Big Yeti© Feminized

Early Durban X Sour Diesel

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Grow type: Outdoor
Dominant: Sativa
Yield: Massive
THC: Medium (14 -22%)
Flavor: Citrus
Effect: Active
Flower period: 8 weeks
Experience: Beginner

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Big Yeti© Feminized seeds

Grow cannabis outdoors directly in the soil or a container? Big Yeti Feminized is your outdoor cannabis seed!

Big Yeti is a new feminised photoperiod strain (not an autoflower). These cannabis seeds are specially developed for outdoor cultivation. The Dutch breeding department at Seedstockers Seed Bank spent 4 years working on this new strain to be added to their cannabis seed collection. They selected cannabis plants that were the most resistant to rain, fungus and pests to further improve. This process was carried out in an area very close to the beach, making these cannabis genetics fully adapted to humid conditions, short summers and the strong fresh North Sea wind.

The outdoor cannabis plants used to create this variety are proven outdoor varieties. These seeds are highly stuitable for climates such as, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, the northern part of North America, Patagonia but also tropical climates with high humidity and mountainous areas with much rainfall and low temperatures.

The female line is a special variety from the 1990s, an Early Durban version from Flying Dutchmen Seeds that has been used for generations by local cannabis growers in this northern Dutch region to grow outdoor weed. The male line uses a Sour Diesel selection from up-state New York that has been used there since the early 1990s in a similar humid climate with wet and short summers. These two strains were raised from seeds, the best female Early Durban and the best male Sour Diesel were crossed after a pheno hunt and then crossed through for 3 generations, each time exposing the plants to the relatively harsh conditions of the northern Dutch coast.

Best Sativa seeds for outdoor growing

The result is Big Yeti. A beautiful sativa-dominant outdoor variety that is and ideal outdoor marijuana plant for outdoor gardens. Both suitable for cultivation in large containers or directly in the soil. Being completely at home in "difficult" climates, this a feminized outdoor sativa strain relatively resistant to mould and pests during flowering. This cultivar flowers quickly. In the vegetative phase, Big Yeti develops from small seedlings into real monsters that can grow up to 5 metres tall if grown outdoors in very large quantities of garden soil or the open soil. This Sativa has thick long buds that are fairly elongated but still "open" enough in structure to prevent mould. The flavour is on the sweet-sour side of the spectrum, reminiscent of tamarind and citrus. If you take good care of Big Yeti Feminized you will harvest large quantities of high THC weed in autumn.

Because of the specific characteristics of these cannabis seeds for your outdoor garden it's important to know that there are also some limitations. These ferocious monsters are not very suitable for growing indoors and neither the best for greenhouses. If you do want to raise these outdoor plants in a greenhouse keep them small by placing them in a relatively small container with rich potting soil, otherwise you run the risk of it literally going through the roof.

Big Yeti, buy outdoor cannabis seeds for your garden!

Big Yeti is ideal for outdoors, the great advantage of growing outdoors in a pot or free soil is that the grower can get a huge harvest of cannabis buds in a cheap and easy way. Also, growing outdoor feminised cannabis seeds is the most nature-friendly way for cannabis growers to get their beloved buds. No artificial light is needed, no air conditioning and no other energy-consuming means if you put these plants outside

Choosing the best outdoor cannabis seeds

Before deciding which strain to grow outdoors, it is wise to think about whether you prefer to grow autoflowers or traditional (photoperiodic) Feminized seeds. Buying autoflowering cannabis seeds is the best option for people looking for relatively small plants which are ready quickly and are very suitable for growing in a garden or on a balcony. However, if you want the biggest outdoor plants possible choose traditional feminised strains like Big Yeti or the Indica dominant Zmäkdaun outdoor seeds. These strains are very suitable for outdoor cannabis growing. If you consider growing autoflower outdoor some very good options are: Super Skunk AutoflowerOG Kush Autoflower and Amnesia Autoflower, these hybrid feminized autoflower cannabis strains by Seedstockers Seed Company have a reduced flower time and can be planted two times per season.

