Tropical Zmoothie© Feminized

Tropicana Shoes X Zmoothiez Zignature

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Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Indica
Yield: Huge
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Fruity
Effect: Happy Chill
Flower period: 9-10 weeks
Experience: Beginner

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Tropical Zmoothie© Feminized seeds

Get ready to dive into the exotic world of Tropical Zmoothie, a cannabis strain that comes directly from Seedstockers’ innovative heart with the promise to revolutionise your senses from the very first moment. This hybrid derives from a meticulous genetic selection of new school strains, and stands out for her exceptional quality that has transformed her into a jewel worthy of admiration.

Tropical Zmoothie is not just any old cannabis strain. This is a masterpiece that captivates you at first sight. Her looks are just the prelude to a sensory experience that evokes a festival of fruity, citrusy, and floral flavours. A symphony reminiscent of a delicious smoothie that has been scientifically created to raise your mood to the highest level. Her potent and balanced effect will take you on a journey in which body and mind merge in perfect harmony.

This is an indica-dominant hybrid with one of the most seductive and juiciest terpene profiles that you could ever imagine. Keep reading to discover the surprises that await you whilst you’re growing, tasting, and experiencing Tropical Zmoothie. We promise you that, once you meet her, you will want her to be an essential piece in your next grow!

The search for phenotypes and the creation of new strains is a long and laborious process. And, as you can probably guess by her name, Tropical Zmoothie is an impressive example of a remarkable genetic combination that has been developed to create something truly special. Her Seedstockers parents were beaming with pride when they saw their new baby, born from the cross of two strains as diverse as Tropicana Shoes and Zmoothiez Zignature. The fusion of sweet, acidic, and spicy nuances, along with the high THC levels that define this new strain, are quickly bestowing her with a glowing reputation.

The first parent, Tropicana Shoes, is an excellent example of the dynamism and diversity found in the world of cannabis, as she delivers unique experiences both in terms of flavour and psychoactive and therapeutic effects. What’s more, this plant is highly sought after as a genetic crop thanks to her dense structure and compact size.

For her part, Zmoothiez Zignature is a potent indica that exhibits a delicate and subtle yet complex olfactory combination. This is a vigorous and high-yielding plant that develops colourful and intensely fragrant buds. She’s ideal for the production of exceptional hash thanks to her huge number of sticky trichomes, which are indicative of a high resin count.

When these newly minted genetics come together, the result is Tropical Zmoothie Fem. This is a great choice for any grow room thanks to her easy cultivation, generous yielding capacity, intensely fruity and citrusy flavours, and euphoric and relaxing effects. This plant is robust and grows vigorously, especially if you’re using Seedstockers’ feminised seeds, which practically eliminate the possibility of male plants appearing.

Tropical Zmoothie is a hybrid, which means that she’s a mixture of both sides of the cannabis family tree. Most phenos are at the 60/40 mark, leaning more towards the indica side. This is due to the large amount of limonene and pinene present in this variety (these two terpenes are well known for producing uplifting yet relaxing effects). And she also contains an important amount of caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene, which help balance everything out.

Therefore, Tropical Zmoothie will help you immerse yourself in a sensory journey that combines mental stimulation with body tranquillity, offering a complete and satisfying experience for both grower and consumer.

Tropical Zmoothie’s feminised plants are characterised by being shorter in stature, yet surprisingly thick and leafy, creating an image of robustness and vigour. Their compact structure with short internodes gives them a well-proportioned appearance, which is ideal for those looking for efficiency in tight spaces.

The buds of Tropical Zmoothie tend to be small and cone-shaped, but with the characteristic thick and dense structure of many indica varieties. Although the buds like to stretch and thin at the tip, the calyxes crumble into hard bunches when you touch them during the harvest season.

This strain provides an immediate visual appeal: her bright orange pistils stand out over forest-green leaves, accentuated by intense shades of lighter green. Although the buds are sticky, the short stems of the trichomes make this strain look less frosty than others… perhaps a more silvery white, as if she’d been dipped in glow-in-the-dark paint.

