Wedding Glue Autoflower

Wedding Cake X GG4 Auto

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Life cycle: 12 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Hybrid
Yield: Huge
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Candy Creamy Earthy
Effect: Happy Chill
Experience: Intermediate

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Wedding Glue Autoflower seeds

Wedding Glue Auto takes around 11-12 weeks from seed to harvest. Like all Seedstockers autoflower strains this one does well under 20 hours of daily light during indoor grows. This is the autoflowering version of Wedding Glue, with parent genetics coming from the multi-cannabis cup winning Wedding Cake and GG#4 strains. Expect the same sweet fruity tones from Wedding Cake alongside the notoriously powerful GG#4 high. This auto suits those focussed on high quality, THC rich harvests though it should be noted that yields are well above average.

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