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We are pleased to present our catalogue of feminised cannabis seeds; a unique selection that is especially well suited for demanding growers looking for stability, quality, and guaranteed performance. Thanks to the work of our breeders, the Seedstockers’ catalogue includes a great variety of female seeds, ranging from the most renowned classics that continue to perform decade after decade, to the most innovative and acclaimed flavours, all of which can help make your grow truly unique and special.

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Seedstockers’ feminised seeds guarantee the highest of standards in each of the genetics that are selected so that you can always obtain a top quality crop. Discover this amazing collection of cannabis jewels below and purchase them at the best price on our website. These strains will certainly transform your grow into a true work of art!

What are feminised seeds?

Feminised cannabis seeds were given their name precisely because they exclusively develop female plants. On the contrary, regular seeds can also produce male plants in a 50:50 ratio when grown under normal conditions.

Do feminised seeds always yield female cannabis plants?

Growing feminised seeds ensures that all the plants in your grow are female, so you don’t have to worry about a possible pollination by the male flowers. This will in turn help you save time and resources. Forget about having to identify and eliminate the male plants! With our female seeds you’ll only have to worry about taking advantage of 100% of the available space from the very beginning and making sure that you get the most out of your grow.

Where do female cannabis seeds come from?

Until the emergence of feminised seeds in the market, the cultivation of cannabis was carried out exclusively with regular genetics, which, as previously mentioned, involved the identification and disposal of male plants.

In the late 1990s a true revolution occurred in the cultivation of cannabis as the most pioneering seed banks discovered how to create feminised seeds capable of producing a female plant with a probability of 99.9%.

What back then was a ground-breaking discovery to obtain seedless marijuana plants much more easily, has now become the most frequent option for any grower. In fact, you can currently choose from the dozens of feminised genetics that are available in our catalogue. With such a choice you will surely find the one that best suits your needs.

What’s the difference between feminised and autoflowering seeds?

Just like regular seeds, feminised seeds are classified as photoperiod because they depend on the ratio between light and darkness that they’re exposed to in order to move from the vegetative period to the flowering phase. In other words, flowering is stimulated through a reduction in the number of daylight hours within a 24-hour period.

This means that, when they’re grown outdoors, these strains develop according to the natural cycles of light and darkness, which change in relation to the passing of the seasons. Therefore, feminised seeds germinate naturally in early spring, when the good weather begins (with an optimal temperature of 20-25ºC). During the first stage of this season, when the days become longer (i.e. there are more hours of light per day), the plants grow and develop their structure. And it’s not until the summer solstice, when the days begin to shorten, that this is reversed and the plants start flowering.

The end of the flowering period and the arrival of harvest time take place around early autumn. The exact date will depend on the variety that’s being grown, since sativa-dominant genetics have a longer flowering period than more indica-leaning varieties.

Indoors, however, it is possible to artificially modify the periods of light and darkness. You can use a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for the plants to remain in vegetative mode, and then a 12/12 cycle to induce the flowering process.

If you want to have total freedom of planning, feminised seeds will help you create a grow that’s completely tailored to your needs. With this type of genetics you can set the growth time of the plants in order to get the size and shape that you want. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the presence of male plants and you will know the precise duration of the flowering, which usually ranges between a minimum of 8 weeks for indica-dominant strains and a maximum of 12 weeks for sativa-leaning varieties.

In contrast, automatic strains don’t depend on the photoperiod to start flowering - they actually start automatically after a vegetative period that usually ranges between 60 and 80 days, depending on the variety. Therefore, these strains usually have a shorter life cycle and can be grown at different times of the outdoor season as long as the conditions are suitable.

But… What are feminised seeds and how are they obtained?

Unlike regular seeds, which contain male and female chromosomes in their genetic code, feminised seeds only contain female chromosomes, and therefore can only produce female plants.

This peculiarity doesn’t derive from genetic engineering (these seeds are NOT genetically modified) but is instead the result of breeding techniques whereby two female plants are crossed, which reverses the sexuality of one of them to produce male flowers with female DNA.

Can feminised seeds result in a male plant?

During the first few years of production, some of the feminised seeds tended to develop hermaphroditism, which is one of the main enemies of marijuana growers. This was due to the genetic instability and sex reversal techniques of the female plants.

