Wedding Cake Fem

GSC x Cherry Pie




Extremely High



Happy Chill

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About Wedding Cake Fem

Wedding Cake hit the headlines when American breeders began to see THC levels regularly hitting the 25% level. This is a special variety, the result of professional USA breeding using a Girl Scout phenotype and a potent Cherry Pie selection. This is an indica/sativa hybrid, sometimes referred to as Pink Cookies. She takes around 9 weeks in bloom and has complicated fruity aromas, rich tangy and sweet. XL harvests make this a popular extreme THC variety. Wedding Cake is uncomplicated to grow and a perfect choice for the grower seeking the highest possible potency levels.

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Top quality
Never had such hard cola’s. Not super big cola’s but rock hard. Best smoke in years, good yield app. 1,3 gpw. Love this strain!
rating 5 5 0.5
Wedding cake review.
These genetics are amazing i grew 3 this winter and they are currently in curing and smell absolutely delicious and they ooze bag appeal the buds are hard as granite the frost they produce is insane.I also would like to add the mrs has told me i have to grow this strain again and she is not easy pleased what a strain seedstockers im coming for more :)