The cannabis industry celebrates numerous annual festivals and conventions in which cups and prizes are awarded to the best marijuana strains. This is a way for growers and users to recognise the best varieties that are available on the market, or are about to arrive on it. Every year, these competitions take place in many countries, and the winning genetics often have a tremendous impact both locally and internationally.

1st place Best New Strain

As new marijuana strains continue to be developed, these contests have become a way for the cannabis world to be kept in the loop about the latest work of both seed banks and individual growers. Flowers, concentrates, and other cannabis products are judged by panels of experts who determine the intrinsic quality of the varieties that they derive from.

The cannabis seeds that have won a cannabis cup have certainly done so for a very good reason, as strict requirements are applied before they are chosen. Therefore, the fact that a particular strain has won a prize can certainly be seen as a seal of quality. What’s more, growers from all around the world, both commercial and domestic, can have their purchasing decisions strongly influenced by the qualifications of these competitions.

Why choose Seedstockers’ cup-winning cannabis seeds?

Seedstockers is a seed bank with its headquarters in Barcelona. Since its foundation in 2017, the Seedstockers team was very clear of its objective: to only work with stable and productive genetics in order to offer quality marijuana strains with which to conquer the European seed market. This means that we are able to present a reliable and high-performance product at a very competitive price.

We offer our customers the chance to use cannabis in a safe way, without depending on third parties; and guarantee the safety and independence of the self-growers who choose self-supply as the main way to approach this wonderful plant.

Our wish to help users to continue to evolve in this sense fuels our passion to create new strains that are outstandingly stable and productive, and that lead to an easy-to-grow and high-yielding product. But our world-class genetics is also recognised by independent judges worldwide. With our ample portfolio of victories in different cannabis cups, the Seedstockers team is in a position to state that we have more than achieved this goal.

Seedstockers’ cannabis cups

Since our beginnings as a seed bank, we have aimed really high in the cannabis genetics sector. One of our first prizes was awarded to us by one of the most renowned cups in the world cannabis scene: the HighLife Cup. This is the quintessential cannabis competition from the Dutch coffee shops and seed banks, which has been organised by the magazine Soft Secrets since 1994. One of our first strains (Gorilla Glue Fem #4) received the title of ‘European Plant of the Year’ at this competition. And after pulling it off big time in the Netherlands, we also conquered the American continent by receiving the title of ‘Best Seed Bank’ at Expo Cultivate in Chile, which is one of the longest standing fairs on the other side of the Atlantic.

From Europe with love

With such a statement of intent on both sides of the pond, and as soon as Seedstockers landed on the marijuana seed market, we were also prophets in our own land, taking several first consecutive awards at the Expogrow in Irún, which is, without a doubt, the best cannabis fair in Spain (with the permission of Spannabis!). Or maybe we should say that it is the cannabis fair that is most loved by the seed banks: both for its location next to the French border, and for the atmosphere that you can experience in this space (far from the hustle and bustle of Spannabis). All of this makes us want to return every year to graze in the green meadows of the Basque Country!

Although Seedstockers is a seed bank with its headquarters in Barcelona, we also have a special affection for another country that we consider our second home, and that’s Holland. We have a logistics office in Amsterdam, which has helped us to strategically connect the two cities in our quest for global growth. And we can say that we have also been successful there since the dawn of our creation.

Spannabis 2023

A few years ago, those who wanted to attend a good cannabis cup had to travel to Amsterdam, as this city was the world’s only stronghold of freedom which allowed the celebration of marijuana-related events. For decades, the Dutch capital was the mecca of cannabis. And, during that time, people from all corners of the globe used to travel there to experience what they couldn’t do in their own countries: the freedom to use weed without the threat of being criminalised. For anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting Amsterdam, especially from countries with strict cannabis laws, this freedom certainly signified a truly emotional experience, to say the least.

