Sherbet Autoflower

(GSC x Pink Panties) x Northern Lights auto

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Life cycle: 9-10 weeks
Grow type: Indoor/Outdoor
Dominant: Indica
Yield: Massive
THC: High (23 - 26%)
Flavor: Citrus Fruity
Effect: Relaxing
Experience: Expert

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Sherbet Autoflower seeds

Incredible flavor and a rapid flowering time!

Seedstockers are proud to present Sherbet Auto, which is our own version of Orange Sherbet Auto. She is an autoflowering strain that offers amazing flavor, bag appeal, is easy to grow and an excellent starting point for any first time growers.


One of the best things about Sherbet Auto is that she stays small and discreet, meaning for balconies, terraces and back gardens she remains well hidden.  We strongly recommend Sherbet Auto to growers with limited height indoors or outdoors and will find growing in a sea of green set up to be most rewarding. 

With such a rapid flowering time of 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest, you will be able to harvest back to back throughout the year when planting outdoors. Those who experience short Summers and cold climates will find Sherbet Auto will give them the peace of mind, as she is ready to harvest every 3 months.

Where does Sherbet Auto come from? 

We created Sherbet Auto by crossing our stud autoflowering Northern Lights Auto, and reversed her into our best phenotype of a Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties cross. The Cookie and Pink Panties cross became heavily popular on the West Coast of the US and soon spread across Europe and the rest of the world. 

The result is a small sized autoflowering plant that maintains the rich, sweet and sour terpene profile, prolific resin content and only needs 70 days from planting until harvest. We have kept all of the most desirable traits from both parents as well as the tough resilience of the Northern Lights Auto genetics used.

What do Sherbet Autoflower strain plants look like? 

When fully grown, Sherbet Autoflower will grow as tall as 75-90 cm in height, with one main cola and long thin side branches. Due to the way she grows, it is well advised to plant in a SOG set up, meaning that a high volume of plants are grown closely together. The flowers will become dense with tightly packed internodal spacing. There will be an abundance of thin side branches that form compact and dense buds all the way up, glistening in resin.

How much do Sherbet Auto plants yield?

Sherbet Auto has the ability to produce between 60-90 grams per plant.  When grown closely together in a SOG, yields of 400-450 grams per meter square can be achieved under the right circumstances. The amount that each plant can yield will depend on the amount of light, nutrients and pot size. 

Do Sherbet Auto plants need a lot of maintenance?

Not at all and in fact she is easy to grow, requiring almost no maintenance, support. Thanks to her short stature and unbelievable quick harvest time, the amount of hands on time is limited to 9-10 weeks. Sherbet Auto is a great entry level strain for an indoor or outdoor grower new to autoflowering varieties. There is no need to support the side branches or add any bamboo canes or nets, making her an easy to grow plant

What’s the aroma of Sherbet Auto buds? 

In recent years, the US scene has paved the way in terms of the latest trends and flavors, so we made sure we locked in that sweet, sour and cookie profile that has become so popular across the world. The aroma of Sherbet Auto can be described as a complex mix of lemon, sour sherbet with a sweet tart aftertaste that is dominant in Caryophyllene and Myrcene terpenes. If you enjoy Cookie crosses, then Sherbet Auto will be the next best thing in autoflowering form.

What’s the flavor of Sherbet Auto? 

When smoking Sherbet Auto, she has to be one of the tastiest flowers around! Every toke of a blunt or joint will produce a sour, citrus, lemon, candy sweet, sharp and fizzy sherbet profile that will wash your mouth with a tonic of terpenes. When smoking the extracts, the flavors are amplified to another level that coat the mouth with an array of flavor and joy. 


How do the dried Sherbet Auto buds look?

The buds may not be the biggest, however these small, tight and compact nugs are elite. Under closer inspection, they glisten like diamonds with a lime green tint wrapped in orange hairs. She has a stunning bag appeal and is well suited for commercial growers who need a real head turning flower. The buds are quite small and dense, and when squeezing has a rock hard quality to them.

