resists diseases really well, and has a remarkable yielding capacity. After a vegetative period of 4–6 weeks, and a short flowering period (of just 8 weeks), she produces an average yield of 500 g/m2 under 600W indoor lighting, or 500-1000 g/plant when grown outdoors.

CBD Northern Lights Fem also stands out for her high resistance to both inclement weather and diseases, pests, and fungi; as well as for offering excellent harvests with a distinctive amount of incredibly resinous buds. Therefore, this is a truly reliable plant, but in a fun way, whose excellent genetic stability makes her an instant classic for both indoor and outdoor growers.

  How to grow CBD Northern Lights Fem indoors

When grown indoors, CBD Northern Lights Fem usually grows as high as 80-150 cm, but always subject to the length of the vegetative period that you choose. She does well in hydroponics and in well-aerated substrates (preferably in large pots from the very beginning to give plenty of space to the roots, so she can develop big colas).

Can I use optimised growing techniques with CBD Northern Lights Fem?

When done correctly, training methods help the plants grow wider and develop numerous uniformly spaced colas, resulting in a substantially higher yield. For instance, LST (Low Stress Training) is an excellent choice for rookie growers, because it doesn’t entail pruning the plants, since the aim is to force them to grow flat by bending the branches. SOG (Sea of Green) also works great with CBD Northern Lights Fem, and Supercropping is another well-known technique that also helps increase the yielding capacity of this strain.

This plant is also really discreet as her aroma is not too overwhelming, which is extremely beneficial for indoor growers. Having said that, remember that the smell intensifies slightly as the buds get ready for harvest. This amazing scent becomes more complex after curing, when it turns into a real citrusy delicacy that’s screaming for you to sink your teeth into it.

 What type of lighting can be used with CBD Northern Lights Fem?

When you’re growing indoors, the main obstacle is the expense associated with the lighting. Remember: you need to expose your CBD Northern Lights Fem plants to at least 18 hours of light per day during the vegetative phase, before shifting to a 12/12 cycle during the flowering. Most indoor growers opt for HID (High-intensity discharge) lamps, which are available as mercury vapor (MV) or high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

Needless to say, CBD Northern Lights Fem can also be grown using LED lighting. We recommend full spectrum LED lamps with a potency of 200W or higher. These are designed to imitate natural outdoor sunlight, so that plants can produce higher yields as they enjoy the light quality and intensity that they’re used to when they grow out in the open

  What type of nutrients does CBD Northern Lights Fem need?

This strain’s nutrient plan is typical of most marijuana plants: she doesn’t require an intensive nutrient schedule, but always needs high nitrogen (N) levels during the vegetative phase, and high levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) during the flowering stage. In addition to ‘the big three’, plants also need sulphur, calcium, and magnesium, as well as traces of copper, boron, iron, manganese, and zinc. Any self-respecting plant fertiliser will contain all of the above in the right concentrations.

If you’re a novice grower, watch out for overfeeding, because it can happen much more quickly than you think. Commercial nutrients are highly concentrated, and this can be a problem especially with young plants, as their roots can easily burn with too high a dosage. Signs that you’re overfeeding your plants include leaves and roots with yellow and black discolorations. The golden rule is ‘less is more’!

And remember that most potting soil mixtures available on the market come pre-fertilised; so, in theory, you shouldn’t need to add any additional nutrients. Potting mixes contain the NPK figures shown on the packaging. If it says, for instance, 12-16-20, this means that the mix contains 12% nitrogen, 16% potassium, and 20% phosphorus.


Humidity and temperature control for the cultivation of CBD Northern Lights Fem

As CBD Northern Lights performs better in warm and sunny climates, it is best to grow her outdoors in regions with long and hot summers. If you don’t live in an area with this kind of climate, you’ll need to grow indoors and maintain the temperature between 21 and 29ºC, with the optimum being 24ºC. During the flowering period, it is better to proceed with caution and keep closer to the lower end of this scale. The night temperature values (when the lights are off for indoor grows) shouldn’t drop more than 10ºC below the daytime temperatures.

