Apollo Black Cherry© Autoflower

Apollo Black Cherry X Black Domina Auto

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Life cycle: 12 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Hybrid
Yield: Big
THC: Medium (14 -22%)
Flavor: Earthy Spicy
Effect: Relaxing
Experience: Beginner

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Apollo Black Cherry© Autoflower seeds

Apollo Black Cherry Auto is a one-of-a-kind autoflower seed from Seedstockers rarely come with such rare flavours, heavy yields and consistently 20%+ THC levels. With a rich, deep and sweet taste of black cherries, this has a unique terpene profile that simply never gets old! The hybrid indica/sativa genetics are easy to grow in a range of conditions. Most of the phenotypes will lean slightly towards the sativa side. This includes a certain amount of stretch during flowering as well as heavily stacked blooms. The original Apollo 13 sativa genetic ancestry is apparent in the bud structure, but they are as solid as any indica. In cooler bloom conditions, especially with the indica-leaning phenotypes, you may see some beautiful purple and blue hues in the buds as harvest approaches.

Apollo Black Cherry Autoflower, Premium Cali Seeds for serious growers

Most plants tend to reach a limit of around 80cm tall. These heavy yielding autoflower seeds are tough enough to cope with being topped and/or trained. If you’re working with limited vertical grow space, you will find Apollo Black Cherry Autoflower will respond well in a SCROG (screen of green) environment. She will also grow well in smaller containers in a SOG (sea of green) setting. Like all Humboldt X Seedstockers genetics, you can expect tough plants that will grow well across a range of conditions and still deliver XL yields. Expert growers will find that a little extra care will pay dividends later. Yields are high but stretch may need some taming and the long-life cycle (13-15 weeks) necessitates a certain level of patient plant management.

Defoliation may be needed for some of the bushier indica-leaning phenotypes to allow good airflow through the plant. When cultivated in typical home-grown conditions with soil/compost in medium sized containers, expect around 80-100g yields. But grow these autoflower seeds in a hydroponic system with an optimised environment (perhaps with LED grow lights) and you could get several hundred grams of highly potent dry buds per plant. Those growing defoliated plants with just a couple of blooms in a SOG setting will enjoy surprising yields of rock hard buds.

Autoflower seeds with connoisseur effects and taste

Apollo Black Cherry Autoflower has great potency, but most repeat growers would grow her for the delicious fruity/cherry profile and taste. It’s quite unique, once tasted you will savour and remember the tongue tingling terpenes. The combined effect of high THC levels and the flavour-packed buds delivers a fast acting knockout effect. Perfect for kicking back in the evening! A real stress buster, anxiety just melts away after a few hits of the fruity/cherry flavoured buds.

Apollo Black Cherry Autoflower - XL yields come as standard

Most plants tend to commence bloom after 4-4.5 weeks or so. A 20/4 light cycle is recommended (20 hours of daylight followed by 4 hours of darkness). These are genuine XL yielding genetics; to get the most from them you may want to allow plants around 13 weeks from autoflower seed to harvest. Occasional plants may need up to 15 weeks. That’s a little longer than the average autoflower, but the XXL yields are a serious reward for the patient grower. If you are new to Humboldt X Seedstockers genetics, you will be surprised by the number of heavy blooms that form.

The longer life cycle of these sativa-leaning autoflower genetics may result in plants that are a little taller than those you are used to. They may not suit those with the smallest of grow rooms unless you are prepared to train your plants. A SOG grow makes the best use of your space. Outdoor growers may also find that a trellis, screen or training may be useful to control vertical growth if required.

Apollo Black Cherry buds, taste and effect

Growers that like ‘boulder’ style buds will love Apollo Black Cherry Autoflower. Expect large, dense and hard buds with a white trichome coating. Any underlying purple hues seem to take on a lavender appearance underneath the dense white resin crystals. These are called Premium Cali Seeds for good reasons! The skunky sugary sweet soda scent is a true delight. You and your friends will love opening the jars and enjoying the intense aroma. You may notice scents of cherry soda even in early bloom. As harvest approaches the grow room will have a nose tingling aroma of sweet red berries and wild red cherries. With a good cure you may also pick up some citrus aromas and a good serving of skunk. This is one for the connoisseurs out there!

You will love breaking open the buds and treating your senses to the smell of freshly poured cherry cola! The fruity/cherry scent of the dry buds is the same as they were on the plant as harvest approached. As curing progresses, you may pick up hints of ripe sweet plum.

Grower tips & genetic info.

Apollo Black Cherry Autoflower seeds will grow well in a range of conditions. She isn't a fussy feeder and when she is in full swing, she can have quite an appetite. The giant blooms and long-life cycle require sufficient nutrients. But get these genetics in the nutrient sweet spot (without over-feeding or under-feeding) and you can expect some seriously heavy autoflower yields. You may find extra Potassium and Phosphorus in bloom will promote heavy yields and potency.

Apollo Black Cherry is a hybrid autoflower with diverse genetic ancestry from some of the finest genetics from the United States and Europe. Apollo 13 uses a well-respected gene pool that took delicate and painstaking work to create. The Jack Herer genetic line was influential here. The sativa phenotype was selected to be crossed with Black Cherry Cheesecake and Cherry AK47. The hybrid phenotype of Black Cherry Cheesecake used is thought to come from a breeder in Oregon, in the United States, and is a stellar cross of Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze, and Cheese. Cherry AK47 won an award at The Highlife Cup in 2019. She brings her own strong heritage to represent breeders from Holland as a skunk variety with a rich selection of parents from Mexico, Thailand, Afghanistan, and Colombia

All in all, Apollo Black Cherry Autoflower is one of the finest autoflower seeds. The sensational and unusual taste is simple delicious. Expert growers will be shooting for heavy yields from the 13–15-week life cycle. The sativa-leaning plants may stretch a little more than the average auto, but the stretch is perfectly manageable for the indoor grower. Outdoors she will also grow well, just prepare the ground well and select a warm/sunny 4-month period to grow her in. This is a perfect strain for those that love banging THC levels with rare cherry flavours! If you don't mind a slightly longer seed-to-harvest grow cycle you can be enjoying some XXL yields and genuine Grade-A buds.

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