London Pound Punch©

London Pound Cake X Panty Punch

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Grow type: Indoor
Flavor: Creamy
Flower period: 10 weeks

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London Pound Punch© seeds

London Pound Punch is a hybrid created from the cross of the delicious London Pound Cake and another indica-dominant hybrid: our Panty Punch. In case you still don’t know these stunners, London Pound Cake is a great deal: she’s a strain with pretty high THC levels that users praise for the euphoric feeling she produces in the body, which is topped off with a deep berry flavour backed by strong pastry nuances.

Panty Punch is a Cali strain from our Seedstockers Superior collection, derived from the cross of Pink Panties and Purple Punch. This is a highly potent plant that produces dense and incredibly resinous buds, which can take on stunning purple hues when grown under the right conditions.

The result of this union is London Pound Punch, a vigorous hybrid with the ability to induce a stimulating feeling of euphoria that is also capable of calming your mind. She produces thick and tight buds that are generously coated in trichomes, which accentuate her frosty look and ooze an earthy and citrusy aroma. When you sink your teeth into her, you’ll be able to savour the sweetness of a vanilla cookie, in the purest Cookies style.

Wherever she grows, her average height fluctuates between 1.5 and 1.8 metres. The best time to harvest is after 70 - 75 days of flowering, which translates into 400 - 500 g/m² when grown indoors. There’s no doubt this strain will become a must in your seed library as soon as you try her!

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