And we can say that we feel equally excited every time we win a prize in the Netherlands. These include the multiple awards that we have obtained at the Home Grown Cup, which takes place in the beautiful town of Tilburg. This competition celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2022; an occasion on which our huge success also served to celebrate our dual nationality. Or the Clouds in the City Cup, which takes place in Amsterdam, where they’re practically tired of watching us go up on stage to collect awards!

And what about the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards? Every time we receive an award at this cup we get goosebumps, because these are recognitions to the key players that have had an impact on the development and innovation of the cannabis industry, as well as to the people and companies that have made a significant contribution to the coffee shop community of this ‘Venice of the North’, which truly feels like home to us.

And speaking of home… how about Barcelona? Seedstockers is a regular winner at the Autoflower World Cup, which is the world cup for automatic strains currently celebrated in the Catalonian capital. Despite its young age, this competition has quickly become one of the most exclusive events in Europe. It brings together the best seed banks, producers, and specialists, and is always open to working with both emerging and established brands, which makes us incredibly happy and proud. A feeling that we also share every time we set foot in the eternal city of Rome, at our beloved Canapa Mundi. In case you didn’t know, we have also received the ‘Best Seed Bank’ award at this Italian competition.

Latin America, a market with a promising future

But if Europe is a breeding ground for the emergence of our cup-winning strains, the South American continent certainly doesn’t lag far behind. And Colombia, undoubtedly one of the countries with the greatest potential on the Latin American marijuana market, has welcomed us with open arms from the very beginning.

Proof of this are the prizes that we received at the Copa Del Sol, a culture and community space that takes place in Cartago, which is without a doubt the sunniest and happiest city in Colombia. Or the Seshat Cannabis Cup, which takes its name from the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom. This is an event celebrated in Medellín which was born from the efforts of the women of the Aburrá Valley, with the aim of showing the role of women in Colombia’s cannabis scene… Power to the women!

And let’s not forget the Copa de las Flores, which also takes place in Medellín. As you might expect, we have also stolen the show at this event for the enjoyment of all our Colombian followers. As you can see, Europe doesn’t end at the sea…

Seedstockers’ best cup-winning cannabis seeds

Many cannabis seeds are described as cup winners when, in reality, they don’t deserve that label at all. For instance, if the world-famous Jack Herer ever won a cannabis competition somewhere, that doesn’t mean that any Jack Herer strain provided by any breeder is automatically a winner.

However, you can rest assured that you’ll only find true champions at Seedstockers. This means that both our genetics and seed breeders have been awarded with some of the most renowned cups in the world. Seedstockers’ collection of cup-winning cannabis strains includes feminised and autoflowering seeds. These are proven and guaranteed genetics which are suitable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation.

We are pleased to introduce you to our champions so you can get to know them in more detail.


Triton Biscotto Lime Auto

Autoflower WorldCup 2023 (1st place - Best New Strain)

New cannabis strains are being developed every day. Some of them are solid combinations derived from other strains. Others, however, are innovative, delicious and potent strains that their breeders are proud of. Triton Biscotto Lime Auto undoubtedly belongs to this second group.The resulting strain brings together all the outstanding qualities of Triton Biscotto Lime Fem. (Lemon Tree x Oreoz Mintz), maintaining an aroma and flavour reminiscent of a tasty lemon-based biscuit dessert with some hints of Diesel. To this is added the speed and high production inherited from Panty Punch Auto, resulting in one of the most balanced autoflowering in Seedstockers' catalogue that will undoubtedly captivate all Cali auto fans, in the same way that its photoperiod version conquered public and critics everywhere.