Over time, the different techniques have been significantly improved and feminised seeds have acquired optimal levels of stability. Thanks to the meticulous work of the best breeders, Seedstockers can guarantee that you will be purchasing high-quality feminised seeds with great genetic stability. These are strains with which you can grow healthy and vigorous plants that will lead to first-class crops.

Do feminised seeds always produce female plants?

The answer is YES. As we have previously explained, these seeds don’t contain any genetic code for the development of the male sex. However, cannabis is a dioecious plant that can reverse its sex under certain conditions, for instance in very high temperatures. Therefore, despite the extensive breeding work that has been carried out to remove this trait from the genetic pool of our strains, this could still happen but only on a purely anecdotal level. Hermaphroditism in feminised seeds that have been created after extensive breeding work is so incredibly unusual that it is considered extremely unlikely to occur.

Why does hermaphroditism occur and what to do?

There are several reasons that may cause a cannabis plant to reverse its sex, which is when a feminised strain develops sacks of pollen. In general, occurrences of hermaphroditism (which today are only isolated cases) can be attributed to stress factors like excessive heat and genetic instability. It is also important to pay attention to the light cycles: if, for instance, the plants are exposed to light pollution during the period in which they should be in absolute darkness, that could be a crucial stress factor that could result in this rare phenomenon.

Essentially, hermaphroditism has the function of perpetuating the survival of the species. When a cannabis plant feels that it may not be able to finish its life cycle (i.e. it may not be able to develop flowers and have them pollinated), it can reverse its sex to create male and female flowers at the same time so it can pollinate itself. This way, the plant achieves its biological function, which is to create seeds that will germinate the following spring.

Whilst this mechanism may be fascinating in botanical terms, it would definitely be a huge inconvenience if it happened in your grow. To avoid unwanted pollination, the most important thing is that you detect any signs of hermaphroditism in your plants as early as possible, i.e. that you recognise the male flowers in time before they open up and release the pollen.

You won’t be able to detect whether one of your cannabis plants is hermaphrodite until the flowering stage. During this period you should keep an eye out for any banana-shaped balls that may appear next to the female flowers (i.e. the buds with white ‘hairs’ or pistils). These balls are the male flowers or sacks that contain the pollen.
If you detect a hermaphrodite plant in your grow you need to remove it immediately. Otherwise, as the flowering phase progresses, the sacks will ripen and open, releasing a whitish powder that will pollinate the female flowers and fill them with seeds. This will definitely lower the quality of your crop: nobody wants to find seeds in their buds, as they taste awful when they’re accidentally burned during combustion.

Buying female cannabis seeds

Buying feminised seeds has never been easier! In our catalogue you will find the best strains to obtain a high yield and the best aromatic quality. Thanks to the constant and flawless work of our breeders, our genetics develop strong, productive, and stress-resistant cannabis plants to which you can apply your preferred cultivation technique to obtain a countless number of high-quality flowers.

Whether you’re a fan of classics like Jack Herer or Amnesia, or you’re obsessed with American flavours like Do-si-dos or Runtz, or if you’re looking for more therapeutic varieties rich in CBD o CBG …¡Este es el sitio perfecto para ti! En nuestra web podrás comprar desde una semilla individual hasta paquetes de 3, 5 o 25 unidades.

Why are feminised seeds better?

Nowadays feminised seeds represent the best option for any grower thanks to their numerous advantages when compared to regular seeds:

· There’s no risk of unwanted pollination: You don’t have to worry about monitoring and eliminating the male plants that could end up pollinating the female flowers and reduce the quality of your crop.

· You save on resources: You no longer need to germinate, develop, monitor, or eliminate the male plants. Therefore, you’ll be saving time, space, and resources that you can use to develop the female plants instead.

· Guaranteed genetic stability: The meticulous work of our breeders has bestowed our seeds with outstanding genetic stability. You can grow strong and stress-resistant plants which adapt remarkably well to different growing styles and pruning techniques, without developing hermaphroditism. These plants will also avoid lengthy recovery times, thereby keeping the quality and quantity of your harvest intact.

· Immediate freedom in the planning of your grow: With Seedstockers’ feminised seeds, you can enjoy the experience of feeling totally free, without having to worry about anything else other than taking care of your crop from the very first moment. You’ll be able to manage its location, shape, and size from the beginning by either using the most traditional pruning techniques or experimenting with new ideas to create a unique crop that fully adapts to your needs and desires.