This strain’s fragrance is not for the faint of heart. The flowers of Tropical Zmoothie emit a predominant smell of fruits of the forest, such as blueberries. When the buds are ground or broken, this scent becomes more herbal and earthy, ending in a strong acidic touch of diesel intensified with citrus fruits and spicy herbs that will transport you to a summer forest full of fresh fruit.

You could say that she smells like the famous Slurricane, a really aromatic strain renowned for her unique combination of the sweet flavours of fruits of the forest and the acidic tones of citrus fruits. This variety has quickly become one of the favourites of cannabis fans thanks to that peculiar and incredibly interesting terpene combo.

If you’ve grown Tropical Zmoothie successfully, you should expect an immediate taste of sweet blueberries, with floral and citrusy nuances that transform into a light and acidic flavour on exhalation. You could say that this tropical taste gives this strain a tempting sweet and sour appeal on inhalation, like a fruity tingle; but as you keep smoking, exhalation becomes spicier and livelier, with an aftertaste that includes hues of diesel and even tobacco. Sweet, earthy, and downright tasty.

This strain includes both the sugary and syrupy emotion of sweets and the layered tones of tropical and woody citrus fruits. This fruity character is delicious, while the earthy side leaves enough depth to satisfy those users looking for a more complex palette.

The smoke is sweet and full-bodied, and it remains on the palate for much longer than expected. It also includes vanilla and cinnamon hues, with a moist touch that is nothing short of glorious. Given that Tropical Zmoothie is recommended for evening use, she could be the perfect dessert for any sumptuous dinner.


Tropical Zmoothie Fem isn’t far behind in the force department. When grown in optimum conditions, her average THC levels range between 22 and 25%, although certain phenos can exceed these numbers.

Potency is something that is earned, not given, at least to some extent. If your main goal is to achieve maximum potency, then hydroponics will be your best bet. Coco coir also works incredibly well with Tropical Zmoothie as it offers the ease of cultivation of soil but with the added versatility of hydroponics. All of this helps accentuate the profiles and flavours of unique terpenes that make this variety so special.

Take it easy if you’re a rookie smoker, because this strain can have a huge impact on you. Those who can handle spicy diesel strains will undoubtedly want to include Tropical Zmoothie in their regular product line: these buds deliver a great balance between sativa and indica effects.

Depending on your tolerance level and on the potency of your buds, consider experimenting with the time of day that you smoke, and see where she fits best in your daily routine. This strain also brings 1% CBG to the table – this cannabinoid is known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, making Tropical Zmoothie ideal for both recreational and medical use.

Your tolerance level will greatly determine your exact experience with this girl. Generally speaking, though, you can expect to enjoy the typical roller coaster high associated with new school hybrids. Her indica dominance is evident, but there’s enough sativa in the mix to keep you interested.

Tropical Zmoothie Fem proudly exhibits the outstanding qualities that come with her high THC count, so it’s clear that this isn’t the kind of strain to fool around with. However, when used in moderation, she delivers a pleasant mind and body experience that will keep you busy for at least a few hours. The low is characterised by the relaxation of heavy limbs, which makes this variety an excellent choice for using at home whilst relaxing in front of the TV.

The high arrives strong and fast, generating a wave of joy that is difficult to express in words. Satisfying isn’t quite right… Euphoric is probably more accurate. You can also feel a body high during the first 10 minutes, but the sativa side quickly comes to the party, bringing with it rather surprising mental clarity.

Tropical Zmoothie is known to affect users quite quickly, sometimes even kicking in before exhalation. The most astounding effect is a sense of altered perception which forces smokers to adapt to their recently intensified environment.

This cerebral effect meets a palpable body buzz that discourages activity yet leaves users mobile rather than couch-locked. This floating and comfortable feeling, whilst still lucid, means that this strain is ideal for use during the day or early at night.

We’ve all had those days that were so long and exhausting that we’d have given anything to forget about them. For most people, Tropical Zmoothie is just what they need to face this challenge. Overall, this variety is the embodiment of what pleases the public: something for everyone, and then some more!

Euphoric and pleasurable, and stimulating in every way, Tropical Zmoothie is an excellent variety to spend a relaxing afternoon with, without having to resort to sedatives. You’ll still be able to move around, eat, and pass the time, but you’ll do it with fewer headaches, muscle spasms, and unpleasant work-related feelings.

