Super Skunk Auto

Super Skunk X BCN Critical XXL Auto

  • Life cycle : 11 weeks
  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Hybrid
  • Yield : Massive
  • THC : Medium (14 -22%)
  • Flavor : Sour Spicy
  • Effect : Happy Chill
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Super Skunk Auto seeds

Super Skunk auto is a simple and uncomplicated variety to grow, yet she produces great quality buds time after time. THC levels are good, 22%+, and the smoke quality is excellent with a strong, penetrating hash aroma and a rich cannabis taste. Anyone can grow this auto, including first time growers. Indoors she takes about 11 weeks from seed to harvest, outdoors she can take a week or two longer if the temperatures are cool. Super Skunk auto grows in any grow system and always delivers a peaceful and relaxing high. A reliable, high performance genetic line.

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rating 9 10 1
echo K
great smoke and easy to grow
Its true what they say, skunks are the easiest varieties to grow. This is zero maintenance if you are growing in soil, just put her in a 15 litre pot and she grows herself. Give her a bloom boost at the end and enjoy top drawer stash
rating 9 10 1
Super Skunk Auto
I have grown this out a few times and all I can say is if you like oldschool Super Skunk get these babies. They get HUGE and taste is intoxicating as well as the HIGH it is a hard hitting Super Skunk Auto
rating 9 10 1
Sweet berry aroma ;)
Really good sweet berry aroma when i did rosin it was so sweet i mean the sweetest i had, i grown outdoors had a hermie because of the heat stress all grow but the buds were still strong
rating 9 10 1
Mc Terps
Awesome Strain
This is one kick ass strain and gets HUGE. Cant wait to run it again
rating 9 10 1
Super skunk auto
This seed bank is the best by far the best....ive always had good results and good customer service.My order arrived quickly even in these diffecult times I know I'm gonna get good results as I trust seedstockers don't hesitate guys you won't be disappointed. Thank you seed stockers