Mack & Crack Fem

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2022 (1st place - Extracts)

Mack and Crack is a hybrid born from the cross of The Mac (aka Miracle Alien Cookies) and that summer Cali dream called Green Crack. The result is a strain that musters the best of both parents, and that has become one of the most potent strains of our catalogue thanks to her sky-high THC levels (which exceed 30% in lab tests). So watch out, because she can be far too strong for people with low tolerance to this cannabinoid! She grows into a stable and vigorous plant with a tall and branchy structure. Her flowering period lasts between 10 and 11 weeks, producing a great yield of bulky buds with lots of resin, so she’s ideal for making extremely tasty cannabis concentrates. Her terpene profile is dominated by limonene, which provides an acidic taste. This is fused with a distinct touch of diesel that will invade your senses as soon as you open the container.

Panty Punch

Clouds in the City 2022 (1st place - Best Edible)

This is a great opportunity to try one of the latest and best hybrids that have emerged from the US, derived from the cross of two strains that stand out in the recent demand for varieties with a high terpene profile. On the one hand, we have Pink Panties; on the other, the world-famous Purple Punch. The result? A stable, reliable, and homogeneous plant that develops the most desired features of both parents, ranging from a supreme taste and aroma, pungent and lemony, with notes of pine and an herbal touch, to a super high potency produced by her THC levels that can exceed 25%. Therefore, this is a great choice for those looking for a strong effect from the very beginning. And that’s why we’re so proud to mention Panty Punch Fem as a top-level variety, which can be identified as an elite strain even within its own category.

Apollo Black Cherry Auto

Expogrow Irún 2022 (1st place - Best Auto)

This is another complex and exclusive Seedstockers Superior creation inspired by the strains that are all the craze in North America right now. She derives from the cross of Apollo 13 x Black Cherry Cheesecake x Cherry AK 47, resulting in a rather balanced polyhybrid. This means that anyone will be able to obtain a great yield in just 9 weeks of flowering: a huge amount of high calibre buds full of trichomes that cover all the flowers and leaves, making this plant look shiny during the ripening. She produces an extremely tasty and fruity smoke that is clearly reminiscent of black cherries, but with a uniquely earthy and spicy touch. All in all, this feminised strain offers something completely different for the grower looking for the most singular fruity flavours, combined with high THC levels (of around 20%) which guarantee a powerfully satisfying and very pleasurable effect.

CBD Critical XXL Auto

Autoflower World Cup 2022 (1° posto - Miglior varietà CBD)

HighLife Cup 2022 (2nd place - CBD Flowers)

This is another twist from our Seedstockers breeders, who didn’t want to miss the opportunity to bring the third member of the honourable ‘Made in Barcelona’ Critical family to the world. CBD Critical XXL Auto, the youngest autoflowering sister of this dynasty, offers something that seemed impossible to find before: an easy-to-grow, quicker and hardier marijuana strain that’s also rich in cannabidiol. With a life cycle of barely 11 weeks from seed to harvest, CBD Critical XXL Auto will certainly dazzle many with her spectacular yielding capacity. This leads to an explosion of frosty buds loaded with cannabidiol (with the levels of this cannabinoid close to 18% in laboratory tests, and with no trace of psychoactive effects). This beauty certainly has what it takes to become the star of any medical extract, with those characteristic and deep citric tones that on this occasion are accompanied by an unusual halo of sweetness.

Thunder Banana

Copa Del Sol 2021
(1st place - Outdoor Sativa)

Home Grown Cup 2021
(1st place - Outdoor Sativa)

Most marijuana varieties are designed to produce specific flavours or experiences. Some strains deliver potent effects which go hand in hand with a particular taste, whereas others are more focused on flavour. Thunder Banana is born from the cross of Alaskan Thunder Fuck (aka Matanuska) and Amherst Banana (Amherst Sour Diesel x Banana OG). This strain belongs to the second category, but with an added array of tropical flavours that compliment her banana taste. Having said that, she’s also well known for her remarkable and sometimes overwhelming effects, thanks to a rather high THC content (of between 23 and 26%). She delivers some typically sativa cerebral effects, including a lift in mood and a powerful feeling of euphoria. In addition, she produces a potent indica bodily high, which starts with laziness and leads to full sedation, which is why this strain is often recommended and prescribed for night use. Without a doubt, a worthy example of our Seedstockers Superior division, where only the best of the best can be included.