Save your Tropical Zmoothie for the evening because her strong bodily effect eliminates all the worries of the day, facilitating a restful sleep. She’s ideal for those who want to end the day calmly whilst getting ready for bed. And don’t be surprised if she also brings a bit of hunger to your doorstep… these buds are a smart choice for those with appetite problems.

The carefree elevation in mood that is produced by this strain can also provide temporary relief from worrying symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Tropical Zmoothie is powerful, even for experienced users, so newcomers should moderate their use accordingly.

Having said that, this strain is unlikely to put users into a deeply paranoid mindset because she doesn’t deliver fully intense cerebral effects.

One of the disadvantages of new school genetics is the uncertainty that these plants can sometimes cause. But this doesn’t occur with Tropical Zmoothie: this is one of those strains that require the least amount of maintenance, and is ideal for both beginners and experts. In addition, she can offer explosive growth in a wide range of climatic conditions.

The size of this strain is easy to regulate, which allows rookie growers with limited space to take it easy. We especially recommend this indica-leaning plant to growers who just grow on terraces because they find it more manageable. We’ve already mentioned that indigenous heritage is important; and growers will be happy to learn that her strong genetic past makes Tropical Zmoothie immune to almost anything that may affect her, from temperature fluctuations to mould, pests, and diseases.

For those looking for a strain with a huge yielding capacity, this is definitely the right choice. You can get up to 600 grams per square metre indoors, and between 700 and 1000 grams per plant when grown outdoors. Mind you, you’ll need to train her early to get those kinds of figures. For best results, prune the plant at least twice; defoliate thoroughly just before shifting from the vegetative to the flowering phase; and use a decent-sized SCROG screen.

In terms of the best growing medium for Tropical Zmoothie, you can get excellent results with organic soil mixes, coco coir, and full hydroponic systems (the latter being the best option to obtain the maximum yielding potential). However, coco coir could also be your best ally so you can keep away from complex hydraulic configurations, at least during your first few grows.

Coco coir is ideal for novice growers, as it offers a wide range of benefits which are often associated with hydroponic and soil-based growing styles. This growing medium offers much better drainage and aeration than soil whilst retaining the perfect amount of moisture to promote healthy and robust growth.

This is an inherently inert growing medium that allows for much more precise control over nutrient schedules and pH levels in the root area. And it works just as well with either organic or synthetic nutrients. If you decide to follow the synthetic route, make sure you only use specific coco coir mixtures. With organic nutrients, you can use practically anything you want.

Tropical Zmoothie develops a classic indica structure. She’s short and compact, with numerous lateral branches, wide leaves, and trichome-laden buds. Her dense foliage requires trimming and pruning to avoid wasting nutrients and energy on the unproductive lower areas.

Her flowering period is relatively short (of around 8 weeks). This means she’s a suitable option for growers looking for a quick response. Tropical Zmoothie usually grows to a moderate height. When grown indoors, she can reach a height of about 1.2 – 1.5 metres. Outdoors, she can grow a little bit taller, depending on the environmental conditions.

These seeds have a high germination rate, with the pivoting roots appearing in 24 hours and starting adapting immediately. It is good to expose Tropical Zmoothie Fem to a little stress at the beginning of the vegetative period: a gentle but steady breeze, for instance, will help strengthen her stems. Bending the branches gently also stimulates the plant to produce protective auxins, which in turn improves her appearance and vigour.

You will notice that Tropical Zmoothie grows amazingly fast during the vegetative phase, showing her structure fairly quickly. To control her height and increase her yielding capacity, you can use training techniques like SCROG (Screen of Green), Topping, or Fimming from the very beginning.

If you’re a beginner, LST (Low Stress Training) is probably your best option. This technique consists of gently guiding the growth as the plant evolves. You can also apply HST (High Stress Training) methods, but make sure you do so with caution to minimise the amount of stress on the plant.

As Tropical Zmoothie shifts to the flowering stage, her appearance undergoes a surprising transformation. Her buds develop a deep green tone, often accompanied by snow-white pistils. After about the fifth week, you’ll start to smell the piercing diesel and skunk aromas; so, if you want to keep your grow discreet, you should first put in a decent carbon filter.

