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Mack and Crack X Green Crack Auto

  • cup-winner 3rd Best Auto Sativa - Autoflower World Cup
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Life cycle: 11 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Sativa
Yield: Massive
THC: Super High (up to 30%)
Flavor: Citrus Herbal
Effect: Active
Experience: Beginner

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Mack & Crack© Autoflower seeds

It was a long journey to bring Mack & Crack to life, but it was definitely worth it. Despite requiring a certain amount of care, this heavy yielder never disappoints: you’ll be rewarded with masses of top-notch buds with a skunky and creamy aroma that deliver a powerful high. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this cannabis gem so she can reach her full potential.

What’s Mack & Crack’s genetic background?

Mack & Crack derives from an insane combination of genetics that starts with a crazy one that’s lucky to exist: The MAC. Also known as Miracle Alien Cookies, this cannabis genetic started with a cross of Starfighter with some special Columbia genetics. Long story short, those seeds went through a hell of a journey until only one of them germinated to become a male. The male was used to pollinate a female Alien Cookies, a variety that originates from the crossing of Alien Dawg and Girl Scout Cookies (which is a royal pedigree crossing in itself). Miracle Alien Cookies was then crossed with Green Crack to produce Mack & Crack (Green Crack is a classic cannabis seed from the US East Coast known for her super fast flowering and relatively potent buds that ooze sweet and skunky aromas and flavours).

Mack & Crack’s organoleptic properties

Mack & Crack emits a very Diesely flavour with creamy touches. It is a refreshing funk that has just enough of the cream and berry flavours to add a bit of sweetness to what is otherwise a very skunky experience.


Three out of the six phenotypes expressed a lot of stretching, as well as lateral branching, meaning that they took up a large footprint while also being up to one metre in height. While these three plants were the widest and stretchiest, with the largest internodal spacing, they were also by far the largest yielders.


Mack & Crack expresses a variety of phenotypes, spanning the spectrum between sativa-leaning and indica-dominant hybrids. Three out of six plants expressed lots of stretching in the flowering stage, whereas only one was incredibly short and squat, with the remaining two somewhere in between. There was a particularly special phenotype that expressed short and dense growth patterns and over-sized calyxes that were totally covered in snowy-white trichomes. Generally speaking, Mack & Crack produces lots of sweet, skunky, and creamy flavours and smells, with each pheno showcasing a unique combination of all of them.

How does the plant smell?

As Mack & Crack matures and produces flowers, she develops a robustly sweet and creamy aroma. As she gets towards the end of the flowering, a deep berry fragrance starts to fuse with the creamy smell, giving off a scent that is reminiscent of a freshly baked pie.

Aroma of the dried buds

As the buds dry, unmistakable Diesel aromas begin to take centre stage. While trimming Mac & Crack, the characteristic garbage aromas of Sour Diesel are ever present, enhanced by the still creamy and sweet undertones.

What’s Mack & Crack’s bag appeal?

Some Mack & Crack’s phenotypes develop various purple tones, but, overall, they have a beautiful bright green colour. The longer-flowering phenotype has a very tropical green colour, with tons of thin, red pistils. Because of the premium buds that this genetic produces, anyone who’s given a bag full of this stuff will be absolutely over the moon!

What effects does Mack & Crack produce?

Expect Mack & Crack to deliver a potent experience. While she’s not heavy enough to glue you to the couch, this hybrid’s effects will leave your head buzzing and your body totally relaxed. This is exactly the sort of strain that indica lovers will prefer as a daytime smoke.

What kind of yield can you expect from Mack & Crack?

All plants produced well over 150g – one phenotype in particular (the widest specimen, that was also rather stretchy and tall) was struggling to maintain the weight of her buds, and finally produced 300g. It is safe to say that Mack & Crack is a heavy yielder with the capability to produce some exceptionally large buds.

Cultivation manual

How to grow Mack & Crack

Mack & Crack is an extremely easy and forgiving genetic to propagate. It happily takes lots of nutrients but doesn’t demand huge amounts. Her excess foliage is the only thing that must be taken care of to ensure that she matures to her maximum potential.

Vegetative phase

Mack & Crack takes about 4 to 4 1/2 weeks after germination to start flowering, and during this time she builds a strong, sturdy stalk with mostly long, stretching branches. The Sea of Green or Scrog methods are highly recommended for indoor cultivation to manage the stretching.

Flowering period

While the phenotypes of Mack & Crack showed different amounts of stretching and therefore developed various sizes, they all started flowering at the same time, at about 4 weeks after germination. While some of the phenos continued to stretch as they flowered, two of them started producing very stacked and thick buds right from the beginning. As well as starting to flower simultaneously, all six plants were also ready for harvest at the same time (85 days after germination), except for one phenotype that needed two extra weeks. This longer flowering pheno also ended up being the sweetest and pungent of them all. If you want the buds to pack on some extra weight and density, let certain phenotypes go as long as 15 weeks.

What nutrients does Mack & Crack need?

These marijuana plants were cultivated in generic 1.8-2-2 potting soil. 1g dolomite lime / litre of soil was used as a source of calcium and magnesium. Although they didn’t require any nutrients other than those that were already in the soil during the vegetative phase, these plants accepted all the additional nutrients that they were given. Extra phosphorus and potassium are recommended during the flowering in order to increase yields and boost potency.

Top Tips for small growers

Defoliation is essential for the larger phenotypes to enable enough light to penetrate the canopy and get to the buds on the inside of the plant. Growers in small environments should be careful not to germinate too many seeds, as some of these phenos might quickly outgrow the space they’ve been given.

Top tips on how to grow Mack & Crack outdoors

This cannabis variety is very hearty and, while it produces compact buds, they are not so compact as to invite mould and mildew outdoors. This genetic is a smart choice for outdoor farmers who need a reliable yielder of potent buds to set-and-forget and then come back to when it’s harvest time. On the other hand, for the biggest yield, defoliate, defoliate, defoliate!

Top tips on how to grow Mack & Crack indoors

Indoor farmers will have to be prepared to play Tetris in their grow room to find the most efficient fit for all the different shapes and sizes of these phenotypes.

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