Gelato 41 Fem

Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint GSC

  • Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  • Dominant : Indica
  • Yield : Massive
  • THC : High (23 - 26%)
  • Flavor : Candy
  • Effect : Relaxing
  • Flower period : 9 week
  • Experience : Intermediate
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Gelato 41 Fem seeds

If you are going to grow Gelato, then grow the best genetic line available - Gelato 41. This variety is derived from the Girl Scout family and is sometimes known as Bacio Gelato by the west-coast connoisseurs. This is a sweet and tasty feminized variety which takes around 8-9 weeks in bloom. THC levels in good conditions are well over 20%. Repeat growers love Gelato 41 for the guaranteed potency and peaceful, calming indica effects and long lasting high. It’s a subtle blend of relaxation with an uplifting element to the high which can be quite motivating. In higher doses , Gelato 41 is simply as good and strong as it gets with heavy yields. Like all Gelato’s, this is easy and straightforward to grow.

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rating 10 10 1
The best and most consistent seeds I have ever gro
I got a bag of the Gelato41 seeds for free with an order for Black Friday. Until now I have grown 7 plants; 5 from seed and two clones. All my seeds have germinated in less than 48 hours and they are strong. My first plant was topped once and then low-stress trained. It yielded a little over 100 grams in an 80x80x180 tent. My second round (4 plants from seed) were mainlined with 4 toppings. They always recovered from topping in less than 3 days. They are now in the 5th week of flower. They smell amazing and they are completely sugar coated. The last two flowers (clones) grew roots in an airoponic propagator in about 7 days. They have vegged well and will soon be flipped to flower. The aroma of this strain is breathtaking. Sweet, lemon, orange, a bit of pine. And it is strong. It knocked me on my ass the first time I smoked it. I recommend this strain to anyone!
rating 9 10 1
Gooood,the bestt
Gooood,the bestt
rating 9 10 1
Did some one say ice cream
Germinated in riot root cubes and was looking for light within 4 days. Transplanted into 6lt pots for 2/3 week fighting strong sturdy plant then transplanted into 25lt pot and was ponytailed trained then topped then split and tied down. Loved a medium feed and a bit of training she still in flower day 50 so keep a eye out for a update soon. God bless god speed
rating 9 10 1
Bought allot of them i dropped a couple into 7L (straight growing up no topping no training)pots and a couple in 22L pots plants looked reallt healthy and smelled allready at day 40 coco perlite vermiculute Biobizz fertiliser ph. 6.5 400w hps bloom light x1 after day 87 I chopped them 7 liters first dowm I got per plant 25g in general wich is quiet good, the 22L pots took a little longer to finish up about 20 days( topped at branch 5 layed to the ground fixed and grew on then just opened the plant up and trained each head in general dry weight about 75g which is really good hard buds nice gasy little fruity lemon smell would grow these goodies again...
rating 9 10 1
Nice taste... huge buds
I have never grown a plant with this size of buds. Had 5 plants on 1.20 M2 and got 617 dry grams. Buds are as big as a 1.5L Coca Cola bottle. Because of the size I had a little botritis. But still... 617 grams is more then enough