Tropical Zmoothie can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but she tends to excel in a controlled indoor environment. This allows for a better control of factors like temperature, humidity, and lighting, resulting in more consistent yields and quality.

As she thrives in warm and dry environments, humidity levels need to be kept between 50 and 60% during the vegetative phase, and then reduced to 40 to 50% during the flowering. The ideal temperature range for this strain is 20 - 27°C during the day, and a little cooler at night (but never more than 10°C lower).

When grown indoors, this plant needs to be short and robust enough to withstand the weight of the branches. You may also want to prepare yourself to offer some support around day 60 if you notice that the buds begin to wear down the plant structure. Growers also need to regularly trim the wide fan leaves that grow on the top part of the plants to allow light and air to reach the lower flower nodes. In this case, the Lollipopping technique is also well suited to enable greater aeration of the lower branches.

A sunny Mediterranean climate is best for outdoor grows, but this strain can still thrive at other latitudes where it’s usually colder, as long as it’s not too humid (she’s somewhat sensitive to this parameter in the last stage of flowering).

If you grow out in the open, it is best to plant the seeds in the soil in early spring. In the northern hemisphere, this should be done between March and April. In the southern hemisphere, between September and October. The plant will grow quickly once the roots reach a good length, but keep in mind that this strain likes a fairly strong dose of nutrients.

Harvest arrives between mid and late October. If you’re growing outdoors, make sure that the plant receives enough sunlight and protection against extreme climatic conditions and temperature fluctuations. As she can be considered to be quite a greedy strain, it is vital to keep her well fed during the whole growth cycle.

Determining Tropical Zmoothie’s optimum harvest time can be a crucial factor to obtain the desired flavours and effects. Harvesting too early can result in less potent and less tasty cannabis, whereas waiting too long can lead to buds that are too ripe and to a more sedative effect. Careful monitoring of the development of the trichomes and the overall appearance of the buds is essential to make the right harvest decision.

1- Since you can control the size of the plants, Tropical Zmoothie is an excellent test subject for the application of the SOG or Sea of Green training method. SOG lets you maximise the value of your plants to offer bigger yields in less space when you’re using strains that can grow in more compact formations. This involves trimming the lower branches to promote growth at the top, and to keep the plants at a uniform height. Just remember that the tighter your plants become, the more you’ll need to check them for mites and mould.

2- Keep your mind on the root ball: a great trichome yielder like Tropical Zmoothie needs an extremely well developed and robust root system BEFORE the start of the flowering. You’ll want to extend the vegetative period to a minimum of 6 weeks, but a little more (up to 9 weeks) is always better.

3- We suggest using fabric or air pots to further improve the oxygenation of the root area. The bigger and healthier the roots, the quicker the growth, and the juicier and more resin-covered your buds will be at harvest time.

4- Tropical Zmoothie needs a lot of feeding. She can absorb masses of nutrients, especially Cal/Mag. As she progresses through the flowering phase, it’s important to cover the topsoil with phosphorus-rich nutrients.

5- She can also handle as much light as you can throw at her. If you’re using LED lighting, turn on the LED panel at full power as soon as the third node has developed. Leave it at that until harvest time.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in an unparalleled journey of exuberance, colour, and life? Let yourself be carried away by Tropical Zmoothie, the new cannabis strain that’s sweeping the nation. This extraordinary cannabis gem is the perfect result of the union of exotic flavours and deeply pleasurable effects. If you want to check it out for yourself you can buy your seeds online at Seedstockers from the comfort of your own home, in several different formats (ranging from 1 to 25 seeds), and always at the best price on the market.

And all because Tropical Zmoothie is not just another strain. She’s your passport to a sense of well-being and euphoria that’s ideal for those looking to escape from the daily routine. Her balanced effects, somewhere between energising and relaxing, make her the perfect companion both for moments of introspection and for enjoying in good company. Don’t wait a minute longer to try what everyone is talking about: Tropical Zmoothie is waiting to take you to that place where you’ve always wanted to be!


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