BCN Critical XXL© Autoflower

(Kritikal Bilbo X Critical Mas) X Auto Critical Mas

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Life cycle: 11 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Hybrid
Yield: Huge
THC: Medium (14 -22%)
Flavor: Citrus Spicy
Effect: Happy Chill
Experience: Beginner

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BCN Critical XXL© Autoflower seeds

We present BCN Critical XXL Auto, the autoflowering version of one of the most successful varieties of the Seedstockers’ catalogue. No wonder this strain is worshipped by all types of growers, as she showcases all the properties that anyone could wish for in an automatic: she’s a hardy, fast, and vigorous plant with an out-of-this-world yielding potential and an incredible aroma and flavour. Few genetics are so complete and easy to grow. In this article you’ll discover all the features of this classic strain that never disappoints, and how to buy your BCN Critical XXL Auto seeds at the best price.

BCN Critical XXL Auto: a top yielder like no other

BCN Critical XXL Auto is easy to handle and can be planted both indoors and outdoors. This plant yields a large number of buds with amazing psychoactive power. She’s one of the highest yielding strains within our autoflowering category… Be ready for an XXL crop that will be ready for harvest in just 11 weeks from seed germination.

When it comes to appreciating the benefits of the Critical family, there’s no one like the Mediterranean growers. And it is precisely here, in Barcelona, that we have created one of the greatest successes of our catalogue: BCN Critical XXL, the most resistant and productive feminised version of this lineage ever created. And next to this beauty, her autoflowering version: BCN Critical XXL Auto; a variety that maintains the same powers as her photoperiod sister but that has been especially designed to satisfy those users looking for a cannabis strain that’s faster and easier to grow.

 What is BCN Critical XXL Auto’s genetic lineage?

Our team of breeders has put special emphasis on the combination of the most exclusive genetics to create this ‘made in Barcelona’ strain, resulting in an incredible top-quality automatic that showcases really special traits.

To create this cannabis gem, two legendary genetics were crossed: Kritikal Bilbo and Critical + (both from the Basque Country). They were then crossed with a Critical Mass Auto to provide some autoflowering character and achieve a perfect sativa/indica balance, resulting in an extremely vigorous plant with a 75-day growth cycle from seed to harvest

Morphology of BCN Critical XXL Auto: a strain designed to withstand big buds

BCN Critical XXL Auto is slightly indica-dominant, which results in a really branchy plant with a wide structure and short internodes, giving way to a high number of compact and tight buds.

This is all thanks to some bushy specimens with a main cola that protrudes over the secondary branches, although these also produce flowers that are larger than usual and exhibit a very characteristic sticky and frosty trichome coating. This is a super resinous variety, which makes her the perfect candidate for extracts.

BCN Critical XXL Auto’s yielding potential is really high in relation to her flowering period of just two months. After this time, you will obtain a crop that will surprise even the most demanding growers.

BCN Critical XXL Auto is a very rewarding plant in this sense, and all those who try her always repeat the experience. She has been bestowed with amazing stability, which translates into a firm branch and stem structure that has been optimised to support very heavy flowers.

Organoleptic properties of BCN Critical XXL Auto

Another key attribute that has made the Critical varieties so popular amongst growers is undoubtedly their aroma and flavour. We’re referring to those distinctively intense and tasty citric nuances, which on this occasion are accompanied by a curious halo of sweet and earthy touches.

What’s BCN Critical XXL Auto’s flavour?

The result of this combination is an unbeatable dense and compact smoke which is soft and tasty at the same time. Any experienced smoker will certainly be able to appreciate it for its balanced nuances: a symphony of flavours in which all the instruments are in tune, and which ends with a lemon aftertaste that brings freshness to every puff, making you want to repeat it over and over again.

Critical XXL Auto, an intense and heady scent

Let’s not forget her pungent Skunk and lemon aroma. This is BCN Critical XXL’s hallmark that is successfully maintained in her automatic version, offering a full sensory experience.

Her myrcene-dominant terpene profile is mainly responsible for this organoleptic palette with an earthy, musky background fused with a spicy and even lemony touch, which clearly confirms her high pinene and limonene content.

Effects of BCN Critical XXL Auto: controlled potency

BCN Critical XXL Auto is characterised by her high psychoactive load. Her THC levels can reach up to 22%, resulting in a powerful effect that begins with a very happy and pleasant cerebral high that progressively transforms into a soft sensation of long-lasting bodily relaxation.

This is a strain with a very balanced effect that is cheerful and comforting in equal measure, and that comes accompanied by soothing sensations that hold huge therapeutic potential.

With regard to the calming aspect of body and mind, this strain is perfect for moments of maximum relaxation, to relieve muscle tension, to fight daily stress, or to enjoy just before going to sleep to help deal with the dreaded insomnia.

Cultivation manual

  How to grow BCN Critical XXL Auto indoors

BCN Critical XXL Auto can be grown effectively both indoors and outdoors, proving her powers in different growing media.

Nonetheless, we always recommend using an aerated substrate to accelerate the metabolic processes of the plant. 18-litre pots are ideal to avoid transplanting and to get the most out of this strain.

