AK420© Autoflower

AK47 BCN selection X Auto Sativa

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Life cycle: 11 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Sativa
Yield: Huge
THC: Medium (14 -22%)
Flavor: Pine
Effect: Active
Experience: Beginner

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AK420© Autoflower seeds

An Excellent Performer In All Climates

Seedstockers are proud to present AK420 auto, an autoflowering version of AK47. This easy to grow, high-yielding and heat-resistant auto is an excellent performer in hot and cold climates, thanks to her exceptional resilience to pathogens and disease.


Hash makers and extract artists will find AK420 auto to be highly rewarding, and those searching for intensely potent Cannabis need look no further. With a staggering 35% total cannabinoids and 27% THCA, you can be sure that ak 420 auto buds will keep you elevated for hours on end. Her effects are not for the faint-hearted, inducing euphoric, blissful, happy, cerebral and creative feelings perfect for morning and day times.

We strongly recommend our AK 420 auto strain to beginner growers, thanks to her easy to grow, and low maintenance levels, however expect plants to grow big and tall. Her aroma is a complex pine and floral profile, due to high levels of Limonene and Caryophyllene. A tough and sturdy auto that thrives in colder climates and will produce resin soaked buds that have a wonderful sweet, lemon and herbal essence.

AK420 autoflower strain - Easy To Grow and Perfect for beginners

AK420 autoflower seeds are well suited for first time growers, as she only requires 13 weeks from seed to harvest outdoors and indoors. This means you can perpetually harvest under the right circumstances all year long when living in a hot climate such as The Mediterranean or California.

This autoflower strain will grow in a vegetative state for the first 3-4 weeks, before automatically flowering, requiring 9-10 weeks before harvest depending on the phenotype and weather. AK 420 autoflower seeds are an excellent choice for first time growers and ideal for a sunny terrace or balcony.

Where does AK420 autoflower seeds come from?

We were able to use our old school Dutch mother of AK47 BCN Selection, a feminized strain known for exceptionally resilience to pathogens and disease, open growth structure and open internodal spacing, huge yield potential and overall potency. Then we took our stud autoflowering male used in our other projects and created the feminized progeny.

The result is a solid performing auto, that is not dependent on a set light cycle, and can be grown indoor or outdoors with very impressive results. We were able to enhance all the most desirable traits from both parents including a prolific resin, cannabinoid and terpene profile. Ak 420 auto has been stabilized and will only produce feminized autoflowering plants, which will flower automatically regardless of the amount of light plants receive.

What do AK420 auto cannabis plants look like?

AK420 autoflower strain has the potential to become a very large plant that will demand space to grow! One of the most productive autos on the market, perfect for commercial scale growers looking for large-sized harvests in a short time frame. Plants will become tall and bushy, with a high number of side branches that become full of dense, frosted and bright-green buds.

Her growth structure will display a sativa dominance and when ready for harvest, AK 420 auto will produce one huge main central cola surrounded by densely packed side branches. When plants are ready to harvest, there will be an abundance of sugar coated trim, giving AK420 auto a glistening appearance. Overall an easy to grow, and low maintenance autoflowering strain!

What do AK 420 auto buds look like?

AK 420 auto buds once trimmed up have a beautiful appearance and through the roof bag appeal. Every nug is a thumb sized, resin coated flower that has a solid density and is hard to squeeze. The color of the AK420 autoflower seeds buds are bright green, and between the bright orange hairs wrapped around the swollen calyx and the sugar sized trichomes, have a head turning quality


Aromatic qualities of ak420 auto strain - Sweet, fruity, pine and citrus terpenes

One of the unique properties of AK420 auto apart from her staggering 35% total cannabinoids is her terpene profile. Our chromatography lab tests have revealed she is high in Caryophyllene and Limonene. This will be the reason why when smelling a live plant, AK 420 auto will have a sharp, eye watering, citrus and lemon aroma with gassy and dank overtones. Once dried and cured, the terpene profile becomes much more fruity, citrus with hints of herbal and floral pine notes.

How is the taste of AK 420 auto?

When smoking a blunt or bong of ak420 weed, the taste on the inhale can be described as a smooth, herbal, pine with a lip licking sweet lemon. On the exhalation the flavor becomes more spicy, sweet with strong citrus overtones.

What aroma do the AK420 auto flowers have?

With high levels of the terpenes Caryophyllene and Limonene, cured ak420 auto buds have a bold, fruity, and citrus spicy aroma. Water hash, dry sift, rosin and BHO will really enhance the terpenes further, making AK 420 Auto a wise choice for up-and-coming extract artists.

Effect of AK420 auto: Power that invites creativity

Our lab tests have shown that AK 420 auto’s flowers have 35% total cannabinoids, with 27% THCA levels. Thanks to her sativa dominance, her effects are powerful, long-lasting and will quickly enhance your mood into a highly motivated, upbeat, creative and focused mind set.

With waves of euphoria and a soaring cerebral effect, AK420 auto is perfect for morning and daytime, as well as for busy individuals or getting through a large to-do list. Musicians, writers, artists and gamers will find this cultivar to be incredible at sparking creative thoughts.

cultivation manual

   How to grow 420 autoflower seeds?

420 autoflower seeds can be planted in a large size pot, and will quickly grow into a short sized bush. After 4 weeks, they will flower independently regardless of the amount of daylight. Our top tips to grow this low maintenance strain is to keep the nutrient levels low. We find this lady can take large amounts of water; however, plants prefer a lower E.C level. Also, plant directly into big pots such as 19 liter / 5 gallon pots for the biggest plants possible.

