Candy Dawg Autoflower

(Candy Kush X Chem Dawg) X OG Kush




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About our Candy Dawg Autoflower

The genetics behind Candy Dawg Autoflowering was produced by crossing a potent Candy Kush / Chem Dawg hybrid with exceptional OG Kush and selective breeding with better THC, but only those with the sweet OG caramel flavor and glaze were preserved. intense from Candy Dawg. It takes about 75 days in 20/4 light before harvest and grows well in any growing medium with large branching. Kush genetics produce low maintenance, medium height and bushy plants with high yields. The buds are firm and sticky with a sweet caramel aroma. You will notice a dominant Kush aroma, with notes of coffee and gasoline. It is a strong smoke, popularly known to medical and recreational smokers. If you give it an extra week or two at the end of flowering, Candy Dawg Auto will reward you with a better yield. One of our most expensive seeds, but highly recommended.

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