Blackberry Gum Fem

Bubble Gum X Blueberry

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Indica
  • Yield : Huge
  • THC : High (23 - 26%)
  • Flavor : Candy Fruity
  • Effect : Relaxing
  • Flower period : 8 weeks
  • Experience : Intermediate

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Average rating: 9/10 - Number of reviews: 8
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About Blackberry Gum Fem

Seedstockers Blackberry Gum is an unusual phenotype found after crossing a Bubble Gum male plant with a dark female Blueberry clone from a cannabis club in Barcelona. The Blackberry Gum line is an unusual fruity phenotype, often with dark colorings in the buds and leaves. The aroma is earthy, spicy and with dark fruity aromas of Blueberry and the very dense sweet Bubble Gum taste together with a flash of cotton candy. Yields are well above average, and the parents guarantee highly potent, resin-crusted buds with a very long lasting effect. THC levels are 23%+ on this variety, its one of the strongest varieties you will find with a great feel-good high.

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rating 10 10 1
Flowering time

How many weeks in flower for this strain?


We suggest about 8-9 weeks of flowering!

rating 9 10 1
best for taste and aroma
A strong smoke, but the best part is the aroma and colors on this variety. A real change from the typical green skunks that get sold around my neighbourhood. Reminds me of the early Kush smokes, decent yields too. I will grow this again
rating 9 10 1
feel the taste
Nice work Seed Stockers - a fruity change and good smoke.
rating 9 10 1
colorful kush
great looking, and smelling kush. I've not grown such a great looking kush before, red and purple colors in the buds. Great strong smoke, my customers loved it
rating 9 10 1
Dense and high yield
High quality yield, very dense buds with sweet aroma, berry/flowery smell. Tastes earthy and sweet. Great beginner strain.
rating 9 10 1
Fruity, strong, great flower!
rating 9 10 1
For real this is the best weed i have smoked
For real this is the best weed i have smoked
rating 9 10 1
Excellent Strain
These plants grow stocky and sticky. Solid heavy buds with nice colors. Great floral/berry smells with tastes of berry, kush, and gum. Strong high.