Tangy Fritter©

Mandarin Panties X Apple Fritter

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Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Flavor: Candy
Flower period: 9 week

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Tangy Fritter© seeds

Without a shadow of a doubt, our breeders have done a remarkable job of fusing two winning strains together to create Tangy Fritter. On the one hand, Mandarin Panties, a variety that showcases the vigorous growth of Girl Scout Cookies; on this occasion enhanced by Pink Panties, which translates into massive yields with a delicious and original citrusy mandarin flavour. On the other, Apple Fritter, a prize-winning hybrid with an incredible reputation, born from the cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, which results in scrumptious apple fritter flavours that are the reason for her name.

This fusion has given rise to Tangy Fritter’s premium seeds. They develop into dynamic and easy-to-grow plants that adapt well to many different styles whilst still retaining the main traits inherited from their parents: the versatility provided by their balanced nature; a citrus flavour with a touch of pastries; and an extraordinarily relaxing effect that’s also stimulating at the same time.

All of this in a compact, fir tree-shaped plant that develops a big main cola with satellite flowers as high as 2 metres when grown outdoors, rewarding you with super resinous weed by early October. In addition, she can yield between 500 and 800 g/m² when grown indoors. This is clearly a hybrid that will be much talked about, and that you can purchase at Seedstockers right now!

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