How to grow AK 420 auto outdoors?

When planting ak-420 automatic seeds outdoors, they can be planted without the need to wait for the later part of the year to induce flowering. This means in a hot climate, AK 420 auto seeds can be planted from March until October, and those who experience more challenging climates such as Northern Europe can plant from May until September outdoors.

Plants will require a full 13 weeks before being ready to harvest, and due to the large and bushy growth structure and appearance, you can expect plants to be resistant to heavy winds, heat stress, cold nighttime temperatures, mold, mildew, insects, pathogens and plant disease. AK 420 plants can grow very tall and reach a final height of 120 cm - 150 cm, and work incredibly well in a Sea of Green set up where plants are grown in small pots closely together.

AK 420 auto plants thrive in a hot and dry climate, and will produce superb results under the worst circumstances, making this auto a great choice for any grower searching for a sturdy, easy to grow hybrid.

How to grow AK420 indoors?

Indoors, ak 420 automatic is a beast of a plant that will deliver monster yields of high-grade buds. We recommend growing these seeds under 18-20 hours of light for the best results. As the AK420 autoflower seeds grow, they will produce a medium-sized, bushy plant that will display a thin fingered, long serrated sativa leaf structure.

Once flowering starts from the end of week 4, the plants will now require 9-10 weeks to produce the terpene rich, sticky buds. She dislikes a heavy number of nutrients and will grow in a league of her own when planted into an organic growing medium with endo-mycorrhizae fungi and beneficial bacteria.

Under HID lighting, AK 420 auto can get massive, in a short amount of time, with some heavy phenotypes requiring staking to help support the heavy buds during the final weeks of bloom. It is advised to give these autos plenty of headspace and for those with small space, can use plant training techniques such as tying town to reduce the stretch and final height.

  An Excellent Addition To Greenhouses

Thanks to the high resilience to mold and powdery mildew, greenhouse growers will find AK 420 auto to be a solid performer, under the most intense heat and humidity. This makes this strain well suited for hot climates, and anyone who experiences challenging weather and requires peace of mind. She also endures cold weather and a drop in temperature with ease.

   AK 420 auto Watering Times and Nutrition

Watering your seedlings is one way to provide nutrients. Make sure they are not stressed and deficient, knowing when to water your plants and how much run off there should be, can make a big difference in how healthy the roots become.

When seedlings are growing and during the first 3-4 weeks, this is the time when it is best to feed little and often. Keeping a close eye on moisture levels in the pot is very important, and a good way to make sure the pots are well oxygenated is to gently water around the edges.

After lightly watering for the first 3-4 weeks, we then recommend watering only when the pots are totally dry. The balance of wet and dry will encourage roots to push out, searching for air and moisture. Once the ak-420 automatic plants have been watered, you should wait for the pots to become light and dry before watering again.

As far as nutrition is concerned, there are several ways a grower can provide the relevant nutrients over the life cycle of the plants. The first is using hard foods such as soil and compost combined with a water only diet. The other is to use liquid nutrients that will provide a well-balanced amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

autoflowering Cannabis plants will want a high level of Nitrogen available for the first 4 weeks, then a P-K dominant nutrient solution from week 4 onwards. During flowering, it is best to cut off Nitrogen levels and focus on Phosphors and Potassium. Bat guano can be an excellent organic nutrient for autos, otherwise any flowering feed from a Cannabis brand will work wonderfully.

   Seedstocker’s 7 Top Tips for growing AK420 autoflower strain

1. Make sure that you provide plenty of space for the plants to grow indoor or outdoors. AK420 will express her sativa dominance, meaning plants can grow quickly, and become large sized. Our tip here is to provide at least 150 cm in height and lots of width.

2. Unlike photoperiod Cannabis strains that are kept in a vegetative state for long periods of time and can be repotted, auto’s prefer to start directly into a large pot. When it comes to AK 420 auto, avoid transplanting from a small pot into a large pot once the seedlings are growing.

3. When it comes to making your nutrient solution, it is better to feed nutrients less frequently than with other Cannabis plants. Despite her large sized appearance, she does not like a high number of nutrients. If using chemical nutrients, then our tip here is to use an E.C pen to find out the strength of the nutrient solution.

4. When planting indoors, we recommend to provide the plants with 18-20 hours of HID lighting for the best yields possible. Although, we find with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark, 420 genetics auto will produce the best plants.

5. It is a good idea to add support to the long side branches, in order to avoid the buds from toppling over with excess weight. Our tip here is to use bamboo canes or a net trellis to add support, especially during the final 21 days of flower production.

6. Thanks to the abundance of sugar trim, making water hash and dry sift has never been so rewarding. AK 420 auto will produce some incredible full melt hashes. Our tip here is saving all of the leftover leaves and not letting anything with trichomes go to waste.

7. One of the most important things to consider when providing the best start for any auto flowering genetics, is to ensure the growing medium is airy and full of air pockets. Our tip here is to use a growing medium that has a high ratio of perlite, and make sure the growing medium is slightly watered and does not become oversaturated, specially during the first 3-4 weeks

Buy AK 420 seeds

When you buy AK 420 auto seeds, you can rest assured you are buying a world-class cultivar that encompasses the ultimate traits from the Dutch classic AK47. One of the most resilient plants on the market today is a low maintenance, easy to grow and wonderful strain to train to enhance yields even further.

She is a must-have for any grower’s seed collection who enjoys living in a hot climate, and will also endure cold, wet and harsh climates with ease. First time hash makers will have a ball with this auto-flowering strain, as she dumps trichomes like crazy and produces some cup winning quality rosin and BHO.

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