What benefits do feminised seeds have when compared to autoflowering seeds?

While it’s true that you couldn’t say that one format is better than another (since this will depend entirely on the needs of each grower), female seeds present some features that can be really advantageous for some users:

· Control of time and space: As feminised seeds depend on the photoperiod to start flowering, you will have a greater power of decision over the management of your grow space, as well as over the size of the plants.

· Greater recovery margin after an error: Even the most experienced growers know that unforeseen events can occur at any time. By using Seedstockers’ feminised seeds (if you’re growing indoors), you will have all the time you need during the growth phase for the plant to recover from any unexpected events, without affecting the quality and quantity of your crop.

How to grow feminised seeds?

Seedstockers’ feminised seeds will give you the opportunity to experiment with different cultivation techniques. Our strains are highly resistant to stress and can react quickly to any training that you decide to apply on them.

If you’re an experienced grower and want your indoor space to achieve its maximum yielding capacity, Seedstockers’ female seeds will give you the perfect opportunity to apply different intensive cultivation techniques, such as SOG, SCROG, and Low Stress Training (LST).

What techniques can be applied to feminised seeds?

Feminised seeds allow you to use certain cultivation techniques that are discouraged with automatic strains.

SOG: a mesmerising sea of green

SOG, or ‘Sea of Green’, is a training technique that consists of filling the entire growing space with small plants (of around 30 cm) and then developing only their apical buds so that they flower evenly to take advantage of all of the available space. Using the SOG technique will help you reduce the growth time and save resources, but you will need more seeds in comparison to other techniques. The plants that best adapt to SOG are those that tend to naturally develop a large main cola with little lateral branching; for example: Triton Biscotto Lime Fem, Super Skunk Fem, OG Kush Fem, Amnesia Fem, Big Bud Fem.

Low Stress Training: the technique for the ‘handiest’ of growers

With LST (Low Stress Training), the natural apical growth of the plants is modified by stimulating the development of their lateral branches in order to optimise the distribution of light on their entire surface. Unlike SCROG, a mesh isn’t used with this technique. Plant wire and ties are used instead to carefully tie the main branches so that they develop horizontally, without being damaged or suffering much stress. If you fancy giving LST a go, we advise you to choose strains from our catalogue like Moby Dick Fem o Gelato 41 Fem whose branchy structure and long growth and flowering times are well suited to this technique.

SCROG: fewer plants, maximum yield

The training method SCROG or ‘Screen of Green’ consists of using a smaller number of plants than usual and positioning a screen or mesh at a height of about 30 cm. The lateral branches of the plants are then weaved through the mesh to stimulate the development of horizontal ramification to cover all the available surface. If you want to use this technique, you will have to prune your plants to inhibit their natural apical growth, so they develop strong and numerous lateral branches. This way you’ll be getting a flowering style that’s characterised by ‘a great number of colas’ that are evenly distributed throughout the space. SCROG requires a longer growing time for the lateral branching to develop homogeneously, which you will have to organise and monitor carefully, so you’ll need a lot of patience. The plants that best adapt to the SCROG technique are sativa-dominant, such as: Wedding Cake Fem, BCN Critical XXL Fem, AK420 Fem and Amnesia Fem.

Pruning techniques that can be applied to feminised seeds

With Seedstockers’ feminised seeds you’ll obtain incredibly hardy plants that are adaptable to whichever pruning technique you prefer the most.
The pruning process is essential for yield optimisation both in terms of quantity and quality, so you’ll have to know how to choose and carry out the most appropriate technique according to the strains that you decide to use.

· Topping: This is perhaps the most commonly used HST method. To apply topping, you need to cut the main stem near the area of development of the third node. This facilitates the growth of the lower branches and results in lower, more branched apical growth. Using this process, a larger area of the plant is exposed to light, which in turn leads to a higher yield. You can also apply topping to other stems to obtain more bushy plants with a greater number of branches and buds. With this technique you will grow small and compact plants, which is ideal if you’re looking for discretion in your outdoor grow or have little space indoors.

· Fimming: This is a complex technique that involves cutting 70-80% of the main stem (without eliminating it completely) to obtain the growth of 4 to 6 new shoots instead of 2. Fimming significantly increases the number of top colas and maximises the production of buds, obtaining compact plants that don’t take up much space and offer the same advantages as those trained with the topping technique.

