Cookies and Cream Fem

Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Hybrid
  • Yield : Massive
  • THC : High (23 - 26%)
  • Flavor : Candy Creamy
  • Effect : Happy Chill
  • Flower period : 9 week
  • Experience : Intermediate
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Cookies and Cream Fem seeds

Cookies and Cream has quickly become one of the USA’s must-have varieties. This is partly for the delicious, intensely enjoyable high which seems to last forever. And partly for the sweet, smooth taste of the variety. The genetics came from Starfighter and a special highly potent phenotype from the cookie family. The crossing retains the exceptional THC levels from the stable parent genetics. Best of all is the special creamy smooth flavor and feel to the variety. She is a unique top shelf variety with her own special appeal, taking around 9 weeks to bloom with generous yields. Once tasted, never forgotten!

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rating 10 10 1
Beautiful weed
This weed is absolutely wonderful. The buds look great and are dense as hell. They look absolutely perfect in a dodgy bag The smell is like a coffee chocolate but with a definite weed smell behind it. It does taste of choc chip when smoked and It’s a relaxing potent high as well. Growing it was very easy, she didn’t need a lot of nutes, she flowered in 8 weeks (fastest in the tent) and produced about 750g per square meter with 480w led per meter. Already gave cuts out of the mum I’ve kept.
rating 10 10 1
Cookies an cream

This is a stable strain that is worthy of winning cups it is that good I am surprised it has not yet. It is my family's favorite strain. I don't see that changing soon. Heck it was crossed with the starfighter strain what more needs to be said .

rating 10 10 1
Cookies an Cream
This is the real deal it is amazing smoke. Just try it you will be blown away.
rating 10 10 1
Dry seeds germinated in riot root cubes Took 2 days to be above ground and in 3 day she was busting out of her shell and looking for the light. Vegged coco pebble mix in 6lt pots for 2/3 week then transplanted to a 25lt pot for 2 week. During veg and even from cracking her shell off she has been a vigorous plant and loved being trained. Put into flower around 45/50cm ( final height was 95/100cm ) and just continued to grow into a strong beautiful structured and pant. Liked her feed weak from the get go and even threw out flower. She was covered in beautiful absolutely dense flowers that where covered in trichomes. All round absolutely stunning plant easy to grow with amazing rewards of home grown medicine. Still hang drying so look out for a smoke report soon. God bless and god speed
rating 10 10 1
Just trimming up the cookies and cream flowers and putting them in jars for curing and woooow the fruity skittle smell it’s offensive and the flowers are so so so covered in trichomes. This strain would be a hash makers dream. Amazing genetics/strains , amazing customer service , amazing speedy delivery and huge amazing selection. Seed stockers keep up the good work. God bless god speed