Bruce Banner Autoflower

(O.G Kush X Strawberry Diesel) X Sour Diesel Auto

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Life cycle: 12 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Sativa
Yield: Massive
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Diesel Fruity
Effect: Active
Experience: Intermediate

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Bruce Banner Autoflower seeds

Bruce Banner may be well known as the alter ego of the protagonist of The Incredible Hulk, but on this occasion we’re talking about a cannabis strain that shares the same name, and one that Bruce Banner himself could fill his lungs with to avoid turning into such a stressed ball of anger. The auto format of this green monster won’t send your adrenaline through the roof or get your blood running fiercely through your veins, though. Instead, she’ll deliver an amazing cerebral effect that can lead to long lasting body relaxation, capable of taking you to the quieter and kinder side of the Hulk himself.

Seedstockers’ feminised version of Bruce Banner is a large, green, and hardy plant; and Bruce Banner Auto showcases many of the same attributes but in a compact format. This strain turns into a plant that maintains a really sweet and delicate flavour and aroma, similar to that of berries and sweets, which is capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.

She’s actually become one of the most renowned automatic strains of the US West Coast thanks to the careful balance of her boundless potency and her soft organoleptic palette, which has definitely been designed to impress. And all spiced up with an XL yielding capacity that gives way, in just 11 weeks, to what is a monstrous size for an auto. This is one of the next generation of first-class genetics that you can now find in Seedstockers’ autoflowering catalogue.

Where do Bruce Banner autoflower seeds come from?

Classed as a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, Bruce Banner Auto results from the cross of Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, whose resulting strain has then been crossed with Sour Diesel Auto to provide her with that autoflowering character. OG Kush started her legendary journey in Florida in the early 90s, when she was created from the cross of a North Californian strain and a Hindu Kush from Amsterdam. This resulted in a complex and powerful variety that has led to many of the most well-known hybrids of this century. On the other hand, Strawberry Diesel is a hybrid derived from the cross of NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough, resulting in a strain that delivers a well-balanced experience of energising yet clear-minded sensations.

Thanks to these five-star parents, Bruce Banner Fem has become a powerful strain with a reputation just as big as her comic namesake. We can say that she’s one of the genetics responsible for the great evolution of cannabis in recent years. Therefore, this autoflowering version was a must for the Seedstockers’ catalogue to be able to complete our US genetic collection, which is, without a shadow of a doubt, the cornerstone of the current cannabis movement. This is all thanks to highly potent varieties with distinct flavours that are easy to grow and that have already captivated thousands of growers across the globe. Now Seedstockers is making it even easier for you to discover their benefits straight from one of its true icons: Bruce Banner Auto.

Morphology and visual appearance of Bruce Banner Auto plants

Bruce Banner Auto grows into a dense and compact plant with relatively large fan leaves and thin leaflets that sprout all over. Her main cola can easily exceed 1 metre in height, and is surrounded by several lateral branches that provide the plant with good bearing and stability.

However, the moment of truth arrives with the appearance of her large and compact buds, which is when you can clearly see her connection with the comic superhero. Embellished with a variety of bright and powerful shades of green, Bruce Banner Auto has a healthy and lively appearance, with copper orange pistils winding and twisting around the trichomes. This creates an incredible contrast with the resin-laden sugar leaves, which produce such a thick layer that it makes the buds look as white as snow. The fan leaves stretch outwards with an even darker and fuller shade of green, bestowing this strain with many nuances of Hulk’s skin colour.

What do Bruce Banner Auto buds smell like?

This pedigree autoflowering offers an aromatic profile that leaves its mark as soon as the buds come out of the storage jar. With OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel running through her veins, Bruce Banner Auto showcases a strong Diesel aroma with floral and fruity nuances, which most users regard as a beautiful combination of sweet and Kushy tones. This is an incredible strain for those looking for exceptional aromas that will surprise even the most skilled terpene hunters. The three most common terpenes in Bruce Banner Auto are limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene; the latter making up the greatest proportion of her meticulous aromatic profile.

What is the dominant flavour palette in Bruce Banner autoflower seeds?

Bruce Banner Auto’s flavour is reminiscent of sweet caramel fused with lots of juicy fruity and earthy undertones that taste like freshly picked strawberries on a hot summer day. Your taste buds will also pick up on small hints of forest berries and floral notes, making you feel as if you’re amongst experts in the middle of a truly special smoking experience. The quality of the smoke itself is also exceptional: dense but soft in the throat, turning every drag into a truly comforting experience. This is a strain that never ceases to amaze with her astounding combination of Cali flavours, yet with fewer citric terpenes and a really distinct sweetness.