· Lollipopping: This technique consists of removing the lower shoots and secondary branches that don’t get enough light so that the energy concentrates on the upper branches. As these are more exposed, they grow stronger, leading to huge buds with a shape similar to that of a baby pacifier. You only need to follow a few simple steps to perform this technique:

  1. Gradually cut the weaker lower branches during the vegetative phase.
  2. Totally eliminate the secondary branches during the third week of flowering, just when the first flowers appear and vegetative growth stops.

Lollipopping is ideal whether you grow in SOG, SCROG, or LST. However, it’s important to remember that, for this technique to reach its maximum potential, it is best to choose the varieties from our catalogue that concentrate their production in only a few main branches; for example Amnesia, Gorilla Glue, or Super Skunk.

How to grow feminised seeds indoors?

In indoor cultivation you have total control of the photoperiod. By using feminised seeds, you can choose when to start the growth and flowering phase and plan their duration accordingly.

Remember that you need to apply a cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness (18/6) during the vegetative phase. At this stage it is possible to keep the plants at relatively high temperatures (25-28ºC) as compared to the flowering period, when it is not recommended to exceed 25ºC.

To initiate the flowering process, you’ll need to reduce the hours of light in a similar way to how this happens in nature. You can stimulate the flowering of your cannabis plants at your chosen time by changing the photoperiod to 12/12. Remember that indica-leaning strains will take about 8-9 weeks to complete this process, as compared to the 9-10 weeks required by the sativa varieties.

Don’t forget that the plants will continue growing during the first few weeks of flowering, increasing their size considerably. Therefore, keep this in mind when you’re calculating the times according to the space that is available. This will avoid unforeseen events and help you maximise your yield.

How to grow feminised seeds outdoors?

The first thing to consider when growing cannabis outdoors is that you need the right climate conditions. Make sure that your plants have direct natural light for at least 6-7 hours a day and avoid exposure to temperatures below 18 or above 33ºC.

Outdoor cultivation follows the cycles of the seasons. Therefore, you will need a relatively long time (6-8 months) to accomplish it. To get the most out of our genetics, we recommend that our female seeds are germinated in early spring, with the arrival of the mild weather, although some growers may choose to start their outdoor grow later for a variety of reasons.

Whether you start growing early in the season in order to produce real monsters, or choose to start later to get plants of a more moderate size, we recommend choosing renowned strains to ensure the success of your crop. Thanks to the high quality of Seedstockers’ feminised cannabis seeds, you will get strong, easily adaptable plants that can reach a considerable size even when you start growing them at the beginning of summer.

· Cannabis cultivation in Mediterranean climates: these are considered some of the best for growing cannabis. This type of climate is typically temperate and sunny, with good humidity levels. Depending on the region where you live, you can germinate your female weed seeds from mid-March (for warmer areas) through to late April (to avoid possible frosts in the colder areas). As the days lengthen during the spring, your plants will continue to grow until the summer solstice, at which point the hours of light will start to decrease, activating the flowering process that will continue until the end of September or mid-October. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for growing any variety from our feminised seed catalogue; so, if you’re lucky enough to live in a region with these climatic characteristics, you have a wide range of genetics that you can choose from.

· Cannabis cultivation in continental or Atlantic climates: these have very cold winters and short, warm summers with frequent rains, so you’ll need hardy strains to overcome both the inclement weather and the pathogens that come with it. Depending on the characteristics of the area, you can sow your seeds in late April or early May and then harvest from early September. In this type of climate, it’s best to have a greenhouse or other protective system for the frequent rains, which can damage the plants or promote the appearance of fungi and mould. In addition, we recommend that you choose fast flowering seeds such as BCN Critical XXL FEM Fast, Cookies Fast, Northern Lights Fem, or Northern Lights Fem, to ensure that the rains and the bad autumn weather don’t ruin your harvest

Seedstockers’ best feminised strains

Seedstockers’ feminised seeds give you total freedom of choice. You can experiment with different genetics, tools, and pruning techniques. However, it is crucial that you choose the strain that best suits your needs and preferences to make sure your grow is a real success.