Santa Marta Haze Auto

Copa del Sol 2021
(1st place - Indoor Sativa)

Autoflower World Cup 2022
(2nd place - Best Sativa Strain)

Highlife Cup 2021
(3rd place - Automatic Flowering Varieties)

For many cannabis growers, Santa Marta has been a genetic gold mine, as she has been used in the crosses of many popular hybrids, including the renowned Original Skunk and Love Potion. Her use dates back to the 1960s in the United States, after having been grown in Colombia (in the Santa Marta mountains; hence her name). When this strain was crossed with the also legendary Amnesia Haze, and was given her autoflowering character, the magic truly happened. Her old lineage rewards growers looking for speed with a small plant coated in orange-green buds (as well as the promise of an incredible evening!). This feminised autoflowering version only takes 11 weeks to grow from seed to harvest. Her sativa-dominant genetics and her THC levels create an intensely psychedelic experience which slowly matures into a more relaxed and introspective episode. And all topped off with a fresh and earthy flavour fused with touches of pine and fruit, and an XXL yield of guaranteed quality.

Candy Dawg Auto

Autoflower World Cup 2022 (1st place - Best Indica)

Highlife Cup 2019 (1st place - Autoflowering- European Plant of the Year)

This is another Seedstockers strain with an incredible lineage that received the Highlife Cup’s ‘European Plant of the Year’ title in 2019, just one year after Gorilla Glue #4. A powerful Candy Kush / Chem Dawg hybrid that our breeders crossed with an outstanding OG Kush to obtain the maximum THC levels and thus complete this Holy Trinity of captivating genetics. A compact and hardy plant that produces dense mint green buds with purple nuances, and a layer of tiny frosted white crystal trichomes that release an earthy and spicy aroma, with touches of pine and sun-ripened fruits. Her THC levels range between 23 and 26%, and they hit your brain slowly, sending bursts of energy so you can sustain a highly creative sesh. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is a must for your automatic library that, just like a tasty sweet, is crying out to be popped in your mouth.

CBD Critical XXL

Highlife Cup 2021 (1st place - CBD)

CBD Critical XXL is the medical sister of one of the greatest hits from the Seedstockers catalogue: our BCN Critical XXL. This strain is Critical +’s hardiest and most productive version ever created, especially aimed at users seeking relief for certain diseases, or simply for those looking for more sustainable cannabis. This is undoubtedly the missing piece to close the perfect circle of Seedstockers’ Critical family. A variety that has won several prizes thanks to the massive yielding capacity and stability of her phenos, that will certainly captivate all those who dream of getting large amounts of cannabidiol from an easy-to-grow plant. She delivers an outstanding yield of unusually aromatic CBD buds, with rich Kush and pine nuances, and terpenes with a touch of liquorice. To round it all off, her THC levels don’t exceed 0.5%, which makes her even more attractive, if at all possible!

Gorilla Glue Fem

Highlife Cup 2018 (1st place – Hybrids - European Plant of the Year)

Gorilla Glue #4 (also known as GG4) is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has won multiple awards all around the globe. Famous for her high THC count, this strain gets her name from her sticky resin that completely coats the scissors during the manicuring of the buds. Derived from extensive backcrossing between Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel, this is a variety with stratospheric potency, with THC levels that range between 23 and 25%, meaning that the high she delivers is strong and forceful. She produces round forest green buds with amber pistils coated in a layer of tiny white crystal trichomes. These buds are dripping in sweet and sticky resin that fills the room with earthy and acidic aromas inherited from her parents. Without a doubt, this is a super champion that well deserved the ‘European Plant of the Year’ award by the Highlife Cup back in 2018.