What about the returns on extracts and hash?

Sherbet Auto produces good returns when making water hash, BHO or rosin. We strongly recommend this strain to any serious extractors as some amazing live resin hash and rosin can be made. A magnificent strain for making dry sift, and will produce some of the best full melt around, worthy of any cup win. Overall, a wise choice for extractors and hash makers, who prefer whole plant extracts.

Effect of Sherbet Autoflower

When testing a sample of Sherbet Autoflower, the results revealed 33.27% total cannabinoids and 26.80% THC. The effects are relaxing, strong and deeply therapeutic. Sherbet Auto can be a wonderful way to unwind in the evening times, before preparing for a long, deep sleep. Smokers who do not have a high tolerance will really enjoy smoking Sherbet Autoflower, as they drift off into a dreamy and relaxed mind set, without being overwhelmed by potency. We advise this strain for unwinding and putting your feet up, kicking back to a box set or Netflix series, or just lounging around on a lazy weekend.

cultivation manual

How to grow Sherbet Autoflowering cannabis seeds?

What makes Sherbet Auto cannabis seeds so great is that they do not require a set light regime like traditional photoperiod cannabis plants. So, you can safely leave your Sherbet Auto plants growing on a balcony that is illuminated by streetlights, without flowering being interrupted. 

We advise growing in a Sea of Green, allowing you to maximize your grow room and working in short sized grow spaces.  Sherbet Auto will produce excellent results outdoors and in a greenhouse. Thanks to their short size, Sherbet Auto are easy to hide and can be planted with companion plants to enhance their stealthy characteristics even more.

How to grow Sherbet Auto marihuana seeds indoors?

Growing cannabis indoors allows a grower to better control and regulate their indoor garden using HID lighting. When growing Sherbet Auto indoors, we recommend to germinate the seeds and plant directly into large sized pots, such as 15-20 liters in size. 

As far as a lighting schedule is concerned, we recommend to provide between 18-20 hours of intense lighting (HPS/MH/LED). Sherbet Auto is a heavy drinker and can easily consume large amounts of water and nutrient solution. It is also possible to feed a higher than normal E.C level when using hydroponic methods.

Sherbet Auto plants will take the first 3-4 weeks to grow into a short and stocky vegetative plant. Then from week 5-7, the plants will begin to quickly flower and be ready to harvest within 70 days when grown indoors.  It is also essential to make sure that the relative humidity and temperature remain consistent with a fresh flow of air circulating around the plants.

What about the temperature and humidity indoors?

When it comes to temperature, you will want to aim for 24 degrees Celsius with a lights off temperature around 18-20 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity after week 4 should be lowered using a dehumidifier to as low as 40%. High humidity levels and poor air flow can promote flowering plants to become infected by air borne pathogens such as powdery mildew and mold.

The easiest way to make sure that your indoor garden of Sherbet Auto plants stay happy and healthy, is to use multiple oscillating fans turning at different levels, to keep the air flow and current as fresh as possible. Stagnant air pockets will only encourage pathogens and can cause the bus rot from the inside out in some cases.

How to grow Sherbet Auto cannabis seeds outdoors? 

Thanks to the rapid turnaround time from seed until harvest, planting outdoors can be very rewarding especially for commercial scale growers using a Sea of Green set up. It is a good idea to germinate the seeds and plant into a large sized plastic or fabric pot such as 25 liters. 

It is very important that the Sherbet Auto plants can receive as much direct sunlight as possible, so keeping the autos in a South facing location is well advised. If you are growing inside a greenhouse, then Sherbet Auto can be left to its own devices and will produce very impressive results in all types of climates. Sherbet Auto plants thrive in hot and tropical climates perpetually harvested all year long.  They can also adapt well to colder weather and finish quickly. 

What’s the feeding schedule of Sherbet Auto? 

When feeding any plant, it is important to consider allowing the roots to grow and search out for air pockets and moisture in the growing medium. Especially when growing autoflowering varieties that require 3-4 weeks to establish their root zone and become a strong and healthy cannabis plant.