If heat increases, make sure you get rid of it through the top of your grow room to allow cold air to flow in near the ground. If the hot air isn’t vented out through an extractor, a window, or another type of exit, the grow lights will quickly increase the temperature in the grow room.

You must also make sure that your grow room has the right humidity levels. If humidity is too low, growth will slow down. If humidity is too high, then the plants will become more prone to suffer from mould and fungi. Humidity needs to be kept above 60% during the seedling and vegetative phases. Once the plants start flowering, it is time to reduce the humidity level by 5% each week.

  How to grow CBD Northern Lights Fem outdoors

When grown out in the open, CBD Northern Lights Fem prefers warm and sunny environments, and she thrives in temperate Mediterranean, Californian, or North African climates. This plant can become a real tree when kept in full sunlight and given the right care. Generally speaking, though, she’s not fussy in terms of maintenance, so she’s ideal for rookie growers looking for native indica seeds.

CBD Northern Lights Fem can also be grown in more northern latitudes with the help of a greenhouse, since her high resistance to fungi makes her ideal for outdoor grows in climates which are colder than usual. On average, the flowering time ranges between 7 and 9 weeks, and often on the shorter end of the scale. So outdoor growers in the northern hemisphere will harvest in early October at the very latest, but best to keep a close eye from late September just in case.

  Top tips on how to get the best harvest from CBD Northern Lights Fem

1. First of all, always choose a top quality strain. No matter how carefully you grow your marijuana plants: low quality genetics will thwart your efforts. In order to achieve the highest potency and yield, every grow needs to start with a great strain like our CBD Northern Lights Fem, a precious CBD jewel that is now available in the Seedstockers catalogue.

2. Consider a mixed crop 'constant harvest' strategy. If you have access to both indoor and outdoor grow areas, you can benefit from multiple growth cycles. Start indoors in winter, and then move the plants outdoors in spring so the natural sunlight starts ripening the marijuana. This process helps you maximise the natural light cycle, which will reduce your energy bill and lead to several harvests per year.

3. Find the right pH balance. Regardless of whether you’re using hydroponics or soil, the pH level of your growing medium will make a significant difference in the yield. The optimum pH range for CBD Northern Lights Fem is between 6.0 and 7.0, although this number goes down by 0.5 in hydroponic systems. Some experienced growers go even further and suggest that Northern Lights works better with a pH range between 6.2 and 6.7.

4. Water only when the plant needs it. The easiest way to know if your plant needs water is to let the pots dry completely. The weight of the pots will be much lighter, and you’ll even be able to lift them effortlessly with one hand. That’s the moment when you need to water the plants, letting the liquid drain through the bottom of the pots. The weight difference once the pots have completely saturated is a guide to the ideal window of when you should water again.

5. Prevention is vital to avoid pests and diseases. This implies keeping the grow area clean, as well as taking good care of personal hygiene. Although CBD Northern Lights Fem is a hardy strain, you can’t afford any slip-ups. Indoors, you need to place a filter on the air inlet to prevent pests from entering the grow room: a high-quality domestic filter should prevent the entry of most insects, hair, and dust.

Buy CBD Northern Lights Fem seeds at Seedstockers’ online store

Northern Lights is one of the most famous cannabis genetics of all time. Fortunately for cannabidiol fans, CBD Northern Lights Fem has the same delicious flavour and the same indica effects as her father. We like her broad terpene spectrum and her high cannabinoid count. We also love that she’s a hardy, easy-to-grow, and even easier to enjoy hybrid. Now we just hope that you like her as much as we do!

Northern Lights is an iconic strain that has inspired many more to follow in her steps. With this CBD-rich version, we have found the perfect way to perpetuate her lineage on the medicinal side of her kingdom. If you still haven’t tried CBD Northern Lights Fem or you haven’t experienced the mental clarity and the peace that she delivers, what are you waiting for? You can purchase her seeds in Seedstockers’ online store and find out why this variety shines as if she were bathed in the light of a genuine aurora borealis!

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