Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

OG Kush x Durban Poison

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Life cycle: 10 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Hybrid
Yield: Massive
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Creamy Sour
Effect: Happy Chill
Experience: Intermediate

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Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower seeds

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is one of the best-selling strains of our autoflowering catalogue. This is the fast version of one of the most renowned genetics on the global cannabis scene, whose popularity continues to grow thanks to her resin-laden buds, high THC levels, great yielding capacity, and fantastic taste.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is now available with near identical qualities to those of her photoperiod version but with the additional autoflowering trait, making this the perfect choice for both beginners looking for a simple strain, and experts in search of a reliable variety that always leads to success.

Discover the powers of this cannabis icon in auto format, that you can now purchase at the best price from Seedstockers.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds: speed, flavour, and yield

Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, has been given a truly ironic name, because behind this harmless title hides an extremely powerful marijuana strain that’s considered one of the best Californian genetics of all time. Even experienced smokers feel the power of GSC! It’s no surprise that so many cannabis lovers now want to grow this exceptional high-yielding autoflowering hybrid that produces resin-packed buds and has a life cycle of barely 13 weeks from seed to harvest.

Where does Girl Scout Cookies Auto originate from?

Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds are the result of the cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush, mixed with some ruderalis genetics that provide this plant with her autoflowering character. This is a hybrid strain specifically created by our breeders to bring the best features of these two parents to your grow. Our aim was to produce an automatic that offered outstanding flavour, potency, resistance, and effect, and we can proudly say that this is something we have certainly achieved. This classic from the West Coast of North America has already become a benchmark of the Californian hybrids in her own right, alongside strains like Jack Herer Auto or Sour Diesel Auto.

Girl Scout Cookies was originally created in sunny California by the ‘Cookie Fam' (as in ‘Family'), a group of San Francisco-based underground breeders that included names like rapper Berner or the famous Sherbinski. Thanks to her unique, groundbreaking taste profile, she quickly became all the craze in the local marijuana community before spreading across the whole country, until finally becoming incredibly popular outside the US as well. This strain led a new generation of varieties that pushed marijuana cultivation and flavours into the future.

Morphology of Girl Scout Cookies Auto: compact and discreet

Due to her ruderalis heritage, Girl Scout Cookies Auto develops into a compact yet vigorous plant in the shape of a pyramidal bush, with good internodal spacing and lots of lateral branching. These plants are incredibly homogeneous thanks to the great stabilisation work of our breeders at Seedstockers.

Thanks to her autoflowering traits, this lady grows up to an average height of 60-100 cm, depending on the phenotype and the environmental conditions, making this a great variety to grow discreetly on balconies or terraces.

As Girl Scout Cookies Auto flowers, her internodal spacing becomes shorter, which causes the buds to stack up on each internode. She develops a main central cola and fairly thick lateral branching, also full of satellite buds. She stands out for being a super robust plant, with flexible branches that can withstand the weight of her above-average crops really well.

What do Girl Scout Cookies Auto’s buds look like?

When this strain reaches maturity, her buds can exhibit nuances that are a complex fusion of light and dark green, rounded off with dense splashes of orange crystals and pistils which give her a frosty appearance… a true full sensory experience!

Over the last few weeks, these colours transform into a lush purple that is mixed with twisted green calyxes wrapped in purple sugar leaves and burning orange pistils, resulting in very exotic compact and conical flowers with a rather pointed finish.

Organoleptic properties of Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Aroma and taste are two of the winning assets of the Cookies varieties. These have become incredibly popular thanks to their unmistakable sweet and sour notes fused with hints of Diesel, which have marked the new stream of flavours that has recently taken the cannabis market by storm.

What does Girl Scout Cookies Auto taste like?

Flavour is one of the strong points of Girl Scout Cookies Auto. Just like her photoperiod sister, her sweet and aromatic taste is reminiscent of freshly baked cookies with hints of caramel. This auto strain produces a dense smoke that fills the mouth with a complex blend of earthy, Kushy flavours combined with subtle menthol touches and fruity nuances.

Get ready as well for an irresistible spicy kick fused with that tempting caramel sweetness and a little splash of mint. Some have also described other flavours, including spices, nutmeg, brown sugar, and pepper. All in all, a powerful terpene blend that will coat your mouth with a refined touch when you exhale.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto: a fascinating aroma

Girl Scouts love camping in the woods, which is reflected in this strain’s pleasant earthy aroma that blends perfectly with her mint choc chip scent. Sweet and sour touches are complemented by the Diesel nuances typical of OG Kush, especially in the fresh plants, which become creamier after curing. The history of modern cannabis was definitely changed forever on the day that 'Cookie Fam' discovered the aroma of freshly baked cookies given off by the buds of this cannabis jewel.

Back then, there were many varieties with sweet, earthy, menthol, or Kushy aromas, but none of them combined terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids in such a way to achieve a scent so similar to the smell of the dough of certain desserts. So this made Girl Scout Cookies Auto a real revolution on the cannabis scene, with its surprising aromas resulting from the combination of limonene, myrcene, and bisabolene.