Fruit Cake

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2022 (2nd place - Edibles)

Expogrow 2019 (3rd place - Indicas)

This is a great choice for indica lovers who enjoy sweet flavours, as this hybrid certainly lives up to her name. She is born from the cross of two Cali classics: Animal Cookies and Fruity Pebbles OG. The result is a strain with a sweet and fruity cherry-like taste, that is fused with slightly acidic touches of lime and lemon. She’s ideal for making cannabis oils, shatter, BHO, or any other type of concentrate. With THC levels around or above 20%, Fruit Cake hits you almost instantly, filling your mind with a sense of calm and relaxation that immediately pushes your negative or disturbing thoughts away, so they suddenly don’t seem quite as worrying. Without a shadow of a doubt, this ‘happy cake’ won’t want to leave your mouth once you tuck into it!

Triton Biscotto Lime Fem

Clouds in the City 2022 (2nd place - Best Sativa Strain)

La Copa de las Flores 2022 (3rd place - Indoor Flower)

This is another strain that has just landed in our catalogue and comes with a silver spoon in her mouth. She derives from the cross of Oreoz Mintz, one of the most outstanding examples of the new Girl Scout Cookies generation, and another cannabis heavyweight, Lemon Tree, from which she has inherited that classic and pungent Skunk smell along with hints of sour lemon and diesel. The result is a terpene profile that really captivates the palate… A mix that provides a fresh and distinctive touch to the sweet and creamy Cookies flavour. And let’s not forget her top notch yielding capacity and marked genetic stability, with a short flowering of just 8 weeks. And a THC content that can go as high as 22%, producing a balanced effect between an energetic and euphoric high (ideal for developing artistic activities or socialising) and deep and long-lasting relaxation. This is a perfect example of our Seedstockers Superior category, that brings the hard-hitting flavours of North America to our European users… No doubt they’ll be dazzled by her organoleptic palette!

Rucu Cucu OG Auto

Autoflower World Cup 2022 (2nd place - Best New Strain)

If you’re looking for a top-level XXL autoflowering, this is undoubtedly the strain for you. Rucu Cucu OG Auto is the automatic version of the already famous Rucu Cucu OG, a strain created in collaboration with the renowned Argentinian rapper Hommer El Mero Mero. This was achieved by crossing the Tangie pheno that was used to create her feminised sister, with the most productive OG Kush Auto from our collection. This plant produces compact and resin-laden buds which stand out for their strong aroma: a marked tangerine flavour fused with deep diesel hues. In addition, her THC levels can reach up to 25%, meaning that her effect is extremely potent, with an amazing feeling of euphoria that dominates from the start, before turning into a relaxing wave that’s ideal for making you lie down in the most comfortable place you can find. Therefore, if you’re looking for a next-generation autoflower with the highest level of quality, Rucu Cucu OG Auto is definitely an option you need to try.

Pineapple Fem

Copa Seshat Colombia 2021 (2nd place - Indoor Flower)

Pineapple is a perfectly balanced hybrid developed by our Seedstockers breeders after selecting the most fitting Ed Rosenthal’s Super Bud pheno. This plant mainly developed indica features, with a tropical taste profile; like a fruit cocktail with hints of pineapple and mango, and a Skunk touch that appears on exhalation. She was also chosen for her outstanding THC levels, which deliver a pleasurable and uplifting high that still keeps the body relaxed. Each dark green bud is a happy pill wrapped in a rich trichome layer and a plethora of orange pistils. Her sweetness makes this the perfect dessert strain, whilst her savoury nuances offer balance and complexity.

Sticky Fingers Fem

Expogrow 2019 (2nd place - Indicas)

This strain originates from the cross of Thin Mint Cookies and Sticky Monkey. Although she’s no longer in our collection of feminised seeds, you can still find her in our catalogue in autoflowering format. With Sticky Fingers Auto, you’ll be able to see for yourself how this combination of renowned parents, together with the ruderalis genetics, can lead quite simply to cannabis of exceptional quality and in just 75 days from seed to harvest.