So, once the seeds have germinated, place them directly in the final pot: with such a short life cycle, it is necessary to maximise the potential of this plant, avoiding any kind of stress that may slow down her development (with transplanting being one of them).

Vegetative phase

If you’re growing indoors, you can normally use a photoperiod of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness during the plant’s whole life cycle, although a 20/24 photoperiod is recommended to maximise growth and the subsequent flowering. However, it is not advised to go as far as 24 hours of light, since the plants always welcome a small break of darkness, which helps prevent unnecessary stress.

Due to her ruderalis heritage, BCN Critical XXL Auto doesn’t grow too high, which is especially useful for indoor growing where lack of vertical space can sometimes be a problem, for example if you’re using a small tent.

Flowering phase

Despite being a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, BCN Critical XXL Auto stays true to her Critical + origins and grows like a sativa (she actually looks like a sativa too), so she stretches considerably during the flowering period. You can expect indoor plants over one metre in height, depending on the growing conditions, so providing her with vertical space is highly recommended to get the best results.

This stretching means that she reacts well to different training techniques, something that is normally difficult to achieve with autoflowerings due to their short life cycle. In this case, however, this is fully guaranteed thanks to BCN Critical XXL Auto’s typical vigour.

What type of feeding regime does BCN Critical XXL Auto need?

Due to her size, BCN Critical XXL Auto doesn’t need large amounts of nutrients. With her strong and hardy constitution, she’s not too fussy about the quality of the environment where she grows and can still work well with a minimum of nutrients.

Water your plants sparingly but frequently during their first few weeks of life. Something that can be problematic for BCN Critical XXL Auto is a waterlogged substrate, as this could block the plant and stop growth altogether.

Given that autoflowering varieties mature depending on their age, any nutritional stress that they face (such as over-fertilisation) can greatly slow them down if not managed properly. And it’s always easier to fix a nutrient deficit than to try to correct an excess of food.

Top tips on how to grow BCN Critical XXL Auto

Also remember that the right pH levels for a BCN Critical XXL Auto growing in soil range from 6.0 to 7.0, whereas hydroponic systems work well with a pH between 5.5 and 6.5. You don’t need to reach an exact figure, so an average level between 5.5 and 6.5 is fine.

And don’t forget to use activated carbon filters to keep the smell at bay. As we have mentioned before, this is a very aromatic strain, with super intense Skunk and citric aromas, so better to be safe than sorry so you don’t have to explain yourself to your neighbours.

   How to grow BCN Critical XXL Auto outdoors

Outdoors, BCN Critical XXL Auto is perfect for areas with warm, dry, and sunny climates and with long summers, such as the Mediterranean countries. However, she’s also great for growing in a greenhouse if you live in a more northern region.

The evolutionary adaptation of the Critical genetics to adverse conditions means that these plants are hardy and strong. So if you live in an area where the climate can change quite quickly, or if you’re laid back in terms of humidity and temperature levels, this is a very tolerant plant.

Vegetative phase

If you want to grow your cannabis outdoors, BCN Critical XXL Auto can flower regardless of the number of daylight hours that she receives. Therefore, you won’t need to wait until August (when the days get shorter in the northern hemisphere) for your plants to bloom.

If the weather in your area is warm, you can germinate your Critical autoflowering seeds in late March or early April, and your plants will be ready for harvest about 75 days later. This will give you time to grow several crops in the same season so you can fill your pantry with rich buds much faster.

Flowering phase

However, if you only want to grow one crop, take advantage of the summer to make the most of this strain, since the more intense sunlight will make her grow at her maximum rate of development. BCN Critical XXL Auto really benefits from the endless June days, which make her stretch in a really impressive way.

As she doesn’t grow too much and her flowering period is short (barely two months), she’s perfect for those grows where discretion prevails. She can easily go unnoticed on a balcony or garden, which makes her the perfect match for urban environments.

And because she’s an autoflowering strain, you won’t have to worry about light pollution, so it doesn’t matter if she catches the light from a nearby street lamp during the night.

Buy BCN Critical XXL Auto seeds: the ideal choice for both rookies and experts

Since BCN Critical XXL Auto is a robust and reliable plant, she shows great resistance to both mould and pests, so she’s extremely easy to grow and is lenient towards any mistakes that novice growers might make. Due to her short life cycle, this variety is also less vulnerable to red spiders, trips, powdery mildew, etc., so you’ll have a lower risk of these annoying guests ruining your crop.

All in all, BCN Critical XXL Auto is an ideal marijuana plant for beginners and for those growers looking for a fast, reliable, and top-quality option. This strain originates from a legendary lineage, gives no problems, and has everything you can ask for in an autoflowering plant. And, to top it all off, she oozes that delicious aroma/flavour of old school Critical, Skunk, citrus fruits, and Mediterranean freshness that has been captivating growers for decades.

And now you can check this out first hand at Seedstockers. All you need to do is purchase our BCN Critical XXL Auto seeds at the best market price in our online store. Don’t wait until they’re gone!

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