Effects of Girl Scout Cookies Auto: a mix that invites pleasure

If you like feeling good and experiencing euphoric and creative effects, then Girl Scout Cookies Auto is all you need. She’s far from being a country lady, as there is nothing sweet and innocent about this beauty. Her THC levels can reach up to 20%, a remarkably high level for an auto, which makes her extremely potent and provides a euphoric sense of instant happiness. This is followed by a deep bodily high filled with a sense of relaxation that will lock you to your couch. On the whole, a great variety for after work or to finish a long day.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is also the perfect strain for creative people who want to work, plan, and smoke together in social settings. It provides the euphoria needed to relax completely, with the confidence, laughter, and fun that you need to enjoy social activities.

Despite barely containing any CBD, this strain also increases appetite and helps with the chronic pain caused by debilitating pathologies. In fact, Girl Scout Cookies Auto is most commonly used to control and relieve stress. She will completely relax you, and that’s why medical cannabis patients are so fond of her, because she enables them to rest, which in turn helps them break their endless spiral of anxiety.

This variety acts as a chemical-free sedative, so it helps fight insomnia, nervousness, and depression. Girl Scout Cookies Auto will also give you the ‘munchies’, so she’s perfect for those who are undergoing cancer treatments which cause loss of appetite or chronic nausea.

cultivation manual

How to grow Girl Scout Cookies Auto

This plant is really easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. She produces dense and bright buds as if she were a huge high-performance sticky resin machine, reaching a medium to high yield while maintaining her gassy and fruity flavour. This results in a delicious product both in extract and dried flower format.

Top tips for outdoor growing

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is a hardy plant that tolerates temperature fluctuations really well thanks to her ruderalis heritage. However, she grows better in warm and dry climates: think of Mediterranean conditions for her to reach her maximum potential. This hybrid also works incredibly well in more northern latitudes with the protection of a greenhouse, which means that she can be planted outdoors as long as she gets enough sunlight.

Since this version flowers regardless of the hours of sunlight that she’s exposed to, you can produce several harvests in one season providing the conditions are right. Nonetheless, if you only want to grow one crop, plant at the beginning of summer to get the most out of her, since the greater the intensity of the sunlight, the more she’ll grow to her full potential.

The growing medium that you use also plays an essential role. If you grow in pots, you won’t have any problems as long as you use any of the available commercial soils that are already fertilised. If you use a 20-litre pot from the beginning (autos don’t like being transplanted) with a substrate mixed with coco coir and red worm castings, she will have everything she needs to grow up strong.

If you grow directly in the soil, we recommend you prepare it before planting. Remove the surface soil (about 10 cm deep) and add worm castings or animal guano to ensure plant growth and guarantee a great flowering. In addition, you can include trichoderma, a beneficial fungus for the protection of the roots and the stimulation of the microbiotic life in the soil. These fungi will be your best allies to obtain robust and productive plants.

Top tips for indoor growing

Although GSC Auto’s outdoor yields are perfectly decent, she produces the largest crops when grown indoors under controlled conditions. The 20/4 photoperiod is particularly important for the development of any autoflowering plant, so a standard daily cycle of 20 hours of light can work perfectly. Girl Scout Cookies Auto usually starts flowering after 3 weeks of vegetative growth, although she can show incredible speed and start even earlier (at 2 weeks). This speed is not at odds with her excellent production of pointed and gassy buds after only 10-11 weeks of flowering.

As for the environmental conditions, you generally can’t go wrong if you keep the temperature between 20 and 24°C. On occasion, she can handle temperatures of up to 32°C during the vegetative period, or 28°C during the flowering phase, providing these don’t last for too long.

Keeping the right temperature is the easy part of the equation; humidity is the hard part. As a rule of thumb, keep the humidity levels high during the vegetative stage (around 50-60%). As the flowering starts, decrease humidity progressively until it reaches a level of 30% towards the end of the plant’s life.

We recommend exposing GSC Auto to drier air during the flowering phase to increase trichome production and reduce the risk of mould. The dry air will force the buds to protect themselves by producing additional resin.

Thanks to her vigorous growth, Girl Scout Cookies Auto also works really well with optimised growing techniques such as ‘Sea of Green’ (SOG). Experienced growers can also benefit from trying Low Stress Training (LST), as the great internodal spacing of this strain allows for better light penetration.

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds: a cannabis icon at every level

What makes this autoflowering hybrid so great, without a doubt, is that she’s extremely easy to handle, grows to an average height, and develops in an excellent way regardless of the photoperiod; so you can harvest 3-4 times a year (conditions permitting), obtaining a terpene/cannabinoid potency which is mind-blowing for an auto. She’s also very forgiving of the typical rookie mistakes and resists well to different types of stress, reaching her full potential with only basic care.

Needless to say, experienced growers can really maximise the potential of this plant, particularly outdoor growers working in less favourable environments, as they can really benefit from her shorter life cycle. In short, Girl Scout Cookies Auto has become an iconic strain in her own right that is destined to last forever; a reliable classic that you’ll want to grow over and over again. And now you can find this cannabis gem at the best price at Seedstockers. So what are you waiting for to give her a try?

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