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Blue Moby X Moby Dick Auto

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Life cycle: 12 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Hybrid
Yield: Huge
THC: Medium (14 -22%)
Flavor: Candy Spicy
Effect: Happy Chill
Experience: Beginner

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Blue Moby© Autoflower seeds

It’s no wonder Blue Moby makes such a big impression wherever she goes, given the top-notch lineage that she originates from. If you give this cannabis hybrid a little bit of attention, she’ll reward you with killer yields that boast an incredible blueberry aroma. Here we tell you every growing secret that you need to know so you can enjoy this cannabis jewel at her best.

What’s Blue Moby’s genetic background?

Blue Moby is a feminised, autoflowering cannabis hybrid that started with the cross of Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, in order to make this already stinky even stinkier. A selection of this crossing was then crossed with Moby Dick, a variety renowned for her huge yields of extremely potent buds that even contain some THCV.
Finally, a selection of this crossing was backcrossed with Blue Dream once again in order to ensure the taste and aroma of pungent blueberries in all phenotypes. Phenotype 1 particularly captures the original Blue Dream bud structure, helped by Moby Dick for even fatter nuggets.


Two phenotypes

Blue Moby expresses two very specific phenotypes. One of them is short, tight and compact, with engorged calyxes that are stunning to look at. This marijuana plant finishes quickly and produces massive yields. The other pheno stretches a lot and doesn’t exhibit the same over-sized calyx trait. In addition, she takes an extra week to start flowering, and will take an extra two or even three weeks to properly mature. She gets covered in much smaller calyxes, which leads to tons and tons of red pistils. The first pheno definitely gets the top prize, exhibiting what many consider the epitome of bud and calyx structure.


The first pheno will produce plants that stay under 60cm in height and don’t grow too wide, so they don’t take up a bunch of space. They are the perfect fit if you only have a small amount of space available or if you’re looking to be discreet. The second pheno develops lots of lateral branching and becomes much taller than the first one (around 80 cm).

Blue Moby’s organoleptic properties

The phenotypes featured here released a variety of aromas, which included blueberry pie, blueberry syrup, and anything else blueberry you can think of. The carbon filters struggled to keep up with this particular strain, so consider upgrading your ventilation system before you get in trouble with your neighbours!

Aroma of the dried buds

The dried buds maintain their syrupy, blueberry sweetness whilst also developing an earthy and woody aroma that is really noticeable in Blue Moby’s thick smoke.

How does the plant smell?

Blue Moby smells like blueberries from head to toe right from the very beginning of flowering. There are rich Kushy tones that also make their way to your nostrils as the plant matures, although the sweet pungency of blueberry is the dead giveaway that somebody has some Blue Moby in their grow. Certain phenos are sweeter, while others express tart and even menthol-like aromas on the live plant.

What’s Blue Moby’s bag appeal?

Blue Moby takes the prize for the most gorgeous bud structure, with giant snow-blasted beasts that show off all the colours of the northern lights. The oversized calyxes of the first phenotype are impressive, and the thousands of red pistils covering her sister make for gorgeous nuggetry.

What effects does Blue Moby deliver?

Blue Moby produces strong body sedation as well as a mental high. This is certainly not a strain for lightweights! This hybrid will hit you directly behind the eyes before travelling to your cheeks and then further throughout your body. While there is extreme bodily relaxation, that doesn’t mean that the effect is exactly couch-locking. There is still a certain stimulation that keeps the mind active and it’s easy for you to go about your day with your head in the clouds.


What kind of yield can you expect from Blue Moby?

All plants produced well, around 150+ g each.
However, the short and stocky phenotype produced the biggest yield (over 200g per plant).

Cultivation manual


How to grow Blue Moby

Blue Moby is an incredibly easy seed that, as our tests show, will produce huge amounts of potent weed with even the smallest amount of nutrients.
This is to say that Blue Moby is not a heavy feeder, despite producing killer yields. Defoliation is key for a variety of reasons, but mostly to help maximize the yield, and therefore we recommend that you become familiar with this technique.

Flowering period

The first phenotype took a relatively short time to finish at about 75 days. However, the second pheno would have probably been happier with a full 90 – 100 day cycle for optimum results. That being said, the yield of both strains is worth the wait if you can afford the longer flowering time. The second phenotype also needs an extended preflowering period, and should be given enough time to mature properly so you can really see what she has to offer.

Vegetative phase

Blue Moby’s first phenotype will take just 4 weeks before hardcore flowering starts to happen.
The second phenotype might start showing flowering signs at 5 weeks but won’t start really picking up pace until weeks 6 or 7.

What nutrients does Blue Moby need?

These plants were cultivated in generic 1.8-2-2 potting soil. 1g dolomite lime / litre of soil was used as a source of calcium and magnesium.
Although they didn’t require any nutrients other than those that were already in the soil during the vegetative phase, these plants accepted all the additional nutrients that they were given. Extra phosphorus and potassium are recommended during the flowering in order to increase yields and boost potency.

Top tips on how to grow Blue Moby indoors

Indoor growers will also benefit from lots of defoliation. Having larger-sized containers is also recommended to minimise the watering frequency later into the flowering.
You need to keep in mind that Blue Moby sucks up water like crazy towards the end of its maturation.


Top tips on how to grow Blue Moby outdoors

Lots of defoliation of both phenos will be required in order to get the maximum yield. This beauty has a ton of nodes, which translates into giant yields, but they need lots of support.
The first pheno usually does a good job of supporting herself, whereas supporting the second pheno is definitely a must.

Top Tips for Small Growers

If you're dealing with a small space, it might be worth planting several seeds and then select the first pheno and cull the second type.
You'll miss out on nothing while benefitting from the biggest possible yields of the very best buds. This is easily done since you can tell the two phenos apart early into the flowering.

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