We recommend making sure that your growing medium already contains all the required primary (NPK) and trace elements for the plants, and can be nursed with a liquid feed or plain water.  Never over feed and always consider the final taste so flushing the plants with plain water only is the best option.

Using a booster designed for the flowering stage can also increase yields, however it is best to follow the feeding chart provided by the nutrient company in this instance, and consider the flushing period also.

What kind of soil is better to grow Sherbet Autoflower plants? 

As long as you have a well balanced and fresh batch of soil that is rich in beneficial microorganisms then you are well on your way to success! All cannabis plants thrive in a living soil that allows the roots to obtain essential nutrients as and when they need them. One of the most important things when it comes to the growing medium, is to have an awareness of good drainage qualities with plenty of oxygen. This simply means when you water the plants, there is a clear stream of water coming out of the bottoms within 30-60 seconds without the soil becoming waterlogged and heavy to pick up. 

This type of medium can easily be obtained by mixing ¾ of soil with ¼  of coco and/or perlite. The more perlite and coco that is added to the soil blend, then the more oxygen and air pockets will be present, allowing for more frequent watering and a much more established root base. It is always recommended to inoculate your growing medium with endo-mycorrhizae fungi which will form a symbiotic relationship with the plants and aid in nutrient uptake and increase resistance to stress and disease.

What’s the best lighting schedule for Sherbet Auto? 

The unique thing about growing autoflowering varieties of cannabis, is that they will grow and flower even under the most extreme lighting conditions. Outdoors we find that planting from May until August will produce the best results and keeping the plants fixed in a South facing location is very important.

Indoors, providing 18-20 hours of HID lighting is recommended, however growing Sherbet Auto in the flowering room with photoperiod strains under 12/12 will also produce excellent results. If you are growing in a city center environment, then street lights and external lighting sources will not affect Sherbet Auto.


5 Growing tips to get the best out of Sherbet Autoflower


1. Small and discreet plants

Sherbet Auto likes to stay low and discreet, making her an outdoor growers best friend. Thanks to her short height averaging 60-90 cm on average, camouflaging your outdoor plants is easily done and will help keep your garden well hidden. Our top tip here is to use companion plants, which can be easily sourced from a local garden center.

2. Back to back harvests in hot climate

For those who are fortunate enough to live in a hot climate such as South Europe or South of California, then it is possible to really get the most out of this rapid flowering auto hybrid. Our top tip here is to plant from March until late September, allowing perpetual harvest back to back, or high grade buds.  You can still get great results even growing late into the year, however yields will be significantly smaller.

3. Fast finishing variety for short Summers

On the other hand, if you live in Northern Europe or the East Coast of the US, then the luxury to plant all year around is not an option, and the concern of cold and wet weather is a very real threat. Our top tip here is to plant Sherbet Auto outdoors between the months of May until August. This will ensure you can harvest 2 crops and eliminate the concern of powdery mildew and mold.

4. Plant in large sized felt pots

As mentioned above, unless your intention is to plant a large number of Sherbet Auto seeds, and grow in a compact SOG set up, then our top tip here is to plant directly into large sized felt pots. The advantage of growing in a big pot such as 25 liters, is the plants will have the best chance of becoming as big as possible. The other advantage is that the roots are able to become air pruned when they come into contact with air at the edge of the fabric.

5. Keep plants South facing

If growing Sherbet Auto seeds outdoors, then it is important to keep the plants in the same direction as where the sun sets, so this will allow your plants to receive the most amount of direct sunlight each day. If you are not able to do this due to where you live, then try your best to move the pots around to allow them as much sunlight as possible.

Buy Sherbet Auto seeds from Seedstockers 

Sherbet Auto is super fast, extremely tasty and has a wonderful effect. This low maintenance and short sized plant is a must have for connoisseurs and flavor chasers. Find out why Sherbet became everyone's favorite strain and experience these lip licking flavors for yourself, with the ability to harvest every 70 days!
Buy your Sherbet Auto seeds from Seedstockers today!

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