How do you start outdoor weed seeds

If you want to cultivate cannabis outdoors, it is important to choose a safe method of germination. The safest way is to place the seeds between two moist cotton pads (unscented!) in a sealed container or bag. Make sure you are very careful at this stage, baby plants are extremely sensitive.

What does a cannabis plant need when growing outdoors in the open ground?

After the plant is a few weeks old, it can already be moved to its final spot in the garden. However, you will have to wait to bring the plant outside until it can no longer freeze outside, including night frost.

It is wise to think about protection against voracious critters such as snails and caterpillars. These are capable of eating a young Big Yeti weed plant completely in a day or night. A good way to protect the young plant is to place a plastic cap or large clear plastic box or pot over the plant, this way the plant does get to root in its final spot without being exposed to critters.

Another commonly used technique that helps protect the plant but also benefits the development of the plant is by digging the plant with pot and all into the garden a little bit, this way the plant is not stressed by repotting. Another big advantage of partly burying the plant with it's container is that you can easily create a raised bed. Especially if you do this with our fabric Grow pots, you create a breathable elevation, which is very good for the plant because it likes to absorb oxygen through its roots.

How to handle watering?

During growth, it is important for a plant to have sufficient access to water and nutrients, but it is not at all bad if the soil is also regularly a little dry. It is best to check with your fingers a few centimetres deep into the soil every day. If the soil feels moist, you don't need to do anything. If the soil feels bone-dry, water it, give it plenty, especially if the plant is already large. With large plants it is really necessary to regularly give extra water, especially in hot sunny weather.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Cannabis Seeds

What are cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds are the seeds of the marijuana plant, which are used for growing and cultivating marijuana plants. People also call them marijuan or pot seeds. Hemp seeds are cannabis seeds of specific cannabis varieties very low in THC.

Can I grow cannabis from outdoor cannabis seeds?

Yes, outdoor cannabis seeds are specifically bred to thrive in outdoor conditions, allowing you to grow marijuana plants outdoors. Varieties not labeled as specific outdoor genetics can also be cultivated outdoors but are often not very adapted to the harsh outdoor conditions of areas such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

What does feminized mean in relation to cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds harvested from plants which have been stimulated to produce seeds wich will give rise to 99+% female plants. These seeds are very suitable for growers who want to grow cannabis for consumption or use of the flowers/buds. 

How do I choose the right strain of cannabis seeds?

When choosing cannabis seeds, consider factors such as the desired effects (sativa vs. indica), flowering time, and climate compatibility. Always choose seeds offered by a reputable seed company with a good customer service department in order to be sure that you can ask for help when needed. 

Where can I buy the best outdoor cannabis seeds?

You can buy high-quality outdoor cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks or seed companies that specialize in outdoor genetics. The collection outdoor varieties by Seedstockers can be found here.

What is the difference between outdoor growing and indoor cultivation?

Outdoor cultivation involves cultivating marinuana plants in an outdoor environment, while indoor cultivation takes place indoors under controlled conditions and with help of tools such as ventilators, lights, co2 addition and extraction. Indoor growing provides a great level of control. Results of indoor grows are normally of very high quality and potency. Outoor growing is a great option because it offers the grow to produce large quantities of cannabis at a low cost and with a very low environmental impact.

What is sativa in relation to cannabis?

Sativa is a type of weed plant known for its energizing and uplifting effects, often preferred for daytime use.

Are feminized seeds suitable for beginners?

Feminized seeds are very suitable for beginners. All plants grown from fem seeds will give rise to female plants with buds. Male plants to not produce the high-cannabinoids flowers and contaminate female flowers with pollen which makes them unsuitable for consumption.

How does climate affect outdoor cannabis growing?

Climate plays a crucial role in outdoor cannabis growing, as different varieties thrive in specific climates and require appropriate temperature and humidity levels. When choosing a cultivar to grow always investigate if the desired genetics are suitable for your climate and circumstances.

What is the difference between indica and sativa strains?

Indica varieties are known for their relaxing and sedative effect. Sativas are known to provide for a energetic active high. 

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