Mini Grow Kit

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Mini Grow Kit

The Seedstockers 'Mini Grow Kit' is the small-scale grow kit that contains everything you need to grow your own cannabis plant! Perfect for experienced growers, beginners or if you have decided to surprise someone with a sustainable and unique gift.

Each kit includes:

-A 1.1l. pot, made from recycled materials from tea bags from plantations in India, making each one unique.

-A bag of soil pre-fertilised with slow-release organic nutrients

-2 seeds of BCN Critical XXL Auto, one of the stars of our catalogue of classics

-A label to better organise your growing. 

The Mini Grow Kit is the perfect solution if you decide to grow in an easy, fun and ECO-friendly way.

It is ideal for balconies and terraces, but also for wardrobes and interior rooms.

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