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Mandarin Cookies x Pink Panties Auto

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Life cycle: 9-10 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Indica
Yield: Big
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Citrus Herbal
Effect: Happy Chill
Experience: Intermediate

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Mandarin Panties© Autoflower seeds

Mandarin Panties Auto seeds are the perfect choice for discreet growers with a small growing space. This autoflowering beauty keeps the features of Mandarin Panties: she’s easy and fast to grow, has a dominant citrus flavour, and delivers an outstandingly relaxing effect.

Mandarin Panties Auto is a great candidate to be the winner of many Cannabis Cups due to her high THC content, her original mandarin taste, and her super resinous buds.
You will only have to wait for 75 days from seed germination to harvest, when you’ll be rewarded with an incredible yield that will definitely make up for all those extra days of work. Despite her size, she can exceed 1 metre in height when grown optimally, and her yield has nothing to envy that of the photoperiod strains.

Her vegetative period gives you enough time to prepare the plant so she can support as much weight as possible. The first pistils will start appearing towards the end of the first 30 days.
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Growing guide


Mandarin Panties Auto is a good fit for any type of grower, be it the newest rookie or the most experienced cannabis virtuoso. This jewel meets all the expectations of a fast and productive plant. The autoflowering version continues to develop into a compact plant that, when grown under optimal conditions, can reach heights that will make you question whether she’s an auto or a photoperiod strain. As with many other autoflowerings, changing pots during cultivation is not advised. We recommend planting directly into the final pot and using well aerated soil that includes perlite or coco coir in order to complete the development of the plant in the first 3 weeks of life.

After the first 28-30 days of growth, Mandarin Panties Auto marijuana seeds will start the flowering process, initially slowly before exploding around the fourth or fifth week of flowering, giving way to large, rounded bud formations. Depending on the pheno, the resin may start appearing around the third or fourth week, showing the more sativa side of her genetics, although you might need to wait for 75 days to obtain her peak yield.


Mandarin Panties Auto has a more open structure than that of her photoperiod ancestor, which makes her more resistant and flexible to both wind and humidity excess. This gives you the possibility to grow in slightly wetter areas without having to worry too much about airborne fungal contamination. Her development will be somewhat slower than when grown indoors, so she’ll usually grow very discreetly. After the first month of development the flowering will take centre stage and you’ll be able to witness the formation of new pistils in a matter of hours.

Mandarin Panties Auto showcases high THC levels and huge amounts of resin that make her buds really sticky. She leaves a scent trail between the typical cannabis smell and varying citrus notes that lean towards mandarin, as her name suggests, together with a pleasant floral bouquet on exhalation. Effects are really pleasant, light, and bearable. You’ll feel your body and mind lifting enough to brighten your day and leave you with a feeling of relaxation that will let you sleep like a baby.

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