Mack & Crack Auto

Autoflower WorldCup 2023 (3rd place - Best Auto Sativa)

Mack & Crack derives from a crazy combination of genetics that starts with a crazy one that is lucky to exist: The MAC. Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, these cannabis genetics started with a cross of Starfighter with some special Columbia genetics. Long story short, those seeds went through one hell of a journey until only one of them germinated into a male. The male was used to pollinate a female Alien Cookies, a strain that originates from the cross of Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies (which is a real pedigree cross in itself). Miracle Alien Cookies was then crossed with Green Crack to produce Mack & Crack (Green Crack is a classic East Coast cannabis seed, known for its super-fast flowering and relatively potent buds that ooze sweet, skunky aromas and flavours).

CBD Mack & Crack

HighLife Cup 2022 (3rd place - CBD Flowers)

Although the CBD version of our beloved Mack & Crack received this great recognition at the Highlife Cup, this is only an experimental strain that still hasn’t been introduced in the market. This plant is used by our breeders for the research and breeding of new genetics, using her high cannabidiol load and superb organoleptic profile as a base. This is yet another example of the Seedstockers team using the best genetic libraries within our reach as the pillars for the creation of varieties that will soon captivate growers from all around the world.

Wedding Cake

Copa Seshat Colombia 2021 (3rd place - Indoor Flower)

We cannot think of a more appropriate hybrid for newlyweds to enjoy on their big day than Wedding Cake. And, to take them to the altar, what could be better than holding on to the arm of epic parents such as an ultra-elegant Girl Scout Cookies pheno, and the most dazzling Cherry Pie variety that we ever found? Once these parents give their blessings, the result is one of the most beautiful and explosive strains of the world cannabis scene, with an average THC count of around 25%, which leads to effects that are both stimulating and relaxing, making this an excellent plant to enjoy after a wedding banquet. Her perfume hits you immediately as you first smell her delicious vanilla aroma with subtle earth and pepper nuances, which really complement her sweetness. This is, without any doubt, the perfect option for anyone wanting to succeed on the most important night of their lives.

Blackberry Gum Fem

Home Grown Cup 2020 (3rd place - BHO)

This is one of our favourite strains: an indica-dominant hybrid derived from the cross of Bubble Gum x Blueberry, with the aim of offering high-quality crops in record time. This is the perfect variety for rookie growers with a fine palate, as she delivers attractive and colourful buds, often with shades of blue, with very little effort. These buds contain high cannabinoid and terpene levels, and showcase an earthy aroma that’s sweet and spicy at the same time, with blackberry and chewing gum nuances thanks to the presence of myrcene, pinene, and linalool. Her high-flying effect (she has a THC content of around 22%) is soothing and long-lasting. With the body totally relaxed, you’ll climb on her magic carpet heading for the Land of the Indicas, where you’ll be able to recharge your batteries and reboot your operating system… The perfect prelude to a night of restful sleep. Mission accomplished, Blackberry Gum Auto!

Gelato 41

Clouds in the City 2020 (3rd place - Best VIP Indica)

Gelato 41 is a sweet and tasty hybrid that is considered one of the most potent strains of the current cannabis market. This is owed to an empire of sensations built from the base of her ancestors: a cross between Sherbinski’s Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, a plant that’s considered by many to be the best GSC pheno that there is. In this case, the Gelato 41 phenotype, with a slightly higher THC count, is regarded as one of the best genetic lines available, so she’s the worthy heir to this convincing lineage. With her fruity and slightly citrusy aroma, with a touch of cheese, this hybrid showcases a distinct and always highly identifiable taste profile. If you’re an enthusiastic grower who devotes his time to the health and happiness of his plants, knowing that harvest time will make everything worth your while, give Gelato 41 a try: once you see her moist and dense buds full of trichomes and aromatic terpenes, you’ll want to carry on planting her seeds so you never run out of this intoxicating delicacy.