In our catalogue you will find feminised seeds with the highest quality standards: cheap and productive strains that boast high genetic stability. Discover right now the cannabis jewels we’ve prepared for you… Thanks to the tireless work of our breeders you can now experiment with the most innovative genetics or enjoy once again the original taste of the great classics.

Seedstockers’ USA feminised strains

Las North American genetics, especially those from California, have been a real revolution thanks to their unique combination of high potency, great yielding capacity, and an incredible mix of unique and innovative aromas. These strains deliver intense flavours capable of captivating even the most experienced palates.

Seedstockers brings you the excellence of the USA strains; an unrivalled range of seeds selected for their organoleptic properties, therapeutic potential, and high THC levels.

If you’re a fan of fruity and tropical flavours and high-flying effects, you must try (at least once) our renowned Pineapple. This strain develops robust branches and compact buds that release a delicious pineapple aroma. Purple Punch, on the other hand, is a true spectacle for the eyes. This plant takes on purple hues when it reaches the flowering phase, and gives off an incredible and intense aroma that is reminiscent of red berries.

If you’re into extractions and want to get buds full of crystals with great aromatic richness, we recommend varieties like Do-si-dos, Runtz, or Green Crack. These genetics are famous for their hard-hitting effect and especially for the incredible quality of their flavours.

If you love American genetics, we encourage you to try our version of the most internationally acclaimed beast Gorilla Glue. Our champion has been awarded on multiple occasions thanks to its resin-laden buds, intense aroma, and powerful effect that leads to very pleasant relaxation.

If you like discovering new flavours, it is essential that you try our Girl Scout Cookies. This is one of the most legendary Californian genetics thanks to its peculiar taste of freshly baked cookies; a trait that has turned her into the mother of countless crosses. Seedstockers offers you the opportunity to grow the authentic, original strain and experience the potent psychoactivity that comes hand in hand with its unrivalled aroma.

Among its most famous crosses, we offer you essential varieties that boast a strong and relaxing effect, such as Cookies and Cream, with its sweet and soft aroma; or Gorilla Cookies, a variety that reaches her full potential after only 8 weeks of flowering.

Cheap and productive feminised seeds

The most classic varieties in the Seedstockers’ catalogue represent a true history book; a tour of the genetics whose extraordinary features have marked a before and an after in the cannabis world. Breeders have gone to great lengths to use these unique strains to create the vast majority of crosses known today.

If you want to relish those classic aromas that you thought had been lost forever, be sure to visit our catalogue of classic feminised seeds. Experience the stimulating and creative effect of legendary sativas like White Widow and Northern Lights.

If you’re in love with the purest psychedelic effects, you cannot miss our Amnesia and Santa Marta Haze. These two classics are known for their prolonged and hard-hitting psychoactivity that produces intense heady stimulation. But if you’re looking to release the tensions of the day, we recommend the relaxing effects of OG Kush. Although this is a somewhat more contemporary variety, its worldwide fame and recognition have placed it on the podium of all-time historic strains.

If you’re looking for peak performance, try our Big Bud or BCN Power Plant, two heavy-yielding strains that ensure the production of massive crops.

Innovative strains that you’ll only find at Seedstockers

If you fancy growing a truly special cannabis gem, you must definitely include one of our favourite daughters in your grow: Rucu Cucu OG Fem. By crossing the two American legends OG Kush and Tangie, we’ve created this strain in collaboration with Argentinian rapper Homer El Mero Mero. We knew from the start that such a fusion would produce a high-quality strain, but we could never have expected it to go so far. When we received the lab results confirming that Rucu Cucu OG’s THC levels were as high as 30%, we knew that we had created something unique.

Rucu Cucu OG’s powerful effect produces feelings of joy and relaxation which go hand in hand with an exquisite flavour; a combination of acidic and fruity notes that will captivate any cannabis enthusiast. Nonetheless, you must keep in mind that the THC levels of this strain are well above average, so this is not the most advisable choice if you’re a beginner, or if you don’t tolerate THC’s psychoactive effects too well.

Now that we’ve set the scene with these cannabis jewels, we can assure you that you still have much more to discover from our catalogue; so don’t wait any longer! Seedstockers brings all the strains that you’ve always dreamed of directly to your door. With our feminised seeds you’ll obtain incredible results that will exceed all of your expectations… and your grow will definitely leave you speechless!