Psychoactive effects aimed at calming your inner fury

According to our lab tests, the buds of Bruce Banner Auto can easily reach a cannabinoid content of 20%. Remember that the exact THC count may vary according to the phenotype, but something that’s guaranteed is the super potent high that this beast produces. So, if you’re a newcomer to the world of cannabis superheroes, best to tread lightly!
Bruce Banner Auto is mentally stimulating but also provides a long-lasting feeling of physical relaxation. This is a great combo for those who need to get rid of some physical pain but need to stay alert, sharp, and focused at the same time. Effects arise rapidly and strongly before slowly fusing with a sense of total relaxation that still maintains that euphoric experience that flutters all over the body.

Bruce Banner Auto will also boost your brain to be creative, with masses of introspective thoughts, while you experience happiness and good vibrations that raise your mood effortlessly. You’ll feel your stress dissipate away, and all the fury will be replaced with a peaceful buzz that makes you feel more alert rather than tired.

Medicinal effects with the ability to do good

Thanks to her useful analgesic effects, this is a variety used by many to treat anxiety as well as to relieve the symptoms associated to various pathologies ranging from migraines to arthritis. Due to her ability to numb the body, the state of relaxation that she produces can replace all physical stress and accumulated tension, thereby providing great relief. Mental health patients suffering from sadness or depression may also find a powerful tool in this medical cannabis strain.

It is worth mentioning that edibles, concentrates, hash, and extracts are consumption methods that contain above average THC doses. Therefore, we recommend caution when using these products for therapeutic purposes due to the high risk of intoxication involved.

How to grow Bruce Banner autoflowering cannabis seeds

Bruce Banner Auto seeds develop into plants with a 3-4 week vegetative period that flower with an unusual beauty, becoming a truly spectacular sight as they complete their flowering cycle, which can last up to 7-9 additional weeks. As plants mature, the leaves can take on rich hues, ranging from dark red to purple, creating a vivid display over the bright green shoots and deep brown trichomes. Bruce Banner Auto usually delivers bigger yields than average for an automatic, which makes this an excellent choice for experienced growers looking for an exotic and high-yielding strain; or for those wanting to make the most of their small balcony or terrace.

  How to grow Bruce Banner Auto cannabis seeds indoors

As with most sativa-dominant hybrids, the leaves of Bruce Banner stretch outwards and upwards, supported by a thick stem that creates a productive structure with densely clustered buds. The internodes are wide enough to ensure that the light reaches all flowering shoots, and that the air runs through the flowers, thereby preventing the appearance of mould, fungi, or underdeveloped buds.

This plant grows with the typical vigour of the sativa varieties. She stretches upwards quite energetically for an autoflowering, even past her vegetative cycle. Therefore, it is crucial to have enough room to accommodate her, as she can easily double in size during the flowering, and even reach heights of 110-150 cm when grown in optimal conditions.

When grown indoors, Bruce Banner Auto needs between 18 and 22 hours of light to reach her full potential, easily producing up to 140 grams per plant. The pot size will determine her overall performance, although this plant works well in small pots as well. Seeds need to be planted directly in the location used for the full life cycle to avoid transplant stress. That way, plants will grow strong and healthy, as long as the feeding is regulated according to the different stages of growth.

  How many harvests can be obtained with Bruce Banner autoflowering seeds?

Due to her high resistance to mould, pests, and diseases, Bruce Banner Auto is rather easy to grow and requires virtually no maintenance. Although you can grow this strain out in the open in a great variety of environments, you will need warm and dry climate conditions to get the most out of her. Long summer days are her favourite, and that’s when she gives her best. Therefore, the ideal outdoor sowing window is from 3 to 5 weeks before the summer solstice, which helps make the most of the solar irradiation. The higher intensity of the UV rays during the weeks following the solstice are perfect to maximise resin production.

However, although summer is the best time of year to grow autoflowerings, everything depends on where you live. Regions with Atlantic or continental climates are less sunny, with shorter summers, so you can usually only grow one crop. In Mediterranean regions, in contrast, you can sow your first crop between mid-April and early May, when the cold has passed, and then harvest in late June. This means that you can grow again in early August, so you’ll be harvesting your second crop in October.

  What type of feeding does this plant require?

A highly aerated substrate and drier conditions are recommended during the whole life cycle of the plants. Watering in excess is the biggest mistake you can make, so best to water in small quantities at regular and frequent intervals. As for the feeding regime, this is a greedy strain that can take high nutrient levels. However, as with all automatics, it’s best to maintain some degree of containment when dealing with nutrients, because it’s always easier to fix a deficiency than having to deal with over-fertilisation, which can inevitably deter the development of the plants.

If you’re planning to grow your plant in a pot or on the ground, we recommend starting with fertilisers with above average levels of nitrogen and Cal-Mag (calcium and magnesium). Later on, you need to use phosphorus-rich nutrients for the flowering phase. If you’re growing outdoors, applying a compost tea foliar spray on the leaves is always a good idea to prevent mildew.

Growing tips to get the best out of Bruce Banner Auto

Generally speaking, Bruce Banner Auto is considered easy to grow as she’s naturally highly resistant to both diseases and temperature and humidity variations. Therefore, she’s ideal for those growers who aren’t on the lookout for optimal growing conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that this strain doesn’t need any care or attention. Luckily, here you’ll find a few tips to help you grow a strong and healthy plant with the best possible yielding capacity:

Tip #1: Use an optimised cultivation method

Due to her OG Kush genetics, Bruce Banner Auto develops into a short and compact plant, which makes her the perfect candidate for SOG (Sea of Green). This training technique is ideal for cannabis strains with naturally longer vegetative phases, as their flowering can be induced earlier so you can harvest much more quickly than if you simply let nature take its course. It is a great method for clones as well as for autoflowerings, and can also prove useful when there’s limited space. Although the yield of a single plant may be lower, more efficient use of the space allows for more plants to be grown in a smaller area, thereby increasing the overall yield.

Tip #2: Monitor pH levels

Bruce Banner Auto grows optimally in a pH range of 6.2 - 6.8 (vegetative phase) and 6.5 - 7 (flowering phase) when grown in substrate; and 5.8 - 6.2 (vegetative) and 5.5 – 6.5 (flowering) when grown hydroponically. You can of course get good results even with slightly lower or slightly higher pH measurements.

Tip #3: Make sure she’s happy with the temperature

Bruce Banner Auto can be grown either indoors or outdoors, but her yielding capacity will change considerably depending on the growing technique used. If you’re planning to grow indoors in a grow tent, then using an air-cooled lamp will help you maintain both the temperature and humidity levels within their optimal ranges.
Bruce Banner grows best in temperatures ranging between 23ºC and 28ªC during the vegetative period, and between 22ºC and 26ºC during the flowering phase. But again, slight variations on either side of these ranges will definitely not kill the plants.

Nevertheless, although Bruce Banner Auto can withstand colder temperatures than most, it’s crucial to stick to these temperature levels to get the best result. If you’re planting outdoors, it’s best to find a dry area that can be protected from the end-of-summer rains so as to prevent the appearance of mould.

Tip #4: What type of lighting do I need to use indoors?

Although Bruce Banner Auto grows easily under any type of HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamp, LED lights are the most efficient light source to convert electricity into the light energy that cannabis plants use to perform photosynthesis. Both LED lights and fluorescent T5 tubes are really effective with SOG. To make sure that all the buds get enough light, you need to keep your LED or T5 light as close to the plants as possible, but at a safe distance so they don’t get overheated.

Tip #5: Flush the roots at the end

If you want your buds to taste amazing, you need to water without nutrients whilst flushing the roots of the plants for approximately one week before harvesting. You need to use more water than usual, until you see it coming out of the draining holes on the pot. With this process, you’ll be eliminating all the nutrients from the growing medium that accumulate on the roots. Your buds will certainly thank you for it!

Buy Bruce Banner Auto seeds from Seedstockers at the best price

The U.S. cannabis industry has produced some of the best new cannabis strains in recent years. Millions of dollars have been invested to find the most potent and flavoursome genetics; and professional breeders, backed by one of the most advanced technical and laboratory infrastructures in the world, are always researching to find the next discovery that will conquer the market.

This genetic heritage has also crossed the Atlantic, receiving a warm welcome from seed banks like Seedstockers, which have made it available to the public from the Old Continent. Thanks to individual breeding and selection processes, we have obtained our own versions that not only can compete in quality with the American originals but also surpass them.

Thanks to her delicious flavour, astounding yielding potential, high resistance, and incredible ability to ignite a creative spark whilst relaxing body and mind, Bruce Banner Auto has become really popular among growers of autoflowering strains; so there’s no doubt this is definitely a must for you to try.

Thanks to superb stabilisation and development work, the Seedstockers’ team has been able to enhance all her virtues to put them at your disposal at an unbeatable price. Discover how we’ve managed to tame this green beast to obtain a plant that surely won’t let you down!

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