Amaretto Tarmac Fem

Amaretto Sour X Apollo Black Cherry

Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor Dominant : Sativa Flavor : Fruity Effect : Active Flower period : 8 weeks Experience : Intermediate
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Amaretto Tarmac Fem seeds

Amaretto Tarmac was born from the cross of two varieties with a high pedigree: on the one hand, the tasty American Amaretto Sour; and, on the other, the resinous Apollo Black Cherry. This union results in a sativa-leaning strain that will certainly captivate those users looking for a psychoactivity that is both powerful and energising, and which induces creativity.

This is a 5-star strain whose terpene profile is something incredibly special: the combination of a hot tarmac aroma on a bitter background, along with an Amaretto flavour and a mix of cherry, blueberry, and kola undertones. A truly unique taste that is a must for those with the most demanding palates who are in search of new experiences.

With a relatively short flowering period for an 80% sativa-dominant strain, Amaretto Tarmac will be ready for harvest in just 8 weeks (in late September when grown outdoors). This beauty is also highly decorative as she can express two different types of phenos: one with more greenish tones, and another one with